Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Wearing a floral T-shirt with a round haircut makes you look younger (177cm is so domineering)

Wearing a floral T-shirt with a round haircut makes you look younger (177cm is so domineering)

T-shirts are well known for their versatility and versatility. They come in a variety of styles to suit various body shapes. There are also a variety of matching options, and even people with average clothing c…

T-shirts are well known for their versatility and versatility. They come in a variety of styles to suit various body shapes. There are also a variety of matching options, and even people with average clothing can wear them well. This item has a very low chance of being out of style. Of course, it is difficult to wear something new with this too popular item. In addition to choosing the right style, the matching should not be sloppy. Fu Yuanhui’s airport outfit this time is mainly T-shirts. The pink floral style is full of girlishness, and the round hair makes her look younger. The contrast between her height of 177cm and the contrast is cute.

Solid-color T-shirts are highly utilized in daily wear because they are easy to match and difficult to miss, especially T-shirts in black, white and gray. Everyone has one, but it is undeniable that T-shirts with printed elements have more highlights, and the overall shape does not look monotonous and dull, and is more visually full and eye-catching. As long as the printed design is not too fancy, it will not appear exaggerated. The T-shirt Fu Yuanhui wore this time is a printed style. The pink color and the embellishment of small floral flowers make the style full of girly feeling, not too sweet, and very fresh.

Some people think that printed items are easy to wear and look old-fashioned, and are not suitable for young ladies. In fact, it mainly depends on the selected printing style, large area Printed items are not only easy to look tacky, but also aggravate visual fatigue, making people miss the key points, and the printed patterns will also affect the formation of the overall style. The animal pattern prints are more wild and unruly, while the geometric pattern prints are more concise and neat. , the letter print is simple and western-style, and the floral style is more pastoral and fresh. The printed T on Fu Yuanhui is composed of letters and floral flowers.

Most printed T-shirts tend to be more complicated. When matching, you should pay attention to the combination of traditional and simple, and try to avoid the shape being too messy and affecting the overall visual experience. Secondly, dressing in a complex and simple way can better highlight the key points of the style and create a sense of hierarchy. Therefore, when choosing bottoms, you must avoid overly complicated designs. Fu Yuanhui still does a good job in this regard, matching bottoms Wear pure black sports pants, which are simple and casual without losing vitality. The straight version perfectly modifies the leg lines, and the leg-tie style makes the look more capable and free.

T-shirts with different prints have very different styles. The floral style is mainly pastoral and fresh, bringing out the delicate and sweet side of girls. , if you want to look younger, you might as well try a cartoon T-shirt. Various cute cartoon patterns add a sense of innocence to the look, and the whole person looks more lively and lively. However, cartoon T-shirts may be a little awkward for older women. It has a sense of dissonance. Improper handling will make people feel very artificial. Fu Yuanhui’s previous airport style has appeared in this single item. The tiger print + paw print is full of childishness.

Slightly fat celebrities tend to prefer dark T-shirts, especially black T-shirts. The excellent slimming effect optimizes their figure to the extreme and minimizes the It feels bloated, and black is one of the basic colors. It is very tolerant of other colors and is basically not difficult to match. However, if you don’t want the style to be too boring, it is best to add some printing decoration. Secondly, try to use light colors for matching bottoms. The main contrast is more vivid. Fu Yuanhui’s T-shirt style is similar to the way to wear it. The black printed T-shirt and white half pants are refreshing, elegant and very attractive.

Although the matching of T-shirts is very difficult, it is still a bit difficult for some matching novices to wear a good look, especially with color matching. This aspect really tests your dressing skills. Improper color matching will directly ruin the look. Then start with the simplest and easiest to start with the same color system. Choose the same or similar color system to combine. It is not easy to feel inconsistent and the overall outfit is more unified. Coordination, Fu Yuanhui’s look is a demonstration of matching the same color. Dressed in black, it is cool and stylish. With the white letter logo embellishment, it will not be very plain.

The gray T has a lower appearance rate than the black and white T, but gray is actually a very high-quality color, and it reveals a sense of high-end in its simplicity. , the slimming effect is no less than that of black, but it is not as dark and stuffy as black. However, gray is a neutral color, and the styles it wears are mostly casual, and the matching items are mostly sports-style items. The same Gray printed T-shirts are more fashionable than pure gray T-shirts. The gray T-shirt in Fu Yuanhui’s look is very simple, and the embellishments of the brand logo and flag printing are enough to highlight the quality.�.

Fu Yuanhui can’t hide her girlish heart. She wears a floral T-shirt and a round hair to make her look younger, and her height of 177cm is so domineering. Although T-shirts are not the most fashionable item in summer wear, they are an indispensable basic style. If matched properly, they can also be worn to create a good look. It does not necessarily have to have a strong sense of design to be eye-catching. What do you think of Fu Yuanhui’s look this time? Does the look suit her?

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