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Wearing a T-shirt layered with a suspender skirt is fashionable and reduces your age (the temperament is so gentle)

The impression given by pregnant women is that they have a round and bloated body, and their limbs are somewhat edema due to pregnancy. They should dress loosely and comfortably. It seems a bit difficult to dre…

The impression given by pregnant women is that they have a round and bloated body, and their limbs are somewhat edema due to pregnancy. They should dress loosely and comfortably. It seems a bit difficult to dress well and fashionably. In fact, Pregnant women do not have to wear maternity clothes. As long as the tailoring of the items is loose enough and not restrictive, they can dress up elegantly and elegantly even during pregnancy. Yao Chen, Yang Ying, Zhu Dan and other female stars in the industry dress during pregnancy. It’s quite good. This time, 38-year-old Zhu Dan walked to the airport with her pregnant belly. She wore a T-shirt and floral suspender skirt to look fashionable and age-reducing. Her temperament is so gentle.

Loose T-shirts are very tolerant to the body shape and can be worn even by pregnant women. The design is simple and neat without being cluttered, and they match well. It is simple and creates a casual and comfortable style. It is the most photographed item among women’s clothing in summer. Among them, the white T-shirt is the most versatile and can match any style of bottoms without any sense of inconsistency. It is the most popular T-shirt The most frequently used style in the family, Zhu Dan’s airport outfit this time is also mainly white T-shirts. The round neck design is simple and elegant without highlighting the face shape, and the overall cut is loose and not tight.

It is precisely because the design of the white T-shirt is simple enough that it is easier to highlight the key points of the style when combined with other style items and act as a foil. To make the white T-shirt play its role, the selected items can be rich in eye-catching design. Printed items are very good. Pairing them with a white T-shirt can show the charm of the print and reduce the visual complexity. Zhu Dan Wearing a floral suspender skirt layered over a white T-shirt is refreshing, sweet and age-reducing. The white T-shirt base reduces the exposure of the suspender skirt, easily solves the problem of exposure, and maximizes the sense of layering.

Dark-colored printed skirts tend to look older and are not friendly to older women, but it is undeniable that dark-colored skirts have a better slimming effect. , to avoid the old-fashioned feeling brought by dark printed skirts, start with the color of the printing, try to use brightly colored printing patterns, use the vitality of bright colors to neutralize the dull feeling of dark-colored skirts, and inject new ideas into the style. Zhu Dan’s printed suspender skirt uses black as the base color. The printed part incorporates three colors of red, green, and white, which is very eye-catching. The chiffon fabric is very light.

The CP of T-shirt + suspender skirt is cute and sweet. It is a common combination for girls in summer. By layering it, you can get rid of the popular feeling of T-shirt. , and can reduce the exposed skin area of ​​the suspender skirt. Although the style has become much more conservative, it still has a bit of sex appeal. The styling style will change with the changes in T-shirt and suspender skirt styles. I feel that the printed suspender skirt is too If it is old-fashioned, it can also be paired with a solid-color suspender skirt, and the color can be novel and unique. For example, Zhu Dan’s look is a white T-shirt with a gold suspender skirt, which reveals a bit of luxury in a low-key manner.

In fact, to show the style and characteristics of a suspender skirt, wearing it alone is the most appropriate way. Although it is more difficult to control, the sexy index of the style is also It will double. Girls with good-looking shoulder and arm lines may wish to try this single item. It will help to magnify the advantages of the figure and make the shape more attractive. If the shoulders are wider, it is recommended to choose a vest dress style. The wider shoulder hem can shrink the size. The head-to-shoulder ratio does not look so abrupt and different. Zhu Dan has tried vest skirts in her previous sportswear. The red and white striped design is simple and intellectual.

Wearing off-the-shoulder skirts in summer is very cool and comfortable, but not all body types are suitable for wearing off-the-shoulder skirts. For example, girls with an inverted triangle figure tend to have a thick upper body. Sexy off-the-shoulder dresses will give them a strong look, making them look very masculine and almost unfeminine. Those dress styles that cover the top and expose the bottom will be more in line with their figure conditions. Zhu Dan’s polka-dot dress It is suitable for an inverted triangle figure. Although the fit is loose, the waist design does not affect the overall proportion. The knee-length length exposes the calf, which is decent and slightly sexy.

If you are worried that the upper body must be tightly wrapped, it will look rigid, and you are afraid that the exposed skin area will reveal your lack of figure, so you should pay more attention to the neckline and choose The cuts are designed with an extended visual sense, such as V-neck and square collar, which expose the clavicle line and extend the neck line, adding a bit of sexy femininity to the look. The deep V design can also show off the career line and make the look more eye-catching, like Zhu Dan’s printed blue dress is a deep V style. It exposes the skin appropriately to reduce the complexity of the print, even if there is no “material” to show off.Also feminine.

38-year-old Zhu Dan walks to the airport with her pregnant belly. She wears a T-shirt layered over a suspender skirt, which is fashionable and looks younger. Her temperament is so gentle. The styles of skirts are constantly increasing with the development of fashion, and there are also many choices in styles. It is a bit laborious to choose the one that suits you, but as long as the style matches your body condition, the overall effect will not be bad. It is recommended to choose the style when choosing. First, understand your own conditions thoroughly, and it is not easy to make mistakes when choosing clothes according to your body shape. Secondly, find out the style that suits you. Don’t blindly follow the crowd in pursuit of fashion sense, and the clothes will get better and better.

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