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How to wear T-shirts with a sense of fashion (simple daily wear)

T-shirt is a single item that many people own. It is very comfortable and convenient to wear. When many people choose T-shirts, they think that the style is simple and cannot be worn with a sense of fashion. In…

T-shirt is a single item that many people own. It is very comfortable and convenient to wear. When many people choose T-shirts, they think that the style is simple and cannot be worn with a sense of fashion. In fact, this idea It’s wrong, as long as we learn how to dress, we will look fashionable. Next, let’s learn from a group of fashionistas’ fashionable T-shirt wearing demonstrations.

look1 white printed T-shirt + blue denim slim straight pants + white dad shoes

Relatively simple daily wear: This white printed T-shirt looks really good when paired with light blue jeans. I didn’t realize how unique it was when I bought it before, until I paired it with light blue jeans. Jeans, just one word, absolutely
! The T-shirt is a loose fit, just buy it in your normal size. This one is a bit long. The jeans are slim and straight. The color is more French-style. Wear it with a belt to look more elegant. Wear white on your feet. Matching dad shoes.

look2 Yellow pullover T-shirt + dark blue denim skirt + white sneakers

The top is a yellow pullover T. The fabric is super soft and skin-friendly, with a texture similar to slub cotton. It looks very breathable. The color is also creamy yellow this year, which makes it look whiter and more tender. The bottoms are nice. Paired with a denim skirt, the dark blue denim is very eye-catching and a good match. The bag is paired with a cool leopard print large cloth bag, which can be worn on one shoulder or cross-body, whichever you like. , the top and bottom are solid colors, and the leopard print on the bag just highlights the highlights, making it look cooler!

look3 Light brown T-shirt + blue denim ripped shorts + white shoes

Refreshing and comfortable without losing street style. Pair the short sleeves with a trendy brand T-shirt. You can choose a slightly larger size. It can be worn casually tucked into pants or knotted at the hem. You can choose a simple and attractive style for the T-shirt; wear ripped denim shorts + white shoes underneath, which are a common item in your summer wardrobe. Versatile and classic, it also makes your legs look longer.

look4 striped T-shirt + blue overalls + black canvas shoes

Overalls + striped T-shirt are simply a magic tool for reducing age, and these overalls really make your legs look longer! Tall girls can also manage it perfectly. The inner outfit is a style that I caught immediately, and the upper body is very cute! It is also easy to match, it can be paired with overalls or shorts, and it can be worn with classic black canvas shoes.

look5 blue-green T-shirt + smoke gray shorts, ripped jeans + frosted red rain boots

The upper body of this blue-green T-shirt is particularly white. The style is simple and easy to wear. The lower body is paired with smoky gray shorts and ripped denim pants. On the feet are frosted red rain boots. The boots are high-top and The width of the tube shows the length and thinness of the legs, and this…The color is also super bright.

look6 black art print T-shirt + light blue denim wide-leg pants + black square-toe shoes

The loose H-shaped T-shirt is highly tolerant to the body shape and can be easily controlled by any body shape. The irregular fan-shaped pattern printing adds a touch of artistic flavor, making the T-shirt more dynamic and a little more flexible. The thick knitted fabric is soft and skin-friendly and does not make you sweaty. You won’t want to change into pajamas when you get home. Pair it with light blue wide-leg jeans to easily create a casual summer street look.

look7 light yellow T-shirt + light blue drawstring skirt + calf socks + beige leather shoes

Light yellow and light blue really look good, gentle and soft cream T-shirt, off-shoulder version, with rose print, the color tone is a bit like Morandi, and the small skirt is pumped on one side The rope is very designed, the bag is very textured, and it looks great with a small skirt.

look8 White large T-shirt + gray yoga pants + checkerboard

Choose the largest size for this T-shirt, which can cover the PP. The fit is great. It is fat but not like you can’t hold it up. It is also very suitable to wear with the lower body disappearing. I like to wear yoga pants recently. , comfortable and comfortable. The gray color is very suitable for summer wear. The matte texture is very high-end and slimming.

look9 white printed T-shirt + blue denim skirt + slip-on

The T-shirt is lightning cool. I really like the detailed design of the print. It is a bit thick cotton. I like the texture. The blue print goes directly with skirts/trousers. The color matching is perfect. This denim skirt It’s very comfortable, super elastic, and there’s no pressure when you squat or stand up. It has a separate pair of shorts underneath, which makes it very safe to wear when going out.

look10 loose white T-shirt + denim shorts + slip-ons

The starry sky print on the back of the T-shirt is really cool and artistic. The wide white T-shirt is a summer must-have. Paired with denim shorts, it is a little boy’s favorite style recently.

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