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Soft furnishing fabric knowledge composite fabric information

Soft furnishing fabricsKnowledge 2. Material ①. Composition There are three common fabric compositions: p> ● Cotton (COTTON) as a natural fiber ● Polyester (POLYETER) as a chemical fiber ● Nylon (NYLON/POLYA…

Soft furnishing fabricsKnowledge

2. Material

①. Composition

There are three common fabric compositions:


● Cotton (COTTON) as a natural fiber

● Polyester (POLYETER) as a chemical fiber

● Nylon (NYLON/POLYAMIDE) as a chemical fiber



②. Organization

In layman’s terms, organization refers to the weight and thickness of the yarn when weaving fabrics. , or the warp and weft density. The way they form the overall form is called organization. For example, common organizational units include D;T, etc.

③. Knitted and woven

From the perspective of organizational structure, fabrics can be basically divided into knitted and woven. The so-called knitting is a loop structure, that is, a yarn is knitted from beginning to end without separation in the middle. The intuitive thing is that the fabric will be elastic. The so-called tatting means that the warp and weft yarns are woven horizontally and vertically. Intuitively, the fabric is tight and strong.

④. Cloth texture

There is a texture woven in the fabric that can be seen with the naked eye. For example: jacquard dots, jacquard plaid, twill, double twill, football grid, rhombus grid, strips, etc.

⑤. Processing technology

To put it simply, it is to perform corresponding processing on a piece of single-dyed cloth to add certain functions to it. Such as waterproof, breathable, see-through, shading, etc.

⑥. Post-finishing

There are many post-finishing processes, such as patching, laminating, gluing, etc. The function of these coatings is to add functionality to the fabric and provide different properties for different needs, such as flame retardant, wear-resistant, coloring, reinforcement, etc.

Cool Mat Review: Are you in love? As warm as summer!

Are you in love? As warm as summer!

Summer The best match for it should be watermelon, wifi, and cat petting!

How can you wake up to the early summer without a cooling mat~ This should be a must-have item for two-legged beasts

Hahahahahahahahaha, here are three models that are so popular that they are out of stock in the store. Cooling mat


①Capate cool mat cat nest

Made of waterproof Oxford cloth, (owners I have seen the sharp claws)

A cool rattan mat is used where the master lies, which is cool but not icy and has good breathability

The surrounding area is made of 3-dimensional PP Cotton, it feels like a pillow when you lean your head on it

The comfort is particularly great, and the appearance is also very high

Hehe, but one drawback is that it is not removable and needs to be washed as a whole

It will be more tiring!

② Sofa-style den with double sides

This should be the store’s “Internet celebrity hit” and “rave reviews”, and the buyer shows are endless

Usually the goods are out of stock within two days of arrival or the codes are missing!

So the two-legged beasts must have rushed to buy it, this sofa must be magical

As soon as the express arrived and took it apart, the children came to queue up to wait. Sleep

Compared with the previous one, this one is detachable and has two sides. One side is made of ice silk and the other side is Oxford cloth.

The same thing is that it is made of 3-dimensional PP cotton. The filling comfort is very good, and the breathability is equally good

Not only can you have a good sleep, but you can also be paralyzed. Why not do it

A122  .jpg

③Liquid Gel Ice Pad

I just got it in my hands today and I feel it is very worthy of Amway giving you the ice pad

Because I personally I sat on it under my butt, and it felt so cool.

The surface temperature of the ice pad should be around 22 degrees, which is the most suitable temperature.

The fabric is made of PVC composite cloth. Waterproof, anti-fouling, easy to clean, anti-scratch (of course don’t use too much force)

The filling inside is absorbent resin gel, non-toxic and odorless,

Even if it is accidentally picked up by the owner, You don’t have to worry about harmful substances if you scratch it

The above three must-have products for summer

They can be regarded as our furry children’s favorite place to live

Even the kill date spot was caught by me several times in a small den

I hope one of these three models will suit you mua…

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