Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Information on how to clean polyester fiber and coated fabrics and composite fabrics

Information on how to clean polyester fiber and coated fabrics and composite fabrics

How to clean clothes made of polyester and coated fabrics 1, do not use Organic solvents, such as alcohol, gasoline, etc., these organic solvents will destroy the coating. Once the coating is damaged, the cloth…

How to clean clothes made of polyester and coated fabrics


1, do not use Organic solvents, such as alcohol, gasoline, etc., these organic solvents will destroy the coating. Once the coating is damaged, the clothes will be useless

2. Do not machine wash, machine wash and dehydrate at high speed Rotation will separate the coating from the substrate. Once separated, the clothes are worse than rags

3. Do not use acidic detergents, which will also damage the coating

4. Do not Wash frequently. Anyway, such clothes are more resistant to stains. Frequent washing may cause separation of the coating and the substrate

5. Do not dry clean. Dry cleaning requires the use of organic solvents. Please refer to Article 1

6. Partial cleaning:. A friend recommended using a universal foam cleaner. Spray it evenly on the surface of the jacket about 20cm away from the stained area. After waiting for 30 to 50 seconds, gently wipe the stained surface with a cotton cloth. I have used dish soap, neutral laundry liquid, hand soap, dishwasher and the like before.

7. Use warm water of about 40 degrees and an appropriate amount of neutral washing powder, and soak it for about 10 minutes. Do not soak it for a long time. Then scrub gently with a soft-bristled brush, rub it gently and scratch it a few times. 8. Do not rub it repeatedly. 9. Do not wring it out. 10. Do not expose to the sun. Exposure to the sun will cause the coating to age. It is best to air-dry or dry in reverse.

Coated fabrics have the advantages of novel fabrics, bright colors, and comfortable feel. They are now increasingly used in clothing fabrics. is one of everyone’s favorite fabrics, but the subsequent washing problem has become a difficulty for everyone. Delamination and cracking are troublesome. So how should coated fabrics be washed? Next, let’s take everyone to learn together!

What is coated fabric?

Coated fabric is a fabric treated with a special process, and the coating is a mixture of rubber and resin. It can form a uniform layer of covering rubber on the surface of the fabric to achieve waterproof, windproof, breathable and other functions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Coated Fabrics



Advantages of coated fabrics It is mainly reflected in the rich variety, soft feel, smooth surface, strong skin-friendliness, rich colors, good gloss, durability, etc. Due to the high complexity of the production process and the many classifications of process procedures, the processed coating Layer fabrics can also be divided into different categories. Each type of coated fabric has its own unique protective function and can be applied to different fields. This is a key factor for coated fabrics to become important protective fabrics.


The disadvantages of coated fabrics are also quite prominent. The product has good skin-friendliness, but it is not suitable as a fabric for underwear, especially if it is not It is suitable for making summer clothes. Its heat absorption is too strong, which will cause people to be harmed by high temperatures, and its thermal insulation is very poor, so it is rare for daily clothes to be made of coated fabrics.

In addition, the stain resistance of coated fabrics is very poor and is easily contaminated by various stains. If you use too much force when cleaning, it may cause cracking. (Fabric characteristics)


Washing of coated fabrics

1. Why can’t coated fabrics be dry cleaned?

In recent years, coated fabrics have been increasingly used. Whether it is down jackets, cotton coats, casual wear or sportswear, whether it is economical mass clothing or expensive brand-name clothing, coated fabrics will be used. Since the coating is made of synthetic resin material, this resin material is not resistant to dry cleaning solvents. If it is dry cleaned with perchlorethylene, it can cause local blistering; dark fabrics will produce light-colored strips or irregular sheet marks; Some coated fabrics will also cause the coating to dissolve and penetrate to the outside, making them sticky to the touch; or worse, they will harden and break when bent. Some problems will occur after just one dry cleaning, while others will have problems after several dry cleanings, such as blistering, deformation, dissolution, shrinkage, etc. Therefore, coated fabrics must be washed instead.

2. How to wash coated fabrics?

First of all, coated fabrics can only be washed with water. Of course, if the washing method is improper, it will also cause accidents, such as machine washing, strong scrubbing, etc. are not acceptable.

When cleaning coated fabrics, you should first soak them in warm water, then add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent and wash them gently by hand.

Be sure to twist them after brushing them clean. Don’t twist the twist to squeeze out the water, just squeeze it downwards. After it’s done, rinse it with clean water and squeeze it again to remove the water.

Be sure not to expose it to the sun, just place it in a ventilated place.

Everyone needs to pay attention to: the cleaning time of coated fabrics should not be too long, otherwise it will deform, tear, and delaminate, causing irreparable losses.

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