Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Composite Fabric Technology Hot-selling down jacket fabric types introduction composite fabric information

Hot-selling down jacket fabric types introduction composite fabric information

Hot SellingDown Jacket Fabric Type introduction 1. High-density nylon spinning: such as 300T, 310T matte nylon spinning, raw material specification 40D*40D, mainly twill type, The style is mostly diamond-shaped…

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Hot SellingDown Jacket Fabric Type introduction

1. High-density nylon spinning: such as 300T, 310T matte nylon spinning, raw material specification 40D*40D, mainly twill type, The style is mostly diamond-shaped, and the style is relatively single. In the post-finishing, more three-proof treatment is also done. The colors are mainly light colors and the width is 160CM. The reference price of the down jacket fabric wholesale market is between 5.80-6.30 yuan/meter.

2. High-density pongee: mainly 290T, 300T matt pongee, raw material specification 50D*50D DTY, mainly including plain weave and twill weave; The needs are diverse, including grids, horizontal strips, peak nests, baby’s breath, etc. There are also various post-finishing processes, such as waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-ultraviolet, high-density, etc. The door width is 160CM, and the reference price in the wholesale market of this down jacket fabric is between 3.5-4.1 yuan/meter.

3. High-density polyester taffeta: raw material 50D*50D FDY, mainly 300T, mostly denim weave. Ultra-fine denier polyester taffeta fabric is a new variety appearing in the Shengze market this autumn. It is mainly combined with finishing, lamination and coating for deep processing. Sales in the market have been active recently, with constant highlights. At the same time, the wholesale market price of this down jacket fabric is also around 8.10 yuan/meter.

Introduction to the characteristics of popular down jacket fabrics

First, high density. We can see that whether it is nylon, pongee or polyester taffeta, they all emphasize high density. Analyze the reasons: on the one hand, it is suitable for heat preservation; on the other hand, it facilitates subsequent finishing and deep processing.

The second is that the color is light and bright. According to reports from market operators, down jacket manufacturers prefer light colors this year, with milky white, pink, light green and other colors more prominent. Analyzing the reasons, the main reason is that the times have progressed and people’s outlook on life has also changed accordingly. These colors will appear vibrant and charming regardless of age or age when wearing ready-made clothes.

The third is functionalization. In addition to the conventional waterproof, oil-proof, and UV-resistant treatments, the above-mentioned hot-selling down jacket fabrics also have anti-static, moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking functions. Together with environmentally friendly printing and dyeing, they are very comfortable to wear and have better functions.

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Introduction to popular down jacket fabrics

Nissan, the protagonist of down jacket fabrics in previous years, is rarely seen this year. Does this indicate that the output of down jackets will drop significantly this year?

“In the first month of last year, we made 600,000 meters of 380T nylon spinning orders, but after the new year, it was expected to be 1.2 million meters. The final order was less than 100,000 meters. After that, there were basically no orders for more than 10,000 meters of nylon spinning in the first half of the year.

” We have been doing nylon spinning orders for many years. In previous years, we could do 3-4 million meters a year. But last year, the order volume dropped sharply, only about half of previous years. This year is even more exaggerated. There are no decent orders, and there are even very few color samples…”

Although the recent textile market is still in the off-season, it is still There are obvious signs of improvement, and all kinds of autumn and winter fabrics have begun to appear in dyeing factories. But if you carefully study the types of fabrics processed in dyeing factories, you will find that this year is a bit special. In previous years, the protagonist of down jacket fabrics – Nisi Fang, this year has Rarely seen.

Does this indicate that the output of down jackets will drop sharply this year?

;”>The price and quality of down jackets are rising

The production capacity of textile clothing has always been excess, including winter clothing fabrics, of which down jacket fabrics are the most . Especially the warm winter of 2019-2020 has caused a sharp drop in sales of down jackets. The inventory of down jackets may take several years to be digested. Today’s market naturally has limited demand for nylon fabrics for down jackets.

Of course, the more important reason is that nylon fabrics are being eliminated by the market and replaced by other fabrics.

Down jackets have achieved breakthroughs in recent years The functionality of preventing cold and keeping warm is developing in the direction of fashion, high-end and youth. At the same time, the growth of residents’ income has driven the growth of the field of personal consumer goods. The trend of consumption upgrading is obvious. Consumers pay more attention to product quality and personalization, and mid-to-high-end products are more popular. High prices are also easier to accept.

As the price of down jackets generally rises, low-priced or even declining nylon fabrics are no longer able to meet the cost. As a result, seemingly higher-end and more valuable fabrics began to appear on the market to replace nylon fabrics. For example, T400 dominated the entire autumn and winter market last year, and T8 fabrics began to emerge this year, as well as some old faces in the market. Cotton cloth.

Especially the finished product price of T8 fabric is more than 10 yuan, and the quality of the fabric is acceptable.The added value is also high enough, and it has begun to be used in down jackets one after another, while nylon spinning is gradually moving from the front to the back, appearing in the lining varieties.


The off-season is coming to an end, and seasonal fabrics are “hot sellers” ”

It is not just Internet celebrity fabrics such as T8 that are selling well in the textile market recently, some conventional fabrics seem to be gradually becoming popular. Now in mid-August, the shadow of the off-season is gradually fading, and many garment factories have begun to place orders with weavers.

“Recently, a customer asked us to weave 30 looms continuously for two months to produce double-layer four-way elastic. This will produce about four to five million meters. This is only temporary, and customers said there will be orders placed later.” said a textile boss with 400 looms.

“Recently, our regular varieties such as some nylon four-way elastic are selling very well, with a steady stream of orders, and customers are increasing their quantities from time to time. Recently, there has been at most one order. There are about 500,000 meters, and there are also some small orders of tens of thousands of meters or several thousand meters. Generally speaking, the current market conditions are reasonable.” said a textile boss in Yishengze area. The hot sales of regular products is not surprising, because the arrival of August means that the off-season is coming to an end, and these hot-selling products are basically autumn and winter fabrics, which are supposed to be hot-selling fabrics in the second half of the year. Many clothing manufacturers also Preparations began one after another, which directly resulted in the current hot sales.

Looking back on previous years, most autumn and winter fabrics began to increase in volume in late August until explosive releases in September, which is commonly known as the “Golden Nine and Silver Ten”. The end of July this year ushered in the autumn and winter fabric market, which may indicate the early arrival of this year’s “Golden Nine and Silver Ten”.

No matter how long this market situation lasts, as long as the traditional off-season of August is over, as the temperature drops, the demand for down jacket fabrics may rebound, which will also drive the market. Carry atmosphere.

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