Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Composite Fabric Technology A brief discussion on the types of fabrics for functional items and information on composite fabrics

A brief discussion on the types of fabrics for functional items and information on composite fabrics

A brief discussion on fabric types of functional items The author’s personal understanding of “functional” is a kind of fabric that mainly meets the needs of urban commuting. Led by the brand, it distinguishes …

A brief discussion on fabric types of functional items

The author’s personal understanding of “functional” is a kind of fabric that mainly meets the needs of urban commuting. Led by the brand, it distinguishes itself from outdoor/military products with geometric designs and pocket layouts that combine practicality and beauty, and adds some unique aesthetic clothing styles (i.e. functional clothing) on ​​the basis of practicality. In the same way as outdoor clothing, the functionality of “functional” clothing is largely provided by the technical fabrics used. Today, when “functional style” clothing is becoming increasingly popular, I use my own standards to set “functional” We have set some thresholds to distinguish them from the “functional style” clothing that comes and goes with the popularity, and “technological fabrics” that require qualification review from fabric development manufacturers are a very good hard indicator.

There is no perfect fabric in the industry. Each fabric on the market has its own advantages, disadvantages, look and feel, so it is suitable for different scene needs, and there are certain marginal effects. The author will use the fabric manufacturer’s explanation of technology/fabric performance, supplemented by personal experience, to talk about the choice of different types of technical fabrics by today’s functional brands.


Most parts of the country have entered the rainy season.

In fact, for many people, rain always feels annoying. It is impossible to wear beautiful clothes, and good-looking shoes do not exist. After all, if you get wet, you will inevitably feel very distressed.

Apart from the dilemma of getting wet, what is even worse is the situation of clothes that are not dry. A piece of clothing was left to dry outside for three or four days, and it was still slightly damp. What was even worse was that there was still a smell.

Faced with this situation, all major brands have actually launched corresponding solutions. Among many advanced technologies, GORE-TEX can be said to be a major breakthrough in the history of human waterproofing and windproofing.

It can be said that in the field of outdoor sports, GORE-TEX is well known to everyone. But do you really understand GORE-TEX? Today we will walk into the GORE-TEX classroom together and explore this advanced technology!

GORE-TEX was developed in 1969 by Wilbert L. Gore and Gore’s son, Robert W. Gore. GORE-TEX fabric is the world’s first and highest quality waterproof, windproof, breathable fabric to date.

The magic of GORE-TEX fabric is the ePTFE film added between the fabric and the underlying fabric. During the research and development process, they discovered that PTFE can become a strong porous material when stretched. This new ePTFE is GORE-TEX ePTFE.

640 (1).jpg

GORE-TEX ePTFE membrane is composed of 9 billion pores per square centimeter. These pores are 20,000 times smaller than water molecules and smaller than steam. The molecules are 700 times larger and arranged irregularly. This is why GORE-TEX provides such excellent waterproof performance. At the same time, because the pores on the surface of the GORE-TEX film are extremely small, it also provides excellent windproof performance.

In addition to its super windproof and waterproof properties, GORE-TEX fabric is also known as the “second skin of the human body.” Because in addition to its super waterproof function, with the intervention of GORE-TEX ePTFE film, GORE-TEX fabric can also be sweat-repellent and breathable, keeping the body dry and reducing body temperature loss. This is something that many windproof and waterproof fabrics lack.

With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the continuous research and development of technology, GORE-TEX fabrics have also progressed. GORE-TEX fabrics currently on the market can be roughly divided into the following types:


Compared with ordinary GORE-TEX fabrics, GORE-TEX XCR fabrics have more Strong breathability, its breathability and sweat wicking function are improved by 25% compared to the ordinary version. Typically used on shoes, gloves and socks.

GORE-TEX PACLITE fabric is the lightest material in the GORE-TEX series. Garments with GORE-TEX PACLITE product technology have a laminated construction, which also means they are not lined. Compared with ordinary GORE-TEX fabrics, garments made of GORE-TEX PACLITE fabrics are lighter, smaller and more portable.

GORE-TEX PRO is made from the most durable, highly breathable, long-lasting waterproof and windproof fabrics available. It is more suitable for outdoor professionals and outdoor sports enthusiasts who need to deal with extreme environments.

In addition, there are GORE-TEX SURROUND, GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY, GORE-TEX Invisible Fit and GORE-TEX INFINIUM, etc.

When purchasing a GORE-TEX garment, we usually hear about two-layer fabrics and three-layer fabrics. So what’s the difference?

The second-layer fabric is composed of a surface fabric and a second layer of GORE-TEX film bonded together. When using the second-layer fabric to make clothes, a lining is required.

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The three-layer fabric is composed of surface fabric, GORE-TEX film and lining. Complete, no additional lining is required when making garments.

However, whether it is GORE-TEX two-layer fabric or three-layer fabric, it is waterproof, windproof and breathable.

After 40 years of experience, GORE-TEX has won the reputation of “the cloth of the century”. In addition to cooperation with outdoor brands…��GORE-TEX is also used in many fashion brands, such as functional brand ACRONYM, desert boot expert Clarks…

Wearing canvas shoes on rainy days seems to be a taboo because the shoes get wet. The dilemma is inevitable, but Converse found GORE-TEX for cooperation.

On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Converse Chuck Taylor in 2017, Converse launched the GORE-TEX version. This shoe model is based on the Chuck Taylor Canvas Hi, and with the use of GORE-TEX fabric, it not only retains the fashionable and classic shape of the Converse Chuck Taylor, but also adds the waterproof, breathable and familiar nature of canvas shoes, killing two birds with one stone.

In addition, many street brands have also sought cooperation with GORE-TEX. In the past two seasons, Supreme, Palace, and Off-White™ have all launched corresponding items, among which Supreme x The In the North Face joint series, the GORE-TEX Logo was embroidered on the chest. Overnight, GORE-TEX was regarded as a symbol of the street.

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