Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Composite Fabric Technology PTFE technology membrane | Let skin feel free to breathe composite fabric information

PTFE technology membrane | Let skin feel free to breathe composite fabric information

PTFE technology membrane|Let the skin feel free to breathe NEWS Technological membrane PTFE ABOUT FABRIC LET’S GET TO KNOW Indispensable technological film in composite fabrics PTFE composite fabric is a …

PTFE technology membrane|Let the skin feel free to breathe


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Technological membrane PTFE


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Indispensable technological film in composite fabrics

PTFE composite fabric is a waterproof, moisture-permeable, windproof and warm fabric product successfully developed by the latest fabric composite technology. Some fabrics are quite durable, and the film in them can prevent moisture under any circumstances. penetration. No matter how many times it’s washed, folded, or worn. The fabric’s unique waterproof, breathable, windproof, warm and breathable properties remain unchanged and will continue to protect you for many years. Because of its unique intelligent functions and environmental protection, it is welcomed by advanced countries in Europe, the United States and Japan, and is becoming more and more popular. More and more, it becomes their first choice.


High durability

High self-cleaning

What is PTFE ///

Polytetrafluoroethylene Ethylene (Teflon or PTFE), commonly known as the “King of Plastics”, is a polymer compound polymerized from tetrafluoroethylene. It has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, high lubrication and non-stickiness, electrical insulation and Good anti-aging endurance. PTFE membrane is a microporous film produced using polytetrafluoroethylene dispersion resin through special processes such as premixing, extrusion, calendering, and biaxial stretching. The film is divided into clothing membranes, building waterproofing membranes, and filtration membranes according to different formula thickness processes. Membrane, purification film, automobile or building glass film, etc.

PTFE has many applications, but the most important ones are coating application and film application.



Open more possibilities

For outdoor sports


Characteristics of PTFE


Waterproof performance///

Waterproof refers to the outside of the fabric Water will not penetrate the fabric and soak into the inside. PTFE laminated composite fabric is still waterproof even under 80lb/m2 pressure. When wearing this fabric, people will not feel wet even if they stand in a violent storm or sit on a wet surface. The reason why this fabric garment has such magical functions is mainly because the micropore diameter of the PTFE membrane of the main body of the fabric is 1/5000-1/20000 of the diameter of water droplets, so even the smallest raindrops cannot pass through. Water droplets cannot spread on the PTFE surface film, preventing water droplets from penetrating.


Moisture permeability///

The porosity of the PTFE film is as high as 80%, with an average pore diameter of 0.2µm. The micropore diameter is 700 times larger than water vapor molecules, and water vapor molecules can pass freely.

Breathable and moisture-conducting/comfortable and dry


Windproof performance///

During the stretching process, the PTFE film forms micropores connected by nodes and countless microfibers. Structure, pores are formed between microfibers, and the pores penetrate each other to form a unique network structure. The wind cannot pass directly, and will change direction and turn back when encountering obstacles, effectively preventing air penetration, so it has excellent windproof performance.


Warmth performance///

PTFE film has excellent moisture permeability, which can promptly transmit the steam emitted by the human body to the outside of the microclimate, prevent water vapor from condensing into liquid water, and reduce the possibility of water conducting heat. Although there are a large number of micropores on the surface of the film, wind cannot penetrate it, effectively preventing air convection. Tests have shown that in strong winds of 25m/s, the thermal insulation effect of PTFE composite fabric is 30-40% higher than that of traditional down jackets.


Isolation sun protection performance///

PTFE clothing membrane has excellent bacteria or virus isolation effect. The pore size of the PTFE film is small, which can block the penetration of certain toxic gases or aerosols, and the low surface energy prevents the penetration of certain toxic liquids. Coat one side of the film with a non-porous material with high water vapor flux to achieve selective penetration of water vapor and achieve complete protection. Nuclear, biological and chemical protective clothing made of PTFE composite fabric is waterproof and breathable.��Windproof, nuclear, biological and chemical protection and other functions.

Multiple performance

Security protection

High-end automotive film also uses PTFE film. After testing, ultraviolet rays are almost not transmitted through it, so PTFE film products have extremely high anti-scratch functions.

PTFED clothing application scenarios///

In view of the PTFE clothing membrane mentioned above With its excellent performance, PTFE membrane is widely used in military clothing, medical clothing, casual clothing, special protective clothing such as fire protection, anti-virus, and water immersion operations, outdoor sports clothing, shoes, hats, gloves and other accessories, as well as sleeping bags, Materials such as tents and rain gear.


Excellent Performance

There are so many benefits~

Will it have any impact on the human body?


Safe and harmless///

PTFE composite fabric main body is a PTFE composite membrane with It has strong corrosion resistance, strong acid resistance, and strong alkali resistance. It can diffuse or conduct the sweat vapor emitted by the human body to the outside through the fabric, so that the sweat vapor does not accumulate and condense between the body surface and the fabric, and the human body does not feel stuffy. . The PTFE composite microporous membrane can discharge more steam from the body faster, allowing the skin to dry faster and keep it dry and comfortable.


FOR as you wish

Multi-functional PTFE composite fabrics are not harmful to humans. Generally, composite waterproof and breathable fabrics are used in outdoor sportswear. General waterproofing is essentially harmless and can be attached to the skin.

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