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TPU environmentally friendly fabric composite fabric information

TPU environmentally friendly fabric Determining which fabric to use is one of the most important aspects of the clothing design process. It not only affects the appearance, life and quality of the clothing, but…

TPU environmentally friendly fabric

Determining which fabric to use is one of the most important aspects of the clothing design process. It not only affects the appearance, life and quality of the clothing, but also Determines the impact of clothing on the environment.

Nowadays, more and more clothing fabrics are beginning to move closer to environmental protection, degradation, and recycling. With the deepening of development, many environmentally friendly functional fabrics have appeared in the textile industry, among which TPU film is currently a more successful environmentally friendly fabric.

TPU film environmentally friendly fabric

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TPU film is based on TPU granules through calendering, casting and blowing. Thin films made by film, coating and other processes. Due to the particularity of the raw materials used, if a raincoat made of TPU is discarded and buried in the soil for 3-5 years, the TPU film can be completely decomposed into hydrogen, oxygen and water by soil microorganisms, without causing any pollution to nature. . In addition, TPU products can be recycled and reused if they are not degraded, that is, they can be turned into saliva materials, or used in products with lower molding performance requirements. Likewise, the product can be completely degraded after it is discarded. Compared with PVC, EVA, butyl rubber and other plastic materials, TPU not only has excellent properties such as environmental protection, non-toxic, anti-mildew, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, biocompatibility, etc., but is also resistant to bending and tearing, acid, alkali and oil stains, and The performance of other fabrics such as aging and oxidation is also very good. It is precisely because of these incomparable advantages of TPU film that it has become one of the mainstream environmentally friendly materials in the 21st century.

As a professional fabric market in Shengze, the silk capital, Dongfang City has many companies specializing in the development and production of environmentally friendly fabrics. TPU film environmentally friendly fabrics are the most widely used and of the best quality. The one with the best price is Limeng Textile located on the 2nd floor of Dongfang City.

In the application of TPU film environmentally friendly fabrics, Limeng Textile has expanded the fabrics to raincoats, down jackets, fashion, women’s bags and other fields, and this fabric alone has been favored by Europe, the United States, It is enthusiastically pursued by buyers from many countries and regions. At the same time, because they always adhere to the “quality first” business philosophy in terms of fully environmentally friendly, high-quality, and strong color fastness fabric requirements, they have more confidence to develop new, more environmentally friendly products.

The editor below will introduce you to

Three star products in Limeng Textile’s “TPU environmentally friendly fabric series”

p>TPU direct velvet filling

What is TPU direct velvet filling?

Direct-filled down jacket fabric is a new type of modern down jacket fabric. It does not require quilting and lining. The warm down can be directly filled into the fabric, saving time and effort and not easy to drill down. The fabric can be customized according to the needs of the clothing. Specially designed colors and patterns. If transparent or translucent fabrics are used to make down jackets, consumers can directly see the down filling inside from the appearance, which is both personalized and intuitive. Limeng Textile’s direct-filled velvet has stable quality, various patterns, and sufficient stock. Why don’t you come and choose?

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Personalized fashion

Not easy to get into velvet

The velvet filling is intuitively visible

TPU digital printing

What is TPU digital printing?

Use self-made pigment digital inkjet printing, then attach a transparent film, and press your favorite pattern on it at high temperature, which is modern TPU digital printing. Limeng Textile’s TPU digitally printed finished products use new particle technology, are resistant to discoloration and yellowing up to level 4, and have a certain degree of elasticity. They are one of the fabrics currently sought after by trendy brands.




TPU cold/heat transfer printing

What is TPU Hot and cold transfer printing?

Cold/heat transfer, as the name suggests, uses reactive dyes to print on the transfer paper by cooling or heating during the transfer process to complete the printing pattern. In this process, Limeng Textile combined with TPU’s environmentally friendly fabrics makes the characteristics of this fabric more outstanding. It can not only be made into raincoats and fashionable clothes, but also used as home tablecloths, curtains, etc. The current price of this fabric is 15-18/meter, which is a fashionable and environmentally friendly fabric with a very high cost performance.

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