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Textile City Fabric Market Composite Fabric Information

Textile City Fabrics Market China Textile City’s main long-fiber fabric classification sales volume in the first week of March 2023 (February 27-March 5) 1. Decorative fabrics (mainly for living rooms): all kin…

Textile City Fabrics Market

China Textile City’s main long-fiber fabric classification sales volume in the first week of March 2023 (February 27-March 5)

1. Decorative fabrics (mainly for living rooms): all kinds of window decoration fabrics mainly made of woven polyester filaments (curtain fabrics, window screens and some knitted curtain yarns), sofa fabrics (including woven colored yarns) Woven fabrics, woven yarn-dyed decorative flannel), seat cushions and back cushions (island fiber suede) fabrics and other woven decorative fabrics, the daily sales volume is approximately 58-64-66-77-73-90-81 10,000 meters;

2. Knitted fabrics: various types of decorative fabrics based on knitted chemical fiber filaments (large circular machine weft knitted plush and warp knitted plush, including some stage fabrics, tables and chairs Packaging decorative fabrics and some knitted window decoration fabrics, dual-purpose mesh fabrics for clothing, floral knitting, knitted jacquard, embroidery, burnt-out, water-melted fabrics, composite and flocking fabrics), clothing fabrics (including double-sided stretch fabrics without spandex) , some knitted polyester and spandex fabrics, stretch fabrics, nylon-polyester stretch fabrics and stretch flannel fabrics, stretch milk silk cloths, stretch bamboo fiber cloths, stretch soybean fiber cloths) and other knitted fabrics mainly made of polyester chemical fiber filaments for clothing, the daily sales volume is about 133-166-175-191-174-177-1.52 million meters;

3. Simulated silk cloth: various types of woven polyester simulated silk: chiffon, pongee, summer silk, washed Mainly long fiber fdy such as velvet, jacquard cloth, scarf cloth, including some dty conventional and special fabrics, spring and autumn type long fiber composite filament dual-purpose shirt cloth, composite cloth and other imitation silk (non-threaded cloth mainly matte filament ) Clothing and packaging cloth, the daily sales volume is approximately 28-35-36-41-37-50-43 million meters respectively;

4. Accessories in bags: various woven linings, Oxford Luggage fabrics and lining composite fabrics, woven pongee, summer silk belt bag fabrics and other polyester fdy, dty-based filament luggage lining auxiliary fabrics (dyed or printed, jacquard varieties), the daily sales volume is about 15 -18-19-27-26-40-250,000 meters;


5. Processed cloth: various types of filament Mainly woven, with some filament knitted stock fabrics, out-of-season or replacement high-priced fabrics, and piecemeal processed fabrics (including partially coated fabrics with filament as the base fabric, artificial leather fabrics, and elastic stock fabrics), The daily sales volume is approximately 49-46-38-32-34-33-51 million meters respectively;

6. Imitation linen: all kinds of woven fdy and dty filament mainly (single and double) Thread) conventional imitation linen, popular imitation linen, and printed linen (mainly chiffon) for clothing, the daily sales volume is approximately 25-38-36-39-34-49-32 million meters respectively;

7. Imitation gauze: all kinds of conventional polyester filaments mainly woven, long-fiber polyester triangle special-shaped yarn (referring to breathable or light-transmitting lightly twisted or strongly twisted fabrics: dyeing and printing, jacquard, embroidery) imitation silk Imitation gauze, semi-glossy and matte imitation silk gauze, imitation silk composite gauze, glass gauze (monofilament, bundled filament cloth), nylon imitation gauze (including some propylene gauze, special gauze and other varieties, including monofilament gauze, Dual-purpose gauze for skirts and clothing (excluding window screens), etc., the daily sales volume is approximately 12-20-18-21-22-37-35 million meters respectively;

8. Imitation Woolen cloth: All kinds of long fiber-based woven steamed wool-like suit jacket fabrics (including some filament-based wool-like elastic suit jacket fabrics), with daily sales of approximately 19-20-26-32-39 -330,000-310,000 meters;

9. Jacket fashion casual fabrics: various types of woven nylon fabrics that are mainly long fiber and partly knitted, nylon-polyester, nylon-cotton, cotton brocade, and nylon-bonded fabrics (Including nylon-polyester, nylon-cotton flannel), nylon-polyester, nylon-cotton composite cloth, cotton-nylon composite cloth, nylon-bonded composite cloth, etc., windbreaker and jacket fashion casual fabrics mainly made of filament fdy and dty, the daily sales volume are respectively Approximately 22-22-28-31-34-46-320,000 meters;

10. Elastic fabric: mainly made of various woven filaments fdy, dty and poy, as well as some special filaments Polyester and spandex fabric elastic fabrics (including yarn-like twisted and untwisted elastic fabrics, warp elastic or weft elastic, elastic chiffon varieties), polyester and spandex fabric elastic composite fabrics, nylon and ammonia elastic fabrics, polyester and cotton elastic fabrics, The daily sales volume of various types of elastic fabrics mainly made of polyester filaments, such as viscose elastic fabrics and viscose polyester elastic fabrics (including partially coated elastic fabrics with filaments as base fabrics and elastic artificial leather fabrics), are approximately 31-29 per day. -33-38-40-45-390,000 meters;

11. Yarn-dyed fabrics: all kinds of long-fiber and cationic shirts, jackets, dual-purpose shirts made of mainly colored silk Fabrics, home decoration fabrics (mainly plaid styles, including yarn-dyed pure polyester shirt fabrics), solid color fabrics, and yarn-dyed fabrics, the daily sales volume is approximately 230,000-22-27-30-34-45-360,000 respectively meters;

12. Woolen cloth: all kinds of long fiber-based woven woolen fashion woolen cloth, warp and weft knitted long and short plush cloth, dyed woolen woolen cloth, various composite woolen cloths (for clothing) Mainly) and flocked velvet fabrics, the daily sales volume is approximately 19-33-28-31-30-43-37 million meters respectively;


13. Net fabrics: various types of long-fiber woven net silk fabrics: shoe upper fabrics, elderly fabrics, table and chair cover fabrics (mainly dyed and printed varieties and some yarn-dyed fabrics and jacquard fabrics), The daily sales volume is about 7-6-8-8-5-13-110,000 meters respectively;

14. Leather cloth: various types of long fiber or non-woven fabrics as the base fabric for clothing and decoration. Artificial leather (PA, PU, ​​PVC cloth, including coated cloth, dip-dyed cloth, squeegee cloth, plastic cloth, calendered cloth and composite cloth), the sales volume of each day is respectively�� is 15-16-20-30-31-36-240,000 meters;

Total long fiber cloth: the first week of March 2023 (February 27-28-March 01-02 -03-04-05), the total daily sales volume of 14 major categories of main filament fabrics in the regular market of China Textile City was approximately 456-535-558-628-613-737-6.29 million meters respectively;

Main staple fiber cloth sales volume in China Textile City in the first week of March 2023 (February 27-March 5)

1. Cotton cloth: various c/c clothing cloths, Decorative fabrics and other natural fiber cotton-based woven and knitted cotton fabrics (including 100% cotton gray fabrics, 100% cotton yarn-dyed fabrics, 100% cotton gauze fabrics and some high-priced cotton fabrics and ramie fabrics), the daily sales volume is about 17-26 respectively -31-35-38-50-390,000 meters;

2. Polyester-cotton fabrics: woven and knitted poly-cotton fabrics based on various t/c yarns (including gray fabrics, yarn-dyed fabrics, mesh fabrics and Various types of polyester-cotton fabrics at good prices), with daily sales volume of approximately 14-21-28-30-33-42-31 million meters respectively;

3. Polyester-viscose fabrics: various types of t/r staple fiber Yarn-based woven steamed-like wool-like suit fabrics and plain fabrics for t/r robes, t/r gauze (including t/r polyester-viscose plush fabric, various seasonal t/r fabrics at high prices), every day The sales volume is approximately 24-32-29-36-41-53-400,000 meters respectively;


4. Short fiber elasticity Fabrics: woven and knitted based on various c/c, t/c, t/r and other short fiber covered yarns: elastic fabrics, covered yarn elastic fabrics, composite elastic fabrics, viscose elastic fabrics, viscose elastic fabrics Fabrics (including seasonal high-priced staple fiber yarn elastic fabrics), the daily sales volume are approximately 13-16-25-28-24-46-37 million meters respectively;

5. Mixed fabrics: All kinds of woven and knitted short fiber yarn cotton and linen gauze, viscose cotton gauze (wool) cloth, anodized viscose yarn (wool, velvet) cloth, cotton brocade cloth, polyester gauze and cotton polyester or cotton brocade interwoven, rayon and cotton brocade mixed cloth , scarf yarn and other short fiber yarn-based cloth, the daily sales volume is about 16-26-23-25-22-37-28 million meters respectively;

6. Viscose cloth: various types Viscose yarn R artificial cotton cloth (including knitted rayon cloth, including some rayon interwoven cloth, rayon filament cloth “rayon brocade” and other varieties), the daily sales volume are about 8-11-13-19-15- 240,000-150,000 meters;

7. Leather cloth: various short fiber coated cloths with woven viscose R rayon, pure cotton c/c, polyester cotton t/c as the base fabric, Dip-dyed cloth, artificial leather, elastic imitation leather, elastic composite imitation leather, coated human leather composite cloth and other short fiber coated human leather imitation leather cloths, the daily sales volume is approximately 3-7-5-6-7-11-5 Ten thousand meters;

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