Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Composite Fabric Technology What material are body armor made of? Composite fabric information

What material are body armor made of? Composite fabric information

Body armor What material are it made of? A body armor is mainly composed of a cover, a bulletproof layer, a buffer layer, and a bulletproof insert. Covers are generally made of chemical fiber fabrics or woolen …

Body armor What material are it made of?


A body armor is mainly composed of a cover, a bulletproof layer, a buffer layer, and a bulletproof insert. Covers are generally made of chemical fiber fabrics or woolen cotton fabrics to protect the bulletproof layer and make the appearance beautiful. Some jackets have several pockets for carrying explosives and other supplies.

The bulletproof layer is usually made of metal, aramid fiber (Kevlar fiber), high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene and other materials alone or in combination, to bounce off or embed penetrating projectiles.

The buffer layer is used to dissipate impact kinetic energy and reduce non-penetrating damage. It is usually made of closed-cell knitted composite cloth, soft polyurethane foam and other materials.

Bulletproof insert plate is a kind of insert plate that enhances the protective ability of the bulletproof layer. It is mainly used to protect the direct fire of guns and the penetration of high-speed small fragments.

The bulletproof layer of the bulletproof vest can absorb the kinetic energy of the warhead or shrapnel, and has a significant protective effect on low-speed warheads or shrapnel. It can reduce the damage to the human chest and abdomen while controlling a certain dent. Body armor includes infantry body armor, flight personnel body armor and artillery body armor, etc. According to appearance, it can also be divided into bulletproof vests, full protection bulletproof vests, women’s bulletproof vests and other types.

Bulletproof vests evolved from ancient armors. With the development of science and technology, bulletproof vests will use better-performing bulletproof materials to reduce weight, improve bulletproof effect and wearing comfort, and further realize structural modularization, variety and style serialization.


Recently, the transactions in the traditional market of China Textile City have fluctuated upwards, and the number of hanging samples of winter composite fabrics has increased partially, and corresponding customers have made inquiries. The price is relatively large, the number of partial orders is still relatively large, and the marketing highlights are obvious. The price is still relatively strong, and the added value of new style fabrics has been boosted by the larger commercial products.

The number of hanging samples of dual-purpose composite fabrics for winter clothing has increased compared with the previous period. Corresponding customers are still increasing their orders for viewing samples or receiving samples. Some large-scale operating stores of composite fabrics are accepting more orders and shipping batches are increasing. , polyester jacquard and linen composite fabrics, double-sided velvet single-sided velvet composite fabrics, printed composite fabrics, PU coated composite fabrics, and non-velvet composite layout departments have increased shipment volumes, and local large-scale operating stores have relatively accepted orders for various color fabrics. Relatively smooth.

The printed composite fabric segment continues to sell well. The two-layer composite fabrics of nylon and polyester knitted jersey printed fabrics, nylon and cotton knitted jersey printed fabrics and polyester DTY knitted fabrics are popular in some areas. This series of fabrics are very popular with their counterparts. Welcomed by merchants; printing composite fabrics such as dense colorful sunflower on a rose red background and dense colorful sunflower on a special black background have seen an increase in order batches in some departments and markets, and the number of shipments in some large-scale operating stores has increased. Various styles of fabrics are popular with their counterparts. Favored by merchants, some large-scale operating stores receive relatively large orders.

Polyester DTY and 16S pure cotton yarn-dyed small square two-color cotton and linen two-layer composite layout department are shipped in batches in the city. This type of fabric is favored by counterpart merchants, and its sales are gradually expanding.

Using polyester matt FDY, DTY, cationic FDY, cationic DTY fine diamond-shaped jacquard linen as the top fabric, and polyester DTY knitted fabric as the base fabric, two-layer composite fabric. Some large-scale operating stores receive orders in batches. Increasingly, special black luster fabrics are occasionally shipped in larger quantities.


Polyester knitted dyed double-sided brushed plush extra black luster fabric and polyester knitted dyed single-sided brushed plush bright red luster fabric 2 The layer composite velvet layout department has seen an increase in orders received, and occasionally larger batches are shipped.

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