Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Charmaine Sheh really doesn’t look like a 46-year-old wearing red suspenders + white T. She is energetic and fashionable (she wears double cloth shoes like a student)

Charmaine Sheh really doesn’t look like a 46-year-old wearing red suspenders + white T. She is energetic and fashionable (she wears double cloth shoes like a student)

The combination of a large T-shirt and overalls is quite common among the energetic young people. Whether it is a deep color or a bright color, these two pieces are full of youthfulness. This single product can…

The combination of a large T-shirt and overalls is quite common among the energetic young people. Whether it is a deep color or a bright color, these two pieces are full of youthfulness. This single product can already make the whole person look relaxed and casual, and full of youthful feeling! The 46-year-old Charmaine Sheh also chose this combination of items that seemed incompatible with her age to show off her fashion. When paired with canvas shoes, she actually showed off her student style!

Although Charmaine Sheh is forty-six years old and cannot be called young, there is no characteristic of a middle-aged woman in her body. The taste is also quite girlish. It not only boldly challenges the bright red color scheme that middle-aged women think makes it look older, but also combines it with work overalls to create a contagious vitality!

The casual and elegant way of dressing and the eye-catching colors make Charmaine Sheh look quite unique among the crowd. The unique way of dressing creates a fashionable style that is probably difficult for many young girls to match. This fashion is overwhelming!

1. The combination of red and white shows vitality and easily creates a sense of age reduction

Many middle-aged women don’t like to apply bright red colors to their outfits. It is undeniable that many people do look tacky and unfashionable when they choose red items. Charmaine Sheh chose the right items to create a super fashionable effect. She used the classic combination of red and white to highlight her vitality and easily create a student look.

①The red overalls are eye-catching, and the unique way to wear them shows your personality

Among Charmaine Sheh’s overall outfits, the most eye-catching one is the red overalls. Regardless of the brightness of the color or the design of the item, this overalls are Presenting a super avant-garde fashion effect. The overall color scheme is red, which is eye-catching but not tacky, and the loose trousers incorporate workwear style elements, making it more casual and natural.

In addition, Charmaine Sheh also developed innovative ways of wearing. She did not follow the characteristics of the item itself and used conventional Instead of wearing a shoulder strap, choose to use a strap on one side to smoothly connect the upper and lower garments, while the other side allows the strap to be placed casually for a casual feel, doubling the handsomeness of the overall look.

②The pure white T-shirt is simple and low-key, and the short design shows your figure

The eye-catching overalls naturally need a low-key item to bring out its uniqueness and vitality. Charmaine Sheh chose a basic pure white T-shirt as her top. The simple and elegant red and white combination retains the passionate vitality of the trousers without being too ostentatious. At the same time, the short T-shirt raises the waistline and greatly elongates the proportions of the legs, thus showing a better figure. It seems simple but has hidden tricks.

③Canvas shoes are low-key and elegant, easily creating a student style

From the overall matching point of view, Charmaine Sheh’s style is relaxed and casual, simple and capable but also a bit natural, so when choosing shoes, she is not too flashy, simple and generous The black canvas shoes completely match the workwear style of the pants, making the overall look more handsome. Of course, canvas shoes, as a campus-style item, also greatly add to the youthful feel and easily create a student look!

④Pair it with high-end accessories and wear it without losing quality

It is said that when people reach middle age, they should pay attention to quality when dressing, but Charmaine Sheh chose energetic campus-style outfits to create a sense of being a student. In fact, she has both It’s relaxed and casual, but the matching should not look cheap, because the sense of luxury is reflected in the accessories. The simple and elegant leather bag adopts a darker color scheme, which is low-key and elegant, and at the same time makes the whole outfit look full of texture. With decorations such as watches and bracelets, the whole outfit is high-end and complete.

2. High-waist outerwear shows off long legs, and loose trousers look casual

Charmaine Sheh at the age of forty-six��It can still reflect the girlishness and youthful vitality, which has a lot to do with the way she wears it. When choosing trousers, she often wears high-waisted outerwear to lengthen the proportions of her legs, making her body look more upright. Loose trousers can not only add a sense of elegance, but also have a stronger fashion effect. Easily create superior fashion.

①It is simple and elegant to layer directly, add accessories to look sophisticated

The combination of a wide T-shirt and wide-leg pants with a high waist is quite common among young people. The loose feel of the shape can greatly enhance the casual temperament. It is simple and elegant without losing the street style. trend. On this basis, Charmaine Sheh will also add accessories to add a sense of sophistication. The unique cylindrical cross-body bag greatly enhances the personality of the outfit. With the light color scheme of dark top and light bottom, it is trendy without losing youthful vitality.

②Pair it with a jacket to add layering and focus on the primary and secondary expression of a single product

In addition to directly choosing a simple layering of T-shirts and trousers, you can also add a jacket on this basis to make the outfit more layered. When layering multiple items, you should pay attention to the primary and secondary expressions. Charmaine Sheh chose a more eye-catching green suit jacket as the main item, and used simpler colors for inner wear and trousers to prevent the colors from being too messy. Push the look too hard.

3. The missing bottoms show beautiful legs and make you look younger in fashion

When choosing shorts, Charmaine Sheh will consider abandoning high-waist outer wear to highlight the waistline, and instead use the method of wearing with the bottom part missing to show off her beautiful legs and create a lazy and casual style. The loose top and shorts make the body look quite light, and the fashion and age-reducing effects are enhanced.

① Shorts and boots to fill in the blank space

Oversize T-shirt paired with super shorts is also quite common in daily life, and Charmaine Sheh chose a more trendy shoe – long lace-up Martin boots to match it, which not only fills up the space in the legs The large area of ​​empty space prevents the outfit from looking too simple, and at the same time greatly doubles the overall handsomeness, showing a superior aura.

② Stacked jackets show hierarchy, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom to optimize lines

Similar to high-waist outer wear, the missing bottoms can also be worn by layering multiple items to highlight the layers. A wide suit jacket with a dark color may bring It feels boring, but when combined with short shorts to create a wide top and narrow line, it will make the overall match look more capable, thus greatly increasing the sense of fashion and making the whole person look younger!

No matter Charmaine Sheh’s condition or dressing style, it is difficult to tell that this is the performance of a forty-six-year-old middle-aged woman with a unique personality. The choice of products and the unique way of dressing together form an ultra-avant-garde fashion combination, easily creating a fashion beyond your age!

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