Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Is it difficult to recruit workers after the Spring Festival? It all boils down to one word – money

Is it difficult to recruit workers after the Spring Festival? It all boils down to one word – money

Every time the Chinese New Year comes, problems such as urging to get married and gaining three pounds will appear on time. Similarly, when work starts after the Spring Festival every year, textile companies wi…

Every time the Chinese New Year comes, problems such as urging to get married and gaining three pounds will appear on time.

Similarly, when work starts after the Spring Festival every year, textile companies will more or less encounter the problem of “difficulty in recruiting workers”. The Cloth Factory article on February 4th finally set up a poll to investigate the situation of textile companies in the new year. In the end, 134 votes were received. One of the questions is about recruitment.

It can be seen that only 16% of people chose that recruitment this year is easier than in previous years, while more than 80% of the people chose that it was more difficult than in previous years and similar to previous years. It seems that even if the market improves this year, the problem of difficulty in recruiting workers will still exist.

Why is there a problem of recruiting workers?

First and foremost, it is the final product of tens of thousands of years of commodity exchange, a financial tool to promote social development, a measure of value, and the root cause of the difficulty in recruiting workers – money.

Workers’ wages are rising every year. If the efficiency of the factory is not improved, wages will not be paid. What to do if we can’t afford the wages? We can only watch helplessly as the workers are recruited by other companies, and then nothing happens.

Therefore, at the beginning of every year, the most important thing to recruit workers is:

Add money!

In addition to money, the scarcity of high-quality technical workers is also a very important reason.

The editor walked around the market on the eighth day of the Lunar New Year and asked several owners. When I asked them which workers were more difficult to recruit this year, the answer they got was all skilled workers. Regarding the importance of skilled workers, at the end of last year, when interviewing the CEO of a company, he told us an experience he had at the beginning of his business:

It was still in 2006. The boss had a relative who was engaged in foreign trade. When we were chatting, we talked about textiles. He heard that the textile business was profitable, so he saved up all his savings and bought 8 machines for about 400,000 yuan. I think he is also a very courageous person. As a result, after buying it, the master who promised to come to debug the machine was temporarily unavailable because of something unexpected, so he asked them to wait a few more days.

The boss thought that he would take this opportunity to get familiar with the machine first, and maybe he could figure out the machine’s functions by slowly exploring it. As a result, more than a dozen people stared at the machines for a week and still had no clue.

Every industry is like a mountain, especially in a highly professional and operational industry like textiles. The benefits brought by a skilled worker cannot sometimes be measured in terms of money. At the same time, things are rare and valuable. There are only a limited number of high-quality technical workers like this kind of treasure. Every factory needs them, so the treatment must not be low.

So how to solve this problem, still the same sentence:

Add money!

Furthermore, policies such as the development of the western region, the revitalization of the old industrial base in the Northeast, and the promotion of the rise of the central region are emerging one after another. The economy of the migrant workers’ hometowns is also developing rapidly, and the income gap between the local area and the eastern coastal areas is also shrinking sharply.

After all, when you go out to work, you are away from home all year round, and your consumption is high. When the income is not much different, you must stay at home, and you can take care of each other if something happens. If the income is about the same and the extra money is not enough to pay for the long vacation and transportation to and from the New Year, then who would want to go out. Only when the income far exceeds that of the local area, local people will go out to work in large numbers.

Therefore, in order to attract migrant workers to work, the most important method in the factory is still:

Add money!

The reluctance of today’s young people to come out is also a very important reason.

After all, almost all working-age young people are only children. They received all the attention of their families when they were young. They have high living standards, high education levels, and high salary expectations.

Generally speaking, the current textile industry is still a labor-intensive industry, and the work pressure is relatively high.

You let those young people who rarely endured hardship when they were young go out to work, leave their hometowns, and engage in high-intensity jobs, and the salary does not meet their expectations.If it is flat, then they will not be able to accept it all of a sudden, and it will naturally become difficult for the factory to recruit workers.

This problem is a social problem and can no longer be solved simply by adding more money. So what to do? In fact, it’s simple. Aren’t they all talking about replacing people with machines now? So:

Add money and buy a machine!

Has your salary increased this year?

The issue of whether wages should be increased or not was also covered in the final vote on February 4. The results showed that 43% of people chose not to plan for an increase, 25% chose to increase, and 33% chose to see the situation. %. According to this year’s hot market, the possibility of rising will be greater.

Overall, wages for most workers will still increase this year.

Summary: The difficulty in recruiting workers is ultimately due to the fact that the growth of corporate profits cannot keep up with the increase in workers’ wages. Now dyeing costs and raw materials are rising, and many companies are unable to increase employee benefits. Finally, I wish bosses Bu can soon live the lives of overbearing CEOs who are not short of money.


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