Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Composite Fabric Technology 3F Chemical, the “TPU film expert” composite fabric information in the industry

3F Chemical, the “TPU film expert” composite fabric information in the industry

Compared with PVC, EVA, butyl rubber and other plastic materials, TPU is not only environmentally friendly, non-toxic, anti-mildew and antibacterial, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, biocompatible and other e…

Compared with PVC, EVA, butyl rubber and other plastic materials, TPU is not only environmentally friendly, non-toxic, anti-mildew and antibacterial, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, biocompatible and other excellent properties, but also resistant to bending, tearing, acid, alkali and oil stains. , aging and oxidation resistance, broad weather resistance and other properties are also very excellent. TPU has become one of the mainstream environmentally friendly materials in the 21st century due to its unparalleled advantages.

3F Chemical (Booth No.: 9E45) has been committed to the research, development and production of environmentally friendly materials – TPU film products. It is a limited liability company that produces, processes and distributes TPU films and TPU film post-processing products.

3F Chemical mainly produces TPU film (PU film), TPU waterproof and breathable film (breathable film), hot melt adhesive film, TPU high-strength laminating cloth (TPU composite cloth), printed TPU film, plant Velvet TPU film, etc.


The product line is very rich and the research and development capabilities are strong. It can continuously develop new TPU film products according to customer requirements and is highly praised by the majority of users. unanimous praise and long-term trust. It is 3F Chemical’s excellent and stable quality, fast and thoughtful delivery and warm and considerate service that has earned it the reputation of “TPU film expert” in the industry.

3F Chemical’s main business is TPU film products

1. TPU film: divided into polyester (ESTER) film and polyether (ETHER) film series. Among them, polyester film has better heat resistance and chemical solvent resistance, good air tightness, simple and easy processing, and is widely used to replace PVC film products for various purposes. Polyether film has good hydrolysis resistance and low temperature resistance, and good anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It is very suitable for water sports products and medical products.

2. Waterproof and breathable membrane (breathable film): “FULLTEX” is the registered trademark of the 3F waterproof and breathable membrane series. The waterproof and breathable membrane produced by 3F Chemical has high moisture permeability and high waterproofness. After being combined with various fabrics, it can be made into high-quality windbreakers, snowcoats, raincoats, gloves, hats, etc., which greatly increases the added value of the fabrics.

3. High-strength TPU composite fabric: TPU film and base fabric are processed through online casting and special lamination technology. It has high peeling strength and is extremely resistant to impact and compression after high-frequency welding. It is suitable for more severe working conditions. Harsh environment.

4. Hot melt adhesive film: Hot melt adhesive films of different materials can be easily connected to any material using a simple hot melt method, and the processing environment is clean and pollution-free. At present, there are hot melt adhesive films lined with paper and PE film.

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3F product list

The above TPU film products have passed double inspection by SGS and CTI. Detected using the EN 71-3 method, it does not contain Pb (lead), Cd (cadmium), Hg (mercury), Cr (chromium), As (arsenic), Ba (barium), Sb (antimony), Se (selenium), etc. Heavy metals were detected using the EN 14372 method and did not contain DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP. Six phthalates were detected using the EN 14582 method. Bromine), I (iodine) and other halogens, and other indicators are in line with the latest environmental protection standards in Europe, America and Japan.

3F Chemical is equipped with moisture permeability tester, water pressure resistance machine, thickness meter imported from Japan, hardness tester, tensile testing machine, and high frequency hot pressing Machines, hot air blowers, electrostatic testing multimeters and other advanced equipment can help customers test moisture permeability, waterproofness, thickness, hardness, tensile strength, heat sealing strength, welding fastness, elastic coefficient, anti-static coefficient and other physical data for free.

1. Thickness range: 0.012mm-6.0mm

2. Hardness range: 60-98 Share A

3. Width range: 20-100 Inch (500mm-2500mm)

4. Film color: Colored films require coloring fees and minimum order quantities. Generally used specifications are delivered within 3 days

5. The film does not contain plasticizer (Plasticizer) and will not cause wax spitting (Migration) or powdering problems

6. High frequency (high frequency) ) Welding, ultrasonic fusing, needle turning, mold hot pressing and other methods are suitable for TPU film processing

7. It is recommended to use TPU ink printing, and the surface of the TPU film needs to be pretreated

8 .Complete range of product specifications. The surface of the film can be printed, embossed, electroplated, flocked and other post-processing, which is suitable for factory development and more options

9. The bonding temperature of the waterproof and breathable film depends on the nature of the adhesive used. When the temperature is too high, It will produce micropores that are invisible to the naked eye and reduce the water pressure resistance of the fabric.

10. The molecular structure is simple (C, H, O, N), and there is no air pollution problem during incineration and combustion. The material is buried in the soil and degrades naturally in 3-5 years due to the action of moisture and microorganisms.

3F Chemical always adheres to the 3F purpose of “stable quality (FIRST), prompt delivery (FAST), and enthusiastic service (FERVENT)” to win long-term support and continued trust from customers


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