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Exploration on the construction path of Gaoping Silk Characteristic Town

The Gaoping Silk Characteristic Town that is being built is located in Dujing Street, the “origin of silk” and “the first silk town in China”. It has convenient transportation, a warm an…

The Gaoping Silk Characteristic Town that is being built is located in Dujing Street, the “origin of silk” and “the first silk town in China”. It has convenient transportation, a warm and humid climate, and four distinct seasons. The Gaoping Silk Characteristic Town under construction has silk weaving as its leading industry and a full industrial chain of silk processing and manufacturing, with promising prospects.

Strategic positioning and layout of A Silk Characteristic Town

Gaoping Silk Characteristics The strategic positioning of the town. Create an advanced manufacturing characteristic town that is a champion in the domestic “silk manufacturing” category. Fully tap into the silk industry resource advantages of Gaoping Silk Characteristic Town, follow the principles of “empowerment, upgrading, quality improvement, and efficiency increase”, highlight the characteristics of technology, wisdom, humanities and other features, focus on the latest trends of “new era, new silk”, and Silk is the leading industry, improve the quality and efficiency of the leading industry, enhance the core competitiveness of the town’s silk industry, develop a characteristic town with advanced manufacturing, and create a domestic “new silk industry” single champion. Continuously enhance the popularity and influence of Gaoping Silk Characteristic Town, and build Gaoping Silk Characteristic Town into a characteristic silk industry town with international influence.

The functional layout of a characteristic silk town. Gaoping Silk Characteristic Town takes “new era, new silk” as its direction, “silk industry” as its core drive, and highlights advanced silk manufacturing. By integrating superior industrial resources, we will improve the relevant chains of the silk industry, promote the development of industrial clusters, and focus on creating an industrial development pattern of “one core and three zones”, that is, “building a core silk production area, creating an expo and trading area, a quality living area, and an ecological sightseeing area.” “, improve basic and public service facilities, and meet functional needs such as “industry, commerce, residence, education, medical care, leisure and entertainment”.

Create a characteristic silk town production core area. In the southeast of the town, with Jiamei Printing and Dyeing and its surrounding areas as the core carrier, a pilot area for modernization and upgrading of the traditional silk industry and intelligent exploration of the high-end silk industry will be created. With high-end silk manufacturing as the core, we will activate the stock, introduce increment, and expand the leading silk industry.

Create a characteristic silk town exposition and trading area. In the northeastern part of the town, with Liuhe Group and its surrounding areas as the core carrier, it aims to benchmark the highest national silk standards and create the most internationally influential silk trade market, eventually becoming a centralized silk display place and silk trade distribution center.

Create a characteristic silk town ecological tourist area. In the northwest of the town, with Zhufeng Mountain and its surrounding areas as the core carrier and ecological landscape as the core, a new ecological tourism format will be created, making it a silkworm cultural ecological park and a cultural and creative product consumption area.

Create a quality living area in a silk town. In the central and western part of the town, the original residential area, the original Jiahe Silk Factory, Jinghua Silk, Jianwei Silk and their surrounding areas are used as the core carrier, and silk cultural elements are used as the core to unify the architectural style of the area and create a quality living area.

Exploring the construction path of B Silk Characteristic Town

With innovative mechanisms as the source, Fully tap into new potential. Implement “one town, one policy”, improve the organizational guarantee management system, strictly implement target management, and promote the high-quality construction of Gaoping Silk Characteristic Town. Fulfill preferential investment policies, improve the silk industry development guarantee system, and encourage the development of the headquarters economy. For newly settled silk enterprises in Gaoping Silk Characteristic Town and meeting the certification standards for headquarters enterprises, comprehensive support will be provided according to the “one enterprise, one policy”. Optimize the mechanism for talent cultivation, use, and introduction, and improve the support and guarantee of talent in small towns through Nanchong’s existing universities such as Xihua Normal University, Sichuan Silk School (Sichuan Clothing Art School), and the Sericulture Research Institute of the Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other scientific research platforms, introducing and cultivating skilled talents and innovative talents, and providing important support for building a talent team for the silk industry.

Use industrial development as the starting point to comprehensively enhance new strengths. Taking the silk industry as the leading role, silk enterprises are encouraged to extend the industrial chain. There is still a lot of room for expansion in terms of silk raw material production, silk equipment R&D and manufacturing, and creative design of silk products. Promote industrial technological transformation, improve silk product upgrading, and rely on accumulated internal and external conditions, silk development opportunities and advantages to deeply explore silk industry skills. Focusing closely on the subdivided industries of the silk industry, we will deeply explore the potential driving forces of the subdivided industries, with the theme of “Silk + Internet, Silk + Tourism, Silk + Culture”, etc., to achieve innovation-driven and cultural-driven, and accelerate the gathering of high-end elements. With R&D incubation, design display, tourism experience, etc. as the extension of the industrial chain, we strive to create a silk industry innovation and entrepreneurship platform of “manufacturing + design + R&D + experience”, making it a fashionable window for the silk industry display in the western region and even the whole country.

With innovation and upgrading as the core, we will add new impetus across the board. Innovate investment models, expand industrial investment channels, and adopt various forms such as joint ventures, joint ventures, and collaborations to “graft and transform” existing small and medium-sized enterprises to revive the vitality of enterprises. Establish a silk industry guidance fund to promote the implementation of the silk industry in small towns. The Silk Industry Guidance Fund was established by the Gaoping District Government to support the construction of silk industry projects through loan discounts, achievement purchases, project funding, risk subsidies, supporting funding, and incentives. Establish standards for various subsidies and government purchase services, establish an independent and transparent financial system, and strengthen fund application and; improve business guidance and project operation review mechanisms to ensure funds support industrial development.

Take recruiting big talents as the guide and comprehensively stimulate new vitality. Firmly grasp the high-end links of the industrial chain, technology chain, and value chain, make every effort to break through major industrial projects that are leading, base-type, highly relevant, and highly motivating, and introduce core projects that complement the chain and key projects that strengthen the chain in a targeted manner. , extension chain supporting projects. Strengthen all-round support for Liuhe Group, carry out technical transformation of non-immersive experience factories, improve intelligent standard production facilities and equipment, adopt the latest technology, update and upgrade existing equipment of existing enterprises, and use high and new technologies to improve the midstream of the silk industry. Reeling equipment and silk weaving equipment will be modernized with high technology, existing rapier looms will be updated, brand companies will be attracted to build new high-end wide-width production lines, product innovation and differentiated production will be promoted, and the competitiveness of silk products will be improved.

Focus on integrated development and fully demonstrate its new charm. Adhering to the development concept of “industry, city, people and culture” and the “three-in-one integration” of production, life and ecology, we will make great efforts and work on the integration of industry, scenery and city, and the interaction of culture, industry and tourism, and strive to create a convenient A living circle, a prosperous business circle, and a high-quality service circle will promote the formation of a healthy development pattern of “Silk + Tourism + Cultural Creativity”, accelerate the construction of a new development pattern of industry-city integration, and city-industry symbiosis, and realize the “Chinese Silk Capital· The prosperity of “the first silk town”.


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