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Member Wu Yang: Create Dongguan’s high-quality Hanfu cultural IP

In January 2022, Dongguan entered the time of the two sessions. Members of the CPPCC and deputies to the National People’s Congress successively submitted proposals to advocate for people’s livelihood and provi…

In January 2022, Dongguan entered the time of the two sessions. Members of the CPPCC and deputies to the National People’s Congress successively submitted proposals to advocate for people’s livelihood and provide good strategies for development. As an annual event in a city’s political life, the Two Sessions have become an important window for observing Dongguan’s journey towards high-quality development.

“The Hanfu industry is an innovative product of cross-border integration of traditional culture and textile industry, cross-border integration with modern information technology, and cross-border integration with fashion and creative industries. , the Hanfu industry faces excellent opportunities for high-quality development in Dongguan.” At this year’s Dongguan Two Sessions, Wu Yang, member of the Dongguan CPPCC, member of the Dongguan Municipal Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association, and chairman of the Finance Branch, suggested that we should vigorously promote the development of the Hanfu industry and activate Dongguan culture and The new driving force of the textile and apparel industry has boosted the high-quality development of Dongguan’s economy.

Dongguan’s Hanfu industry faces excellent opportunities

According to statistics, from 2015 to 2020 , my country’s Hanfu market sales have surged from 190 million yuan to 6.36 billion yuan. Wu Yang said that Dongguan has a good foundation for the development of the textile, clothing, shoe and hat manufacturing industry, and has formed a large-scale industrial cluster, a complete industrial ecological chain, and a mature and developed market system. The Hanfu industry faces excellent opportunities for high-quality development in Dongguan. , but there are the following problems:

First, industrial resources urgently need to be integrated and improved. Dongguan’s textile and garment industry is large-scale and has distinctive professional towns such as Humen Clothing, Dalang Woolen Weaving, and Houjie Shoes. However, the correlation between industries is not strong and the resource advantages are relatively scattered. It needs to be integrated with the concept of a large industry. Improve and form new development momentum. At the same time, Dongguan’s Hanfu industry is small in scale and lacks a large-scale and concentrated Hanfu characteristic industrial ecology like that in Caoxian County, Shandong, which needs to be cultivated urgently.

Second, the ability of independent innovation is not strong. Although Dongguan’s textile, clothing, footwear and hats industry chain is complete, there are not many companies that master the core technical links, and the degree of implementation of automated and intelligent production is low. Innovation intensity lags behind, there is a lack of independent innovation, and there is a lack of order autonomy. It is difficult for companies to attract high-end design and R&D talents, which restricts the advancement of the industrial chain.

Third, competition at home and abroad is fierce. Dongguan’s textile and apparel industry is highly dependent on foreign trade. Affected by the global COVID-19 epidemic, it has had a greater impact on the textile, apparel, footwear and hats industry. At the same time, abroad, Southeast Asian countries have taken advantage of their labor cost advantages to absorb a large number of textile, clothing, shoe and hat OEM orders; domestically, places such as Xiaoshan in Zhejiang, Ganzhou in Jiangxi, Longhua in Shenzhen, Keqiao in Shaoxing, and Wujiang in Suzhou have issued regulations targeting textile and clothing companies. With supportive policies to develop as one of the main local industries, Dongguan’s textile and apparel industry is facing fierce competition at home and abroad.

Promote the development of Dongguan Hanfu industry to enhance social influence

Wu Yang suggested: 1. It is to build a modern Hanfu cultural structure, seize the opportunity of establishing Dongguan as a national cultural and tourism consumption pilot city, and promote the construction of Hanfu corporate culture, brand culture, consumer culture, industrial culture and talent team.

The second is to establish and improve the Hanfu brand system that integrates product brands, event brands, and regional brands. Support the organization of Hanfu professional events with industry influence in terms of event funding, publicity and promotion. Support the organization of high-level design competitions such as Hanfu clothing design, gather entrepreneurial and innovative resources, and create a design highland for the Hanfu industry in Dongguan.

The third is to create a Hanfu-themed business district. Draw lessons from the construction experience of Chengdu Chishangjin Hanfu Industrial and Cultural District to create a Hanfu themed business district such as Nancheng International Trade Center, gather Hanfu merchants, create a Hanfu consumption scene, spread Hanfu culture, and create a Hanfu brand ecology integrating Hanfu product brands, regional brands, and event brands. circle, opening up new space for the innovative development of the Hanfu industry.

The fourth is to promote the collaboration of Hanfu supply chain. Position Humen, Dalang, Houjie and other professional towns as core areas for the development of the Hanfu industry, introduce development support policies, provide support in terms of support funds, industrial space, talent introduction, etc., cultivate Hanfu platform-type headquarters enterprises, and create a “live broadcast belt” An Internet celebrity live broadcast platform that combines “goods + brand marketing + online and offline transactions” to create a Hanfu full industry chain ecosystem.

The fifth is to concentrate on creating Dongguan’s high-quality Hanfu cultural IP. Utilize Dongguan Bay Area cultural resources and city image symbols to promote Hanfu brands, bases, business districts and tourist attractions, cultural and creative parks, Internet celebrity IP projects, and cross-border cooperation in film and television, animation, games, etc., and promote Hanfu peripheral industries, derivative industries and The development of related industries promotes brand expansion and achieves brand breaking out of the circle.


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