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Wujiaqu City, Sixth Division of the Corps: How did good cotton “change”?

Cotton quality has been comprehensively improved! As the cotton planting master of the Corps, Wujiaqu City of the Sixth Division has established a full-process quality control and quality traceability system fo…

Cotton quality has been comprehensively improved! As the cotton planting master of the Corps, Wujiaqu City of the Sixth Division has established a full-process quality control and quality traceability system for the cotton industry, leading employees to grow and produce good cotton. In 2021, more than 1.8 million acres of cotton have average length, breaking specific strength, and white cotton 1 Important indicators such as the level 3 ratio are better than the previous year.

Entering the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, under the new situation of the country’s “overall westward expansion” of cotton and the transformation and upgrading of the cotton spinning industry, the XPCC cotton industry is facing major challenges. Opportunities, but also great challenges. How is a good cotton flower produced?

From spring to autumn, from being buried in the warm soil to blooming into snow-white cotton flowers, a cotton seed has completed its beautiful transformation on this land.

The New Year’s sunshine shines in the bright living room of Yuan Jiaqiang, a worker at the Sixth Division Communist Youth League farm, and it also makes his heart brighter. In 2021, Yuan Jiaqiang enjoyed quality rewards by growing high-quality cotton in accordance with the requirements of the farm’s cotton industry full traceability system, with an average net income per mu of more than 2,400 yuan. He is confident and motivated to grow better quality cotton this year.

After working hard for more than half a year, Yuan Jiaqiang can finally take a break. After growing cotton for many years, Yuan Jiaqiang always habitually sums up the gains and losses of the past year every winter, recalling the way cotton joints grew in those sunny days.

From spring to autumn, from being buried in the warm soil to blooming snow-white cotton flowers, turning into flexible and soft cotton yarn, a cotton seed is here The beautiful transformation of this piece of land has been completed, bringing Yuan Jiaqiang the joy and relief of reaping numerous fruits with his sweat.

Spring always comes later in northern Xinjiang. Around mid-April every year, Yuan Jiaqiang starts to get busy with the cuckoo’s call.

Good cotton requires good planting. Following the advice of the company’s “two committees”, cotton needs to take into account the comprehensive characteristics of disease resistance, early maturity and high yield. Yuan Jiaqiang chose cotton seeds with high quality and long fiber. On a fine day, a high-horsepower tractor rumbled to the ground. Driving into the ground and sowing the seeds along with hope.

Under the precise positioning of Beidou satellite navigation, precise sowing, laying of mulching film and drip irrigation tapes were completed in one go. The company’s “two committees” guided the locomotive sowing and farm agriculture. The staff of the Development Service Center checked the quality. Although they were a little tired, Yuan Jiaqiang felt very relaxed.

Under the moisture of the sun, the seeds quickly broke out of the ground. After the Xiaoman solar term, the temperature rises rapidly, and the seedlings are growing strong. Yuan Jiaqiang is very happy. From May to June every year, it is the critical period for cotton field management. Cotton seedlings generally have four leaves and one center, and are about to bud. Yuan Jiaqiang gets up early and stays late at night, strictly following the high-yield cotton planting regulations to carry out mechanized prevention and control, weeding, watering, topping, etc.

In July, the sun is scorching hot, and Yuan Jiaqiang understands that it is very important to manage the cotton bud stage well during this period. Under the careful guidance of technical staff, various tasks such as the combination of promotion and control were carried out in an orderly manner. In August, Yuan Jiaqiang smiled as he looked at the plump cotton bolls hanging on the branches. This year will definitely be another good harvest year.

The quality of cotton harvesting is related to the overall quality. Technology comes first and the system is important. As the quality of cotton goes up, the cost of picking comes down

The autumn wind blows, the leaves turn yellow, and the annual cotton harvest season begins again. Yuan Jiaqiang was a little excited and a little anxious to fight against the weather and get back the hard-won fruits of hard work quickly and well.

In order to reduce impurities in seed cotton harvest, applying cotton defoliants is an important task. To this end, the company held an on-site meeting before harvesting to explain the technical measures for defoliant spraying. Yuan Jiaqiang understood the difference between spraying defoliants by motorcycle and spraying defoliants by drone, so he used motorcycle spraying and sprayed the defoliants according to the standard within the specified time.

It was still a sunny day. In the morning light, a cotton picker roared to Yuan Jiaqiang’s land. It took more than an hour to pick dozens of acres of land. Just finished picking it.

On this day, Yuan Jiaqiang used a world-leading domestic cotton picking machine. Before the autumn harvest, Yuan Jiaqiang discovered that cotton picking machines that integrate picking and packaging were very popular. He also called to make an appointment and felt the convenience of modern technology.

“Domestic cotton picking machine packaging saves trouble and money!” Yuan Jiaqiang was very happy. In previous years, the cotton picker we used could not bale cotton. After the cotton picker picked the cotton, it was piled in the field. Employees hired professional packers to pack the cotton into bales with machines and then transport them away. This was time-consuming, troublesome and expensive. . Last year, the cotton was packed into bales on site and shipped away, saving time, worry and money.

“Mechanized cotton picking has high efficiency and low cost.” Yuan Jiaqiang did the math and found that the cost of mechanized cotton picking is now less than 1 yuan. In addition, the integration of cotton picking and packaging can save money on packaging and secondary loading. Each mu of land can save a manual cotton picking fee, packaging fee, etc. The quality of cotton picking has improved and the cost has come down. It is really great. .

The harvest quality is closely related to the quality of cotton. This year, a quality traceability system for cotton quality was established and improved. Wujiaqu City of the Sixth Division launched the “High Quality Cotton Create a work plan, etc., optimize services, actively guide, and strictly control the cotton defoliation and harvesting processes. Yuan Jiaqiang felt relieved after Duoxu returned to the warehouse smoothly.

Craftsmanship builds dreams, flowers are fragrant.��Cotton processing quality traceability system promotes cotton processing to improve quality and efficiency

After handing over the last load of cotton, Yuan Jiaqiang patted the soil on his body and felt comfortable for a long time. Take a breath. The long winter is a good time to recuperate.

At this time, the production lines of the cotton processing plants of the Sixth Division were running at high speed. At Xinjiang Beiting Cotton Co., Ltd., rectangular cotton gauze bales slowly flowed out from the conveyor belt. The white cotton gauze bales were piled up like a hill, waiting for the best opportunity to sell.

As an investment attraction project, Xinjiang Beiting Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. invested more than 100 million yuan in 2019 to build a cotton processing project in Wujiaqu City, Sixth Division and put into production. During the peak period of cotton purchasing, large extended flatbed trucks loaded with golden cotton bales lined up in front of the company, and more than a dozen employees were waiting for the cotton to be randomly inspected and put into storage.

After the reform of the comprehensive supporting facilities of the group farm, cotton sales were liberalized, and you can sell to whomever you want. Xinjiang Beiting Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. offers high prices, so nearby cotton growers go here to pay. A large truck transports 12 cotton bales, which is almost the entire output of an employee’s current status.

After handing over the cotton, for cotton farmers, it means the end of a year’s spring plowing and autumn harvest, and for the person in charge of Xinjiang Beiting Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. For Luo Zongyi, the busy ginning period has just begun.

In the company’s cotton storage and transportation yard, the intelligent conveyor belt makes a huge roar, quickly and continuously inputting the newly harvested cotton into the operation chain. In the tall factory building, the integrated processing equipment is running at full speed, and the workers carefully and carefully pay attention to the instruments to operate the machines.

“This is the first intelligent control system for cotton processing production lines in Xinjiang.” In the middle of the factory, a machine is covered with dashboards and buttons, Luo Zongyi said, This system solves the “bottleneck” problem of low informatization and intelligence levels in the previous processing process, and is of great significance to improving the quality, efficiency, and cost reduction of cotton processing.

As one of the first companies to launch a cotton processing quality traceability system in Xinjiang, Xinjiang Beiting Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. is accelerating the construction of an intelligent detection system and strives to Let the quality of every bale of cotton be traceable. At the end of the production line, rectangular cotton yarn packages flow out from the conveyor belt. Each cotton yarn package is printed with a QR code. By scanning it, you can know the cotton planting plot, cotton variety, name of the farmer, etc.

“High quality can lead to good prices. Only when employees deliver good cotton can we sell good prices and realize the integration of interests.” Luo Zongyi said.

In 2021, Wujiaqu City of the Sixth Division issued the “Quality Supervision and Assessment Methods for Cotton Business Enterprises (Trial)” and other measures to build a cotton quality supervision database and improve The long-term mechanism combines cotton target price and quality rewards and subsidies, and consolidates the main responsibilities of enterprises, group field responsibilities, and industry supervision responsibilities from planting, testing, transportation, processing, sales and other links, and traces them back to households and people, and strives to promote high-quality cotton. Low price, excellent cotton and excellent supplements.

A good cotton flower is cultivated with care. From planting, harvesting to processing, from making good use of technology to improving systems and mechanisms, responsibility and effort are devoted to every step. Craftsmanship builds dreams, flowers are fragrant.


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