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Liuyang, Hunan: Old industries are undergoing new changes, and black technology “intelligent connectivity of everything”

The cold winter is not the season for raising silkworms, but in the laboratory of Yashilin Changsha (International) Sericulture and Silk Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Project, the fat and white silkworm ba…

The cold winter is not the season for raising silkworms, but in the laboratory of Yashilin Changsha (International) Sericulture and Silk Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Project, the fat and white silkworm babies are feasting and thriving. In a few days, they will be “moving” – next to the newly built Silk Road in Liuyang Economic Development Zone, a four-story modern sericulture factory with an area of ​​160,000 square meters has been basically renovated.

A silkworm baby growing on a constant temperature and humidity assembly line has subverted the traditional sericulture model of “depending on the sky for food”, and also opened a new business with an investment of more than 70 million yuan. billion-yuan industrial projects.

The reporter saw at the Yashilin project site that after 8 months of construction, in addition to the sericulture plant, the breeding center, crushing workshop, injection molding plant, etc. The main body of the phase has also been capped, and the fully-automatic intelligent factory-based sericulture assembly line has been completed, just waiting for the silkworm babies to “carry bags” to move in. It is understood that the Yashilin project covers an area of ​​approximately 613 acres, with a total construction area of ​​approximately 900,000 square meters. It is planned to be constructed in three phases and will be fully completed in 2024.

“Factory sericulture has broken through seasonal restrictions and can collect cocoons 365 days a year. Now 100 workers on the assembly line can complete 100,000 tons of fresh silkworms a year. Cocoons, while in the past 100 silkworm farmers could only produce 100 tons of fresh cocoons, and labor productivity has increased by more than 1,000 times.” Wang Zude, assistant general manager of Yashilin, told reporters.

Yashilin is from Zhejiang. It is a group integrating silk textile production, intelligent manufacturing and other diversified industries. It is also the OEM of the world’s top luxury brands. enterprise. Among them, ties and shirts are exported to more than 50 countries and regions including Europe and the United States. He chose to settle in Liuyang because he was also moved by Liuyang’s development philosophy of being pro-business, valuing business, and wealthy businessmen, as well as its safe, comfortable, and secure investment environment. “The contract was signed on March 23, construction started on March 28, the main body was capped in October, and trial production started in December, so that it can be put into production the same year it was started. This is the speed of Liuyang!”

At the project site, a slogan “Let Millennium Silk Bring Its Splendor Again” is particularly eye-catching. Wang Zude said that after the project is fully put into operation, it can produce 500,000 tons of silkworm cocoons annually, accounting for 50% of the raw materials in the international market. The annual output value will exceed 30 billion yuan, the annual foreign exchange will exceed 500 million US dollars, and the annual tax revenue will exceed 1.1 billion yuan.

Relying on intelligent sericulture and silk manufacturing, Yashilin will also build extension projects such as science popularization, cultural tourism, and silk museums to fully integrate primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. It is understood that this project can drive the planting of 650,000 acres of mulberry orchards and help rural revitalization. It is currently being deployed throughout Hunan Province.

If the Yashilin Industrial Project has led to a butterfly change in a traditional industry, then the Ouzhitong Intelligent Mobile Terminal Industrial Park a few kilometers away is undergoing Staged a black technology show of “all things intelligently connected”.

Walk into Huawei’s whole-house smart showroom in the industrial park, tap the touch panel, and lights, curtains, and home appliances can all obey the “call”. You can choose sleeping, reading, party, private and other modes as you like. On the way home, you can use your mobile phone to call “Xiaoyi Assistant” to turn on the heating in advance; when cooking in the kitchen, you can even tell the range hood to “turn off the living room TV”…

On the wall of the showroom, there is a cigarette box-sized controller, which is the “brain” of the whole house’s intelligence – the Ouzhitong PLC power carrier communication module production base with an investment of 2 billion yuan. The project is tailor-made for this purpose.

Since Ouzhitong settled in Liuyang for 6 years, it has been focusing on wireless network communication products. Its cooperative customers include Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, Gree, Ecovacs and other industries.” Big shot”. The PLC-IOT invested and produced this time aims to empower a large number of terminals with intelligence, solve the “last mile” communication problem of the Internet of Things, and upgrade “broadband for everyone” to a new era of “intelligent connectivity of everything”.

The reporter saw in the production workshop that 10 automated production lines have been debugged and some workers are packaging chips. “After reaching full production next year, 60 million pieces of intelligent IoT modules can be produced, with an estimated new annual output value of 1.5 billion yuan.” The project leader said that in addition to smart homes, PLC-IOT modules can also be widely used in industrial control, Smart lighting, smart meter reading, optical charging piles and other fields.

The old industry has undergone a brand-new transformation, and black technology has “intelligently connected everything”. Yashilin and Ou Zhitong are the epitome of Liuyang’s promotion of high-quality development through high-quality projects. To focus on projects is to focus on development. Since the beginning of this year, Liuyang has regarded economic development as its biggest priority, and has taken the “Double Five Project” as the starting point to make every effort to complete project construction. From introducing large projects and good projects to urging projects to be quickly constructed and put into production, Liuyang has continuously injected new ideas into the county economy. The vitality demonstrates Liuyang’s responsibility for the “Strategy of Strengthening the Provincial Capital”.

The relevant person in charge of Liuyang Municipal Development and Reform Bureau introduced that Liuyang has planned a total of 295 key construction projects in 2021, including 222 major construction projects in Changsha City. The total planned investment is 53.937 billion yuan, and the cumulative investment from January to November is 64.816 billion yuan, accounting for 120.17% of the annual planned investment.


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