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Anyang promotes high-quality development of textile and garment industry

The standardized factory building of 30,000 square meters is spacious and bright. In the spinning workshop and twisting workshop of the 60,000-spindle combed compact spinning production line, the equipment is a…

The standardized factory building of 30,000 square meters is spacious and bright. In the spinning workshop and twisting workshop of the 60,000-spindle combed compact spinning production line, the equipment is arranged in an orderly manner and production is in full swing… On December 10, The reporter came to Yuzhijin Textile Co., Ltd. located in Beiguan District, Anyang City and witnessed a busy scene.

“We have introduced nearly 100 double-twisting machines this year. The double-twisting machines twist and bind two or more strands of single yarn into a yarn. strands, enhancing the performance of the original yarn. At the same time, compared with traditional twisting equipment, the efficiency is doubled to further meet customer needs.” Shen Yongrong, the relevant person in charge of Yuzhijin Enterprise, said that the introduction of the double twisting machine has filled the gap in Anyang City There is a gap in this field in the textile industry.

Anyang City is located at the junction of the four provinces of Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan. The textile industry has a long history. As early as more than 100 years ago, there was “Northern Henan” It is known as “Shacheng”. In the early 1980s, thousands of farmers in Baizhuang Town, Beiguan District, Anyang City, were making knitted underwear, and an industrial chain of production, supply, and sales was gradually formed. Since then, textiles and clothing have gradually become one of the leading industries in Beiguan District.

In recent years, Beiguan District of Anyang City has insisted on paying equal attention to introduction and transformation, both increment and quality improvement, and has promoted the extension, reinforcement and strengthening of the chain and the cultivation of market entities. , environmental pollution control, infrastructure supporting construction and other work to further enhance the modernization level and industrial basic capabilities of the textile and apparel industry chain.

Cluster remediation and optimization of industrial layout

“Affected by construction land indicators and sites In Baizhuang, most of them are family workshops. The villagers bought sewing machines, hemming machines and other equipment, and every household became a ‘processing factory’. In some old enterprise markets, there are also ‘three-in-one’ products that combine production, accommodation and warehousing. Potential safety hazards.” Chen Huihui, mayor of Baizhuang Town, said that optimizing the industrial layout is imperative.

Focusing on the goal of “industry-city integration”, Beiguan District has established a special work class to “withdraw a group of people in accordance with the law, integrate and upgrade a group of people, and cultivate and strengthen a group of people” “Batch”, effectively improving industrial agglomeration and environmental protection management capabilities.

Realize the transformation from family workshop production to professional production. Chen Huihui introduced that by providing technological transformation, financial support, supply chain integration and other measures to improve workshop-style processing enterprises, during this process, many enterprises began to spontaneously merge and actively seek integration, such as Tinker Bell and Qianxun. , Sanmao Knitting and other more than 800 brand enterprises, and 13 provincial famous trademarks were born.

We will vigorously carry out the “vacate the cage and replace the bird” campaign and demolish a number of old markets and old factories. To build a Baizhuang industry-city integration demonstration park, nearly 130,000 square meters of construction area has been expropriated and demolished, and a new textile and garment industry city integrating industrial plants, warehousing and logistics, incubation centers, warehouses and basic facilities will be built. In addition, the demolition work of the supporting Baizhuang New Town PPP project has been completed, and residential, commercial development and related facility construction will follow to achieve production capacity replacement and concentration of high-quality resources.

Project driven, strengthening the industrial chain

In August this year, Anyang Huazhou Textile Co., Ltd. officially signed a contract with CITIC Environment (Anyang) Printing and Dyeing Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CITIC Printing and Dyeing Demonstration Park”), and Huazhou became the first company to settle in the CITIC Printing and Dyeing Demonstration Park. “This marks that the integration and relocation of Anyang’s printing and dyeing enterprises into the park has entered a substantial stage, and the transformation and upgrading of the textile and garment industry has also taken a new step.” said the relevant person in charge of the District Industry and Information Technology Bureau.

In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, Anyang City has focused on extending the textile and garment industry chain and concentrated on building a number of major projects. CITIC Printing and Dyeing Demonstration Park is convenient for It is one of the important projects.

“CITIC Printing and Dyeing Demonstration Park is responsible for the construction, operation, and management of the park’s infrastructure and environmental protection facilities, combined heat and power, etc., and provides standardized integrated services to enterprises entering the park .” The relevant person in charge of the demonstration park said that they will build a domestic first-class printing and dyeing circular economy industrial park based on the development concept of “green, sharing, sunshine, and innovation”.

It is reported that 90% of the overall construction progress of the printing and dyeing demonstration park has been completed, and most of the factories have met the conditions for settlement. 4 companies have now settled in, and there are still More than a dozen companies are in negotiations. After the overall completion, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 4.5 billion yuan and provide jobs for more than 2,400 people.

In addition, projects such as Baiyuan Knitting Park, Licheng Printing Industrial Park, and Iduoya Woven Industrial Park are under intense construction. Alibaba Digital Village Other projects are also gradually advancing. As a batch of projects with large investment scale, high technological content and strong driving ability are continuously completed and put into production, Beiguan District is gradually forming a complete industrial chain integrating cotton spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing and clothing processing.

Innovate business formats and expand sales channels

“In order to fully promote the development of e-commerce For rural training work, we will regularly invite e-commerce experts and organize relevant personnel to carry out training, especially e-commerce training in the textile and garment industry.” Chen Wei, director of the District Commerce Bureau, said that this training is dedicated to helping people who are willing to start e-commerce businesses , use the Internet to start businesses and create jobs, and contribute to promoting regional economic development and rural revitalization.

According to reports, Beiguan District is actively developing social e-commerce. Baizhuang Town alone has 8 well-known express companies, among which Yunda Express has set up a branch here. Ministry, and build� Sorting center; established a “children’s clothing production group online business incubation base” to provide free training for companies in 16 industrial parks and 38 administrative villages that intend to engage in e-commerce; created a “children’s clothing live broadcast base” to cooperate with well-known domestic e-commerce platforms Through strategic cooperation, a number of outstanding e-commerce companies have emerged.

“Our place was designated as an e-commerce incubation base by the district last year, covering e-commerce training, online store operation planning, supply chain management and other businesses. Live TV In terms of business, the total amount of goods we brought through live broadcast in the first year was nearly 100 million yuan.” Lu Chenghu, chairman of Anyang Cola Information Technology Co., Ltd., said that while the company is developing itself, it must also give back to the society and will continue to be committed to e-commerce in the future. The industry cultivates outstanding talents, helps more traditional enterprises complete the transformation of e-commerce, and provides suggestions and suggestions to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Anyang’s children’s clothing industry.

Data show that in 2020, online sales of textile and clothing in Beiguan District reached 5.53 billion yuan, and are expected to exceed 10 billion yuan this year.

Wang Jianbo, director of the District’s Industry and Information Technology Bureau, said that in the next step, the spirit of the 11th Provincial Party Congress will be thoroughly implemented and targeted at the traditional textile and clothing industry. In key industries, we will further optimize the layout and adjust the structure, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and cluster development, achieve quality changes, efficiency changes, and power changes, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of Anyang.


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