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The overall market is not good and the yarn market trend is weak

[168TEX News] Recently, most textile companies have been experiencing difficulties, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, which are very embarrassed to maintain the current situation. It is reported th…

[168TEX News] Recently, most textile companies have been experiencing difficulties, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, which are very embarrassed to maintain the current situation. It is reported that many small enterprises producing low-grade products in North China have closed down. Some enterprises currently have no extra funds to purchase yarn, facing a vicious cycle. Forced by the situation, some textile companies had to find new ways out. When there were insufficient orders, in order to reduce the burden, they simply shut down the loss-making machines, bought yarn and weaved fabrics, and sold differentiated yarns to make money. path, slowly reducing the level of losses, and striving to survive despite the struggle.
Recently, the overall situation of the yarn market is still unable to change. The main reason is that market sales continue to be sluggish, the pressure on yarn mills is generally rising, and the market mentality continues to decline. Even the rayon yarn market, which was relatively ideal in the early stage, has been flat. Spinners have increased their shipment mentality, and prices have stabilized. The prices of pure cotton yarn and pure polyester yarn are still weak, and the price consolidation continues to be weak. Let’s take a detailed look at the situation of pure cotton yarn, pure polyester yarn, and rayon yarn.

Cotton yarn: increased inventory, weak upstream, and weak market conditions
Recently, the cotton yarn market is still sluggish. Compared with the previous period, it can be said that it has only fallen but not risen. At present, the inventories of cotton yarn mills continue to increase compared with the previous period. The financial pressure remains unabated and the confidence is insufficient. Therefore, cotton yarn manufacturers are more interested in shipping, the quotations are stable and weak, and the price focus is weak. The current mainstream prices of 32s and 40s carded yarn in Shaoxing Qianqing Market are about 19,650 yuan/ton and 20,850 yuan/ton respectively. The mainstream price of 32s high-end yarn is about 20,800 yuan/ton. The mainstream price of 32S combed yarn is about 23,500 yuan/ton. The mainstream price of 40S fine yarn is about 23,500 yuan/ton. The mainstream price of comb is around 24,600 yuan/ton.
Recently, the market atmosphere in the upstream cotton market is still confused, and cotton merchants are also confused and their confidence is somewhat difficult to boost. Therefore, the overall price of the cotton market is still stable and the wait-and-see trend remains. Industry analysis: The cotton market will face a severe situation, and new problems of “difficulty in selling cotton” may arise. In terms of cotton prices, they have been on a downward trend since the beginning of this year. The domestic cotton spot price has dropped from 13,607 yuan at the beginning of the year to the current level of 12,972 yuan, with a cumulative decrease of 635 yuan/ton. The decline in cotton prices has also inhibited the recovery of cotton yarn prices, and prices have been fluctuating and declining.
Pure polyester yarn: Insufficient orders, rising inventory, and difficult market conditions
The overall sentiment of the pure polyester yarn market is difficult to change in the near future. The market mentality continues to be cautious, prices are mainly stable and unable to consolidate, and market shipments continue to be flat. At present, the mainstream supply price of 32S pure polyester yarn in Shaoxiao area is about 11,100-11,150 yuan/ton. The mainstream supply prices of 32S and 45S pure polyester yarn in Shengze area are about 11,000 yuan/ton and 12,100 yuan/ton respectively. The high-count yarn market is still mainly light, with the mainstream price of 50S around 14,900 yuan/ton.
Recently, the market for raw material polyester staple fiber has basically remained turbulent, with little price fluctuation. The current mainstream price of polyester staple fiber 1.4D*38mm in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is around 6800-6900 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction can be negotiated. The pure polyester yarn market is less optimistic than in previous years. In the past, as long as the raw materials moved, the yarn market could last at least a few days. However, in recent times, the yarn mills have basically lost hope. The key is still due to insufficient order demand. Cotton mill inventories have continued to rise recently, while merchants have low confidence and are unwilling to operate amid the continued weak market conditions.
Rayon yarn: sales are flat, upstream support is insufficient, and the market is stable
Although the rayon yarn market is still calm and stable on the surface recently, the overall market is flat and continues to rise, with manufacturers focusing on shipments. Although there is not much inventory in cotton mills, the actual purchasing atmosphere in the downstream is weak, and the transaction volume is weak compared with the same period last year. The overall market confidence is poor. Vortex spinning and siro spinning, which were popular in the early stage, performed mediocrely, and prices are difficult to improve. At present, the mainstream price of 30S ring-spun knitting yarn in Shaoxiao market is about 18,800 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of 30S woven yarn is 18,250 yuan/ton, and the sales of stranded yarn are also mediocre. The mainstream price of 30S/2 knitting yarn is 20,500-20,600 yuan/ton. about.
Recently, although the supply of viscose staple fiber in the upstream market is relatively small, the volume of goods shipped has been decreasing, and the load of staple fiber manufacturers has been increased. However, the atmosphere of wait-and-see has gradually emerged, and prices have stabilized and consolidated. At present, the mainstream negotiation price of mid-range viscose staple fiber 1.5D*38mm products is 14,500-14,600 yuan/ton, and the high-end price is 14,700 yuan/ton. There is greater resistance to transactions at high prices, and small factories are slightly loose to sell goods. However, rayon yarn mills are under the pressure of relatively flat sales and insufficient raw material support. The market mentality appears confused and cautious, and the desire to sell goods has increased, and the actual price is stable and weak.
Generally speaking, in recent times, whether it is from upstream to yarn or downstream gray fabrics and fabrics, they are all exuding a tense atmosphere and feeling invisible pressure. The entire yarn market is weak and weak, and the weak atmosphere is growing. It is expected that the yarn market will remain stable and weak in the future, and prices will be weak and depressed.

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