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What is the cotton content of combed cotton (what are ecological grade pure cotton products)

The reason why 01 brand was founded Global The spread of the epidemic has gradually changed people’s understanding of environmental protection and health. With the development of the times, people’s…

The reason why 01 brand was founded

Global The spread of the epidemic has gradually changed people’s understanding of environmental protection and health. With the development of the times, people’s consumption needs have shifted towards health and environmental protection. In the past 30 years, China’s home furnishing industry has evolved from the extensive “seeking more and seeking speed” With the rapid growth to the current refined development of “quality first, craftsmanship”, we adhere to the original intention and mission of “creating ecological-grade pure cotton products, more secure and more secure.”, integrating new concepts, new technologies, new Management and new culture promote the leapfrog and upgrading of traditional industries to modern industries, forming the “Cotton Nurse” brand.

02Why make ecological grade pure cotton products?

Building ecological civilization is a millennium plan for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. Providing more high-quality ecological products is to satisfy the people’s growing well-being. Realistic requirements of life needs. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China stated, “The modernization we want to build is a modernization in which man and nature coexist harmoniously. We must not only create more material wealth and spiritual wealth to meet the people’s growing needs for a better life, but also provide more high-quality ecological Products to meet the people’s growing needs for a beautiful ecological environment”, which points out the direction and path for us to better promote the construction of ecological civilization.

03How to understand ecological grade pure cotton products

3.1 Domestic and foreign dual ecological certification

Cotton nurse products have passed domestic ecological textiles and OEKO-TEX EU textile double ecological certification.

3.2 100,000-level purification workshop

Jinhao Group’s nearly 10,000-square-meter 100,000-level purification workshop has been put into use, allowing cotton nurse products to come out of the 100,000-level purification workshop, starting a new journey of making products with a medical attitude and quality, which means As we continue to provide the society with more conscientious and reliable products, we will protect the health of the people.

3.3 AAAA antibacterial technology

Cotton Nurse 4A antibacterial series products adopt China’s new antibacterial technology recognized by the China Textile Engineering Society. They integrate ecological antibacterial particles with cotton fiber through the weaving process. They are 4A grade antibacterial and have antibacterial effects on common bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Glucococcus aureus. The antibacterial rate reaches more than 90%, and it still reaches 4A antibacterial level after 50 times of washing.

Our AAAA grade antibacterial products are technological functional textiles that are finished with food-grade antibacterial raw material chitin. They are non-toxic and non-irritating to the human body and have broad spectrum The antibacterial effect of this product can effectively inhibit a variety of harmful bacteria that come into contact with fabrics. It was tested by the Guangdong Provincial Microbial Analysis and Testing Center. After washing 50 times, the antibacterial rate of this product against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans meets the tolerance requirements. Washable type 4A antibacterial requirements, anti-mildew and anti-odor, long-lasting antibacterial, resistant to washing, non-drying, mold-free and smelly for 10 days, complying with ecological textile standards, pregnant women/infants can also use it with confidence.

3.4 Raw material selection Xinjiang long-staple cotton

The soil in the cotton-producing area of ​​Xinjiang is fertile, and the sunshine time is as long as 12 hours. The long growth cycle creates high-quality cotton. The cotton buds are long and soft, and the texture is fluffy and fine. The 38mm cotton fiber is dry and easy to absorb, and it is not easy to shed lint. Cotton Nurse selects high-quality Xinjiang long-staple cotton, the “noble among cottons”. The cotton buds are long and soft, the texture is fluffy and fine, and it absorbs water instantly in three seconds.

3.5 is made of Xinjiang combed cotton

Made from Xinjiang combed cotton and 100% cotton (combed cotton means that during the spinning process, a delicate carding process is added to remove shorter fibers. And remove impurities in the cotton to create smooth yarn, making the cotton more resilient and less prone to pilling, and the quality of the cotton is more stable.)

3.6 Category A standards for infants and young children

Belongs to Category A standards for infants and young children, no fluorescent agent, no…Aldehydes, no aromatic amines, and natural cotton fibers are harmless to human skin. Cotton nurse products have always maintained the stringent quality of “not detected” during strict, complex and meticulous quality inspections.

3.7 Green Printing and Dyeing Process

Strictly select reactive environmentally friendly dyes. The world’s environmentally friendly dye giant Huntsman Group imports dyes. The dyes react with cotton fibers to form a stable chemical structure. The towel’s washability and abrasion resistance are improved, and it remains as new after being washed for a long time. It is environmentally friendly and safe.

3.8 single independent packaging

Single and independent packaging, portable, clean and hygienic, one per person, avoid cross-use with others, effectively reduce bacterial infection or virus transmission, safe and hygienic. It’s small, takes up no space, and is easy to carry when traveling, traveling, or playing.

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