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What is DeRong fabric (What is DeRong fiber)

Nowadays, we see a lot of DeRong thermal underwear in the market, and I also see a lot of introductions to DeRong fiber on the Internet. As a textile engineering major, I also have interest and questions. What …

Nowadays, we see a lot of DeRong thermal underwear in the market, and I also see a lot of introductions to DeRong fiber on the Internet. As a textile engineering major, I also have interest and questions. What is German velvet fabric? What is DeRong fiber? Why does Delong still have a brand tag? Later, no relevant information could be found on the official website of Bayer in Germany. So what happened? Why do so many people use Bayer’s name to promote it?
As early as 2001, Bayer sold Delon to an Italian company, but the production and quality control of Delon products remained in the Bayer Industrial Zone in Germany. From a production technology perspective, there is no technical difficulty for our Chinese company. Now on the market, most of our acrylic fiber suppliers in China are domestic suppliers. The main use of acrylic fiber is in the production of carpets and sweaters. Later, acrylic fiber was treated with ultra-fine spinning and then blended with fibers with better comfort, such as cotton, rayon, mulberry silk, etc.
We imagine that if the performance of acrylic fiber is very good, why should it be blended with other fibers? In terms of raw material prices, acrylic fiber is cheaper, which shows that acrylic fiber has shortcomings and disadvantages that are unavoidable. Acrylic fiber has a stuffy feeling and fluffing. The disadvantages cannot be solved. Some thermal underwear fabrics are treated with anti-pilling treatment during the dyeing and finishing process, but this performance is not permanent and will be useless after being washed several times.

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Many of the thermal underwear fabrics currently on the market are sanded in order to have a good thermal insulation effect. In fact, sanded clothes are uncomfortable to wear next to the body and are not comfortable to wear. It is conducive to keeping warm. Only by keeping a certain space between the clothes and the body is it conducive to keeping warm. I personally recommend choosing underwear made of pure cotton or nylon fabrics. Especially children and infants. They are too young to express themselves, and they don’t know what hot feeling is. They are also hyperactive and have a lot of water in their bodies. Therefore, to keep their bodies dry, they must wear pure cotton close-fitting clothes in winter. It is better. Wearing underwear containing acrylic fiber will definitely cause a feeling of hotness and stuffiness when the body sweats a lot and releases heat.
As for whether you should buy thermal underwear with a German velvet tag? I think it’s better not to pay such IQ tax. Germany’s Bayer sold Dralon to an Italian company in 2001. Now more than 20 years have passed. Does it still have anything to do with Bayer? In fact, it has nothing to do with Bayer. According to the investigation, Dralon GMTH owns the Dralon brand, which expires in November 2023, and may be applying for an extension. Dralon fiber is currently sold as an agent by a trading company in Shanghai (the legal representative of the company is a foreigner, with a registered capital of 108,000 euros and a paid-in base of 28,000 euros).
This company will not have more than 100 people
Why not pay IQ tax?
First: there is nothing special about this fiber, it can be produced domestically, and it is not difficult for Chinese companies;
Second: Dralon has nothing to do with Bayer. Since there is no relationship, Bayer cannot be used for promotion;
Third: There is really no need to buy such an unknown fiber tag at a premium. Really IQ tax. At the same time, Toyo’s selam fiber and Mitsubishi’s Mayabi are also IQ taxes. These self-heating, infrared and other thermal underwear are basically IQ taxes.
Just set up a company, go to the Trademark Office to apply for a brand, and then find a printing company to print hang tags. The total cost will not exceed 2,000, and you can start this business.
How can you keep your body warm?
First layer, wear close-fitting cotton or nylon clothing, which is based on giving the body the best comfort;
Second layer: wear velvet clothes, such as polar fleece, Wool sweaters, etc., are designed to allow the body’s air to stay in the gaps between these clothes and fibers;
The third layer: windproof jacket, which is designed to reduce the circulation of air between the body and the outside world. In this process, the heat continuously generated by the body is stored in the body and the outside air, maintaining the body temperature while dissipating excess heat. This is the most scientific.

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