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What are the advantages of DeRong (and how to maintain it)

The main material of DeRong fabric? DeRong is a kind of chemical fiber fabric with complex composition. The main component is acrylic, with a certain proportion of polyester and spandex blended in it. Based on …

The main material of DeRong fabric?

DeRong is a kind of chemical fiber fabric with complex composition. The main component is acrylic, with a certain proportion of polyester and spandex blended in it. Based on actual needs, some German fleece fabrics will contain a certain proportion of viscose fiber, which makes the fabric more breathable!

What are the advantages of German fleece fabrics?

The color is delicate. German velvet fabric is a functional fabric with delicate, bright and dazzling color, soft and smooth hand feel, and high textile craftsmanship. Sometimes it is also called diamond velvet.

High thermal insulation performance. The surface of the German velvet fabric has very fine fluff, which forms an air layer, effectively blocking cold air and achieving better warmth retention. The more popular big-name women’s pantyhose, leggings, etc. like to use German velvet fabric, which not only slims the legs and keeps warm against the cold, but also fashionable and warm. Soft, the velvet inside is thick and dense, and seamlessly integrated, achieving the effects of warmth, beautiful legs, non-bloat, and slimming. It has become the most fashionable and popular style in autumn and winter this year. This fabric is not easy to snag, pill, or deform.
It can be worn alone in autumn, as warm pants in winter, or if you are thin, you can wear two pairs together, becoming a more versatile leggings.

Good wear resistance. The German velvet fabric is thin and not easily deformed. It will not cause embarrassing problems such as pilling or snagging when worn casually on a daily basis. It is also very breathable, neither stuffy nor dry, and is extremely comfortable.

Doesn’t fade. DeRong fabrics are reactively printed and dyed, which can be washed multiple times without fading at all, and the good quality is visible.

Key points for identification of Delong

The weather is slightly colder, and relevant advertisements for Delong products are here There is overwhelming publicity in e-commerce shopping. Merchants with DeRong products are promoting their own goodness and advantages. Some are fighting for price concessions, and some are fighting for quality. These advertisements make many consumers confused and at a loss when making choices. They are afraid that they will buy fake products and that they are not affordable enough. How should we identify genuine and fake German velvet? Look down carefully!

Look at the tag

When we buy DeRong products, we must look at the tag. Derong is a patented product of Germany’s Bayer Company, so genuine Derong product merchants will cooperate with Bayer and have their own authorized Derong logo on the hangtag. Another simple method is to take out your mobile phone and scan the exclusive QR code authorized on the back of the tag, and the result will appear instantly.

Look at the ingredient list

We can Think of De velvet as Bayer acrylic, so you can carefully check the clothing ingredient list when purchasing to see what proportion of acrylic fiber it is. Clothes must contain De velvet fiber if they want to achieve the effect of keeping warm and locking in temperature. If you check the ingredient list and find that there is no trace of acrylic material at all, be careful of being deceived.

At the same time, you should also consider the price when choosing. There are many clothes made of acrylic fiber. The main component of many domestic clothes is ordinary acrylic, which is very different from Bayer acrylic. Baird velvet has a high premium. Many small workshops and companies do not use such high-end fabrics when making clothes, so the warmth of the clothes is greatly reduced. It can be said that many German velvet underwear with a lower price on the market are worthy of suspicion, and a high proportion of them are faked with polyester.

But even if there is acrylic fiber in the ingredient list, it does not mean that it is German velvet fabric. The real German fiber is acrylic fiber produced by Bayer Company in Germany, which is different from ordinary acrylic fiber in China. Bayer’s German velvet has a very high premium. Small companies and small workshops are reluctant to use such high-priced fabrics. The German velvet thermal underwear with a lower price on the market is all fake.
In fact, most of the German velvet sold on the market is faked with polyester.

Look at the feel

The German velvet fabric is very skin-friendly and delicate. If you find that the fabric is a little rough when you choose to buy it, or the pile is not thick enough, or it is too heavy, then you should think twice.

How to maintain German velvet fabric?

Can be washed by hand but not by machine. Although DeRong products have good wear resistance and can be machine washed or hand washed, it is best to hand wash underwear, which can avoid the growth of bacteria and give the clothes a longer life.

Do not iron or expose to the sun. German velvet is classified as a chemical fiber fabric, and the fuzz on the surface is very fine. Therefore, we should not iron or expose the clothes to the sun during drying to avoid the overall hardening of the clothes, so as to maintain a better feel.

Save separately. Derong products are cost-effective and can be stored separately when not worn, which can prevent bacterial growth and avoid contamination.

Autumn is cold and the temperature drops suddenly. In the past few days, we have really felt the ruthless chill of autumn. Recently, I have become obsessed with David Bella’s clothes. When I choose clothes for my baby, I will look at their clothes first. I bought a few pieces of all their German velvet underwear. Their German velvet thermal underwear has an appraisal certificate. It is soft and comfortable for the baby to wear. This stand-up collar can better protect the neck. It is beautiful and practical at the same time.

The cold winter is just around the corner. Have you prepared cold-proof clothing for your baby? I hope this article The article can help you.

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