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A woman with real temperament (wearing a sweatshirt rarely paired with jeans)

Basic items are favored by people because they are easy to wear and versatile. Most of the design styles are simple and neat, and the difficulty of matching is also low. It is suitable for lazy people and novic…

Basic items are favored by people because they are easy to wear and versatile. Most of the design styles are simple and neat, and the difficulty of matching is also low. It is suitable for lazy people and novices in matching. It is very friendly. Although the combination of sweatshirt + jeans is very refreshing and neat, it is too bad for the street. It is difficult to attract everyone’s attention without outstanding temperament. And women with real temperament rarely wear sweatshirts with jeans, like Yang Mi and Zhao Wei Wear more beautiful clothes, let’s take a look.

Most of the designs of sweatshirts are simple and casual. The styles are loose and easy to wear regardless of the figure. However, if you want to highlight the charm of women, you still need to put some thought into it. In terms of matching, if you prefer trousers, you may want to try shorts. They are sexier than trousers and more convenient than short skirts. You don’t have to worry about exposure. Moreover, the styles of shorts are very rich, which can meet the dressing needs of different body types. Yang Mi uses Cargo shorts paired with a round-neck sweatshirt are handsome and trendy, revealing a pair of beautiful legs that are particularly sexy and eye-catching. This combination is very suitable for spring and autumn.

If you want to show your legs but are worried about health problems caused by the cold, you can also use long boots to reduce the area of ​​exposed legs and make your look more eye-catching. It is fashionable. It is recommended that the sweater you choose should be a bit wider. An oversize sweatshirt is very good. It covers the flesh and makes you slimmer. It is more tolerant to the body and makes girls more petite and cute. It can also be paired with a long jacket in cold weather. Warm and windy, the elegant feel of the long coat makes the look lighter. The look of Yang Mi’s sweatshirt is worth learning from, as it is both warm and elegant.

The “missing bottom” dressing style has always been loved by girls with long legs. Short bottoms are directly blocked by long hems, as if ” Not wearing any bottoms.” Her already slender legs are even more stunningly proportioned. They are lazy and a little sexy. Yang Mi can be said to be the originator of the “missing bottoms” dressing style. Her private clothing style has become a template for many girls to learn from. This printed sweatshirt with leg socks and short boots is very girly and doesn’t look like a mother at all.

The favorite trousers item for celebrities with thick legs should be wide-leg trousers. The vertical and loose trousers legs make the legs look slimmer. Combined with the high-waist design, they are even more attractive. The styles of wide-leg pants, which make your legs look longer, have gradually become more diverse with the development of trends. The “school uniform pants” that have become very popular in recent years are a type of wide-leg pants. When paired with a sweater, they are youthful and age-reducing. They are very popular among fashionistas. A group of CP, 43-year-old Zhao Wei looks more than 10 years younger with such a look.

The combination of dark and light is a trick often used in dressing and matching. It can avoid the style being too monotonous and boring, and can also improve the overall brightness and eye-catching index. Double the price. If your skin tone is not very fair, you can wear bright-colored items as bottoms to avoid exposing your skin color problems. You can also use basic color styles as a transition to reduce the high-profile sense of the overall outfit. Li Qin is wearing a white sweater with red stripes. Wide-leg pants are lively and smart. Pair them with a plaid suit to reduce the casual look and add a more formal feel. The mixed and matched style is more personalized.

Cute girls always cannot do without skirts when wearing sweatshirts. In their hearts, skirts are the sweetest and most feminine items. Among them, dresses are much easier to wear than skirts. The one-piece tailoring brings less matching problems. As long as the waistline is handled properly, you will basically make mistakes. If you are not very good at color matching, it will be much easier to start with the same color series or the same color series. Jiang Shuying’s look is a demonstration of matching colors. The pink dress paired with a peach pink sweatshirt is fresh and sweet, and her pure temperament is outstanding.

Girls who have very personal ideas about fashion will prefer skirts. The matching is flexible and the styles that can be matched are ever-changing. , for example, a sweatshirt + pleated skirt is elegant and elegant. It does not feel too inconsistent when used in professional situations. Instead, it bursts out more vitality. Different skirt lengths have a great impact on shaping the style. Short styles are versatile. Pleated skirts are playful and cute, while long pleated skirts are gentle and intellectual. Be careful not to choose a five-quarter length style. It is easiest to wear a half-length figure, which is really embarrassing.

Girls with slender legs can also boldly challenge the bodybuilding pants to fit the leg lines.�The design is extremely challenging for leg shape, but it is still deeply loved by fashionistas. Their appearance index has skyrocketed in their styles. However, bodybuilding pants will expose the buttocks line. It is recommended to choose styles with too long hems and cover them appropriately when matching. Holding the buttocks position plays a role in maximizing strengths and avoiding weaknesses. Guan Xiaotong looks so trendy wearing a fluorescent green sweatshirt and bodybuilding pants. She still has incredibly long legs even when wearing flat shoes. This proportion is really enviable.

A woman with real temperament rarely wears a sweatshirt with jeans. It looks more beautiful when worn like Yang Mi and Zhao Wei. The styles that sweatshirts can be worn are indeed very rich and varied. Even if the style is single, it can show different fashion charms through different combinations. If you have more ideas about good-looking and fashionable combinations of sweatshirts, please leave a message to discuss.

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