Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Even with a bad T-shirt and jeans, you still look like a big-name brand (change to a bob haircut to look younger)

Even with a bad T-shirt and jeans, you still look like a big-name brand (change to a bob haircut to look younger)

The development of the fashion industry is rapid. Some items will be eliminated if they cannot keep up with the speed of development. There are also some items that have experienced a “struggle” and…

The development of the fashion industry is rapid. Some items will be eliminated if they cannot keep up with the speed of development. There are also some items that have experienced a “struggle” and still stand. It has become more advanced with the times and has become a must-have item in people’s outfits. The most classic item is the basic item. It is easy to wear and versatile and is not easy to make mistakes. T-shirt is one of them, and it appears in Faye Wong’s outfit. The rate is very high, and this airport look is no exception. You can wear a bad T-shirt with jeans to look like a big brand, and you can look younger with a bob haircut. This sense of luxury is unmatched.

Basic color T-shirts are classic and versatile. They are the most utilized among all T-shirt items and can minimize the sense of inconsistency in the style. , neither age nor temperament is chosen. People who don’t understand fashion can wear it with a unique personal charm. Moreover, each basic color T-shirt has a different style. Black is mature and slimming, white is fresh and reduces age, and gray It is high-end and textured. Faye Wong chose a gray T-shirt this time, with holes added to add a sense of fashion. It looks more casual and down-to-earth.

The neckline of T-shirts has a wealth of cuts to choose from. Among them, the simple and low-key round neck is the most common, presenting a simple, neat and elegant style. , they are not picky about their face shapes. The V-neck is delicate and a little sexy. The elongated neckline visually modifies the facial lines. It is most suitable for celebrities with big faces. If you like retro style, don’t miss the square-neck style. Faye Wong’s look The T-shirt in the picture is of a simple round-neck style, with a relatively average design, but it was worn by Faye Wong in the style of an international brand. This temperament is too transcendent.

There are indeed many items that can be matched with T-shirts, but the most popular and easy-to-wear partner is always jeans, which are both basic styles. There is no need to worry about the category being unobtrusive. The style is very classic and will not easily go out of style. However, there are so many cuts of jeans, so when choosing, you still need to pay attention to your own body conditions when choosing them. Those with thicker legs will naturally choose loose-fitting ones. Style, those with thin and long legs can choose the style they like. Faye Wong wears slim jeans with a gray T to be more refreshing and capable.

Faye Wong’s “bad T-shirt” is going to be popular. It looks high-end when worn casually with jeans. A bob haircut can help reduce age. Jeans are very wide and have a very significant effect on modifying the leg lines. However, the elasticity of denim fabric is average. If the fit is too slim, the tightness will be obvious, which will easily expose the shortcomings of the legs and affect the overall beauty. It is recommended that celebrities with thick legs try to avoid slim-fitting jeans. Straight-leg or wide-leg styles are more suitable for their body shape. For example, the jeans in Faye Wong’s outfit are straight-leg styles, which will make Faye Wong’s long legs look better. Straight and slender, it looks stylish when paired with a burgundy T-shirt.

I feel that the denim fabric is a bit hard and can easily rub against the skin and cause discomfort. It can also be paired with other trousers, such as sports pants or casual pants. Choose, as long as the style you choose meets your own conditions, it will not be easy to be confused. In addition, the details of color matching must be handled carefully to avoid an abrupt feeling. People who do not understand fashion are right to start with the same color matching, which is simple and advanced, and can be easily improved. In terms of styling level, Faye Wong wore an all-black look that was full of luxury. She rolled up her sleeves to add a bit of laziness.

Among the basic items, shirts should be the most utilized apart from T-shirts. The early designs are mostly suitable for professional occasions, with a strong The professional style color of the shirt gives people the impression of being rigid and restrained. However, the image of the shirt has undergone earth-shaking changes today and has become an indispensable item in daily wear. The worst one on the street is the white shirt, which must be worn well. It’s not easy to stand out. Faye Wong’s pairing of overalls with a white shirt just weakens the sense of formality, making her elegant and generous.

It is not difficult to get rid of the shackles of a shirt. You can make breakthroughs by wearing it and matching it. Of course, the style you choose should not be too slim, and try to be as biased as possible. If it is looser, the casual feeling will be obvious. The neckline does not need to be limited to a small lapel design. Occasionally, it can be changed to a stand-up collar cut, which has its own characteristics. Undo a few buttons at will to create a casual and uninhibited sense. This is what Faye Wong likes This outfit is vividly interpreted, paired with a pair of gray “sack pants” that are both artistic and artistic.Intellectual and friendly to the max.

Faye Wong has an invincible sense of luxury. She looks like a big brand when paired with a bad T-shirt and jeans. She looks younger with her bob haircut. T-shirts and shirts are items that often appear in our daily wear. Although they are basic items that are easy to wear, but if you want to wear them with a unique style, you need to spend a lot of thought and cultivate your own inner self. Temperament, Faye Wong is like this. With her outstanding temperament, she can easily wear basic styles into an international style, which makes people admire her. Do you like Faye Wong who is so approachable?

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