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Wearing a white T-shirt and red underpants looks so eye-catching (short haircut makes you look younger and younger)

When it comes to the most utilized items for summer wear, I believe that T-shirts are the number one. They are rich in styles and versatile, and have strong style shaping ability. As the temperature rises, T-sh…

When it comes to the most utilized items for summer wear, I believe that T-shirts are the number one. They are rich in styles and versatile, and have strong style shaping ability. As the temperature rises, T-shirts begin to appear more frequently in people’s outfits. They are fashionable when worn inside or alone. This item can often be seen in celebrities’ private outfits, such as Liu Xiaoqing’s T-shirt style. It’s very versatile. This white T-shirt and red pants are so eye-catching. The short haircut makes her look younger and younger. She doesn’t look old at all.

White T-shirt is the basic style in the T-shirt family. Although it has no sense of design, it is the most photographed style. The simple and neat design is very good. Paired with clothes, it will basically not conflict with any style combination, and it can also serve as a foil to highlight the key points of the look. The round neck style is simple and elegant, while the V-neck style is a little sexy, and the extended lines will make the face smaller, Liu Xiaoqing The white T in this look is a round-neck style, which is refreshing and majestic. The jade pendant on the chest makes the look a bit more luxurious.

The fashion sense of the white T-shirt itself is very average. It is not easy to rely on it to attract the public’s attention. The key depends on the matching method. Since the top It’s too ordinary to create highlights. You might as well be bold when choosing bottoms and try styles with bright colors or strong designs to bring a stronger visual impact. Liu Xiaoqing used dazzling red shorts to enhance the overall look. It is attractive, the red + white color scheme is fresh and energetic, and the high-waisted and wide-leg version not only raises the waistline but also makes the legs longer.

Girls nowadays seem to prefer short hair styles, which make them look younger and easier to take care of. Especially older women, they basically have short hair styles. However, this is not the case. All short hair has the effect of reducing age. It needs to be combined with your own face shape and temperament. Girls with long faces are not suitable for short hair with exposed ears. It is easy to lengthen the face lines. It is safer to choose shoulder length. If the face is round or small, You might as well try a short haircut that touches your ears or exposes your ears. Liu Xiaoqing’s short hair belongs to the style that touches your ears. It is youthful and reduces your age, making you dream back to your girlhood.

Liu Xiaoqing becomes more and more youthful as she gets older. Dressed in red and white, she is refreshing and eye-catching. She cuts her hair short to the ears and dreams of returning to her girlhood. Compared with pure white T-shirts, bright-colored T-shirts are more eye-catching, but the skin color is still very picky. If the skin color is not fair enough, you should try to choose a style with lower color saturation, which is less strenuous to wear. Not to mention Liu Xiaoqing is still very confident, boldly challenging the bright rose red color, which is very recognizable.

The fashion sense brought by printed T-shirts will be stronger. The embellishment of various printed patterns makes the styles of T-shirts ever-changing and reduces the probability of matching shirts. However, Printing elements are relatively complicated. If you don’t want the look to be too flashy, it is recommended to choose a printing pattern that is as simple as possible. Letter printing should be a relatively simple style among printing elements. The printed T worn by Liu Xiaoqing is a letter printing style, with a gradient color design. More fashionable, easily get rid of the popular feeling of T-shirts.

The larger the printing area, the greater the impact on the styling style, and can even play a leading role, which naturally tests one’s fashion expression. After all, large-area printing can easily cause dazzling feeling, which greatly affects the visual experience. If you are not careful, you will step on the thunder. Liu Xiaoqing has tried this single product in the previous airport style. The colorful T-shirt printed with watercolor is very distinctive, and it is paired with gray trousers. The trousers are casual yet energetic, and the combination of traditional and simple styles reduces the complexity of colorful printed T-shirts, which is worth learning from.

The styles of T-shirts gradually became richer in the later development. In addition to regular styles, there are also short styles and oversize styles to choose from. The most popular styles are The short version is the one that looks taller. The shortened hem directly raises the waistline, optimizing the proportions of the wearer and vaguely revealing a small waist, which makes it more sexy. However, the short T-shirt has higher requirements on the waist and hip lines and is not suitable. Girls with fat on their lower abdomen and big buttocks, if they really want to try it out, they can follow Liu Xiaoqing’s example and wear black inner layering, which will not easily expose the shortcomings of their figure.

Liu Xiaoqing really refuses to accept old age. She looks so eye-catching when she wears a white T-shirt and red underpants. She changes her hair to short hair that makes her look younger and younger. T-shirts are not only rich in stylesRich, there are countless items that can be matched with it. You can wear it with any pair of jeans to look fashionable. If you want to wear it with personal charm, you need to put a lot of thought into it. I personally prefer the combination of T-shirt + jeans. It is refreshing and neat. You guys Woolen cloth?

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