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Do you really know how to wear 1+1 T-shirts (each set is different)

It is said that T-shirts are too bad to be worn on the street, and it is difficult to wear them with new ideas, but it is still the most photographed item every summer. No matter how many new items are derived …

It is said that T-shirts are too bad to be worn on the street, and it is difficult to wear them with new ideas, but it is still the most photographed item every summer. No matter how many new items are derived from the fashion industry, T-shirt T-shirts always have a place. In fact, it is not difficult to wear T-shirts with a sense of fashion. In addition to matching, the wearing method is also a breakthrough point. In the past two years, the “1+1” wearing method has become very popular in the fashion industry, which not only breaks the monotony but also To make the look more attractive, Yuan Shanshan is very good at this. She can easily play new tricks with T-shirts. Each set is unique. Come and learn.

The so-called “1+1” wearing method is actually layering. Pairing different styles of items together can get rid of the monotony of the style and enrich the look. The overall sense of layering and the utilization rate of single products have also been improved. It is a way of dressing that is very popular among fashionable people nowadays. Common T-shirts are layered and have a long and short T shape. You can put one directly inside the short-sleeved T. The long-sleeved T-shirt highlights the sense of layering. Yuan Shanshan’s look is an example of this. The white T-shirt with black long-sleeve inner layer is simple, durable and sun-protective. It is more fashionable and individual than ordinary sun-protective clothing.

When trying to layer a look, you should pay attention to the looseness between the items and try to achieve a combination of elasticity and tightness. The inner item is the best Choose a slim-fitting style to avoid a bloated look due to a large proportion of wear. This way, the look will be much neater and neater. Secondly, it is best to differentiate the colors of the items. Although the same color series looks high-end, it is too monotonous and the layering is not distinct enough. Yuan Shanshan handles this very well. The slim-fitting black inner layer contrasts sharply with the loose white T. She neither feels tight nor worries about over-expansion of the style.

The white T-shirt with a simple design is not highly recognizable, but it can play a very good role as a foil and match any style of item without any sense of violation. If you want to make your look more eye-catching, you might as well choose a more designed inner wear. Printed items are a good choice. The originally bland and ordinary look becomes much more fashionable with the embellishment of printing. Although the inner outfit of Yuan Shanshan’s look is not printed, she added printed sleeves as decoration, which also brings embellishment to the look, making it visually not too monotonous.

The cool suspender skirt is a must-have item for many girls in summer. It creates a sexy and eye-catching look, making it easy to turn heads when going out. , but for girls who wear conservative styles, suspender skirts are too revealing, are very picky about body conditions, and are easy to be exposed. It is difficult to control. It is not difficult to solve the problem of suspender skirts being exposed. Just follow Yuan Shanshan’s example of layering a skirt under the skirt. A T-shirt is enough. Although it is a little less sexy, it is more delicate and sweet. It can also cover up the shortcomings of the figure. The white + green color scheme is so refreshing and eye-catching.

In the past two years, the trend of “wearing underwear outside” has become popular in the fashion industry, breaking the traditional way of wearing underwear and giving items a more alternative fashion aesthetic. Although this style is bold, it is eye-catching. You can wear it with a sexy charm without revealing half of your figure. The versatile white T is one of the best partners for underwear and outer wear. A simple combination can interpret the unique charm of women, and Yuan Shanshan has challenged this look before. She wears a white T-shirt and black underwear, which is full of the sexy style of a little woman. She wears red lips and wears a high ponytail.

Although wearing underwear outside is very attractive, it is not suitable for daily styling and tends to give people a pretentious and exaggerated look. The look of a dress + T-shirt is more suitable. Really wearable, the sweetness of the dress can just make up for the overly neutral design of the T-shirt, making the look more feminine. Moreover, some dresses are loose in shape, and the waistline is not properly handled, making it easy to wear them in a lower proportion. To create a “dwarf” look, you can knot the hems of stacked T-shirts like Yuan Shanshan, and easily raise the waistline to create a tall look.

Many people think that a vest is a very “tasteless” item. It is not warm enough when it is cold and cannot be worn when it is hot, especially for For southern girls, it seems that there are only two seasons in a year: summer and winter, so they are not useful at all. In fact, vests are very suitable for concave shapes. If used properly, they can add points to the style. A white T-shirt is boring when worn alone, but paired with a vest, it is a bit cooler. For a cool look, if you want to be more fashionable, you can try a vest with unique fabrics. For example, a leather vest is very cool and can be combined with a white T-shirt to give you the aura of a motorcycle girl.

How do you really wear a 1+1 T-shirt? Will you? Follow Yuan Shanshan and learn from it. Each set is different. T-shirts are the staple item of summer wear. Basically, everyone has a few must-haves. If you want to use them to show your personal charm, you still need to put more thought and learn from them. The dressing skills of fashionable people can also help improve their own clothing. The “1+1” dressing method is not only suitable for T-shirts, but also has good effects when used in shirts, sweaters and other items. What do you think of Yuan Shanshan? Which T-shirt looks best?

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