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Big T-shirt and bodybuilding pants are youthful and age-reducing (who would believe that she is 47 years old)

Women’s appearance will gradually become vicissitudes and aging as they age. If you want to reduce your sense of age, in addition to relying on acquired care, you must also pay attention to physical exerc…

Women’s appearance will gradually become vicissitudes and aging as they age. If you want to reduce your sense of age, in addition to relying on acquired care, you must also pay attention to physical exercise, so that I always keep myself in a youthful state, and secondly, I also need to know how to use my strengths and avoid weaknesses when it comes to dressing, and show my youthful vitality through age-reducing style. Like Li Bingbing, she takes good care of herself. She has an impeccable figure as she insists on doing yoga exercises all year round. A big T-shirt and bodybuilding pants make her look youthful and age-reducing when she walks to the airport. She is in excellent condition. Who would believe her if she says she is 47 years old?

Oversize T-shirt is extremely tolerant to the body shape. No matter how much fat you have, it can easily hide the slenderness and give people a sense of slenderness. From a human perspective, an overly long hem can cover up the shortcomings of fake hip width, and the optimization of the overall proportions is quite good. If you don’t want to match something too complicated, choose a simple design. Even if it has printed decorations, remember not to be too flattering. Fancy, appropriate decoration is enough to break the monotony. Li Bingbing’s big T-shirt is white as the base color, with a black cartoon print design on the front, which is cute and playful.

Oversize items are affected by the shape of the waistline and the waistline is blurred. The wide body can easily weigh on the body. Petite girls should pay attention to the waistline when wearing it. For line details, try to highlight the waistline by tucking in clothes, tying knots or adding belts. Otherwise, no matter how tall you are, there is a risk of lowering the proportions. Li Bingbing did not deliberately highlight the waistline in this look. Her 166CM figure is not petite. However, the waist bag on the side virtually marks the waistline position, which just solves the problem of unclear waistline. The whole person does not look very short and fat.

Oversize T-shirt is a loose item. According to the dressing technique of combining elasticity and tightness, it will be more layered when paired with slim-fitting bottoms, and the style will not be cumbersome. With procrastination, the overall dressing effect is also better. The fitness pants that are very popular this year are a good choice. The smooth and seamless line design fully shows off the beautiful legs of Jimei people, which brings maximum bonus points to the style. I love yoga. Li Bingbing’s beautiful legs are slender and straight. Wearing bodybuilding pants can just bring out the advantages of her figure. This figure is rare among her peers.

T-shirt + bodybuilding pants is a very trendy personality, but not everyone can wear it. For example, people with thick legs cannot wear bodybuilding pants. Pull out the fat on your legs to create a “lotus leg” look, which makes people laugh and feel embarrassed. If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it on. Changing bodybuilding pants into wide-leg pants is comfortable and comfortable, and it will not expose the shortcomings of the figure. Simple and casual outfits feel more down-to-earth, as is Li Bingbing’s look. The white letter T paired with black wide-leg pants is simple, elegant and eye-catching. The striped design makes the legs longer.

T-shirt + wide-leg pants have the highest appearance rate among celebrities with thick legs. Wide-leg pants, known as the “leg slimming tool”, are extremely tolerant to leg shapes. , No matter how thick the legs are, they can become slimmer with the modification of wide trousers. No matter the color is dark or light, the slimming effect is not much different. In summer, it is recommended to choose light-colored wide-leg trousers, which will be more refreshing and cool, and the shape will not look dull and heavy. If you are really worried that light colors will make you look fat, choose a style with a wide fabric, which has strong drape and will not be soft and close to the body. Like Li Bingbing’s wide-leg pants are made of suit fabrics, which are soft and stiff.

There are countless choices for T-shirt bottoms, which are generally divided into two categories: trousers and skirts. The trousers include wide-leg pants and jeans. The most popular, skirts are indispensable with denim skirts, which are cooler than jeans and have a maximum age-reducing effect. T-shirt + denim skirt is a very girly combination. Different skirt lengths will change the style. Denim The short skirt is cute and sweet, while the long denim skirt is fresh and elegant. Li Bingbing wears a basic white T-shirt with a long denim skirt that is gentle but energetic. The straight + slit design reduces the restraint of the long skirt, making it fashionable and sexy.

Small girls still have the advantage of choosing short skirts. Long skirts without slits are easy to weigh on the body, and the shape will also look cumbersome, and the length is Vibrant short skirts are better than long skirts, but you should pay attention to the bottoming measures to reduce the risk of exposure. It is safest to layer safety pants. For a more fashionable look, you can refer to the “safety pants exposed” wearing method and choose a pair with a sense of design. Matching the bottoms will make it more eye-catching. Li Bingbing is very energetic in a black T-shirt and a white skirt. However, the waistline is not properly handled and it feels not neat enough to make her look taller.

Li Bingbing successfully “pretended to be young” at the airport. She wore a big T-shirt and bodybuilding pants to look youthful and look younger. Who would believe that she is 47 years old? There are a lot of clothing choices for women in summer, but they are still relatively few for middle-aged women. Basic T-shirts happen to be one of them. In order to make the look more textured, you should pay attention to the texture of the fabric when choosing a style, as it is easy to deform and wrinkle. Just pass on Baba’s. Not only do they have no texture, they are also very cheap and low-end, which makes people feel casual and sloppy. Try to use high-quality fabrics to make it easier to highlight good clothes.

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