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Wearing a large-size T-shirt makes you look strong (pair it with shorts to make your body look slimmer in seconds)

The bottoms available for women to choose from are roughly divided into two types: skirts and trousers. Compared with the former, trousers have a neater shape. If you know how to adjust the shape of your legs, …

The bottoms available for women to choose from are roughly divided into two types: skirts and trousers. Compared with the former, trousers have a neater shape. If you know how to adjust the shape of your legs, By “prescribing the right medicine” and choosing the right style, its effect in modifying the shape of the legs is also better than that of skirts, and it is suitable for women of different body types. For example, He Jie wore a pair of shorts for her airport look, but she didn’t choose the right style. When paired with a large-size T-shirt, she looked strong and tall, and the overall proportions looked like she was 55.

It is said that fat girls have no connection with shorts, but in fact, as long as you avoid shorts that are too slim or too loose when choosing styles For single items, give priority to straight-leg shorts, which can use the same-width top and bottom design to perfect your leg shape. If the style is enhanced with a high waistline, you can also wear it to hide your body and look slimmer and taller. He Jie’s look is a negative example. The shorts are too wide, giving the illusion of widening the legs. In addition, the waistline is not clearly defined, making her appear short and fat, making her look like she’s five or five in a second. body.

The combination of “wide at the top and wide at the bottom” is a mistake that many fat girls often make when dressing. Wearing separate items together can better hide the flesh, but the effect is often counterproductive. After all, the fluffier the style, the easier it is to cause visual expansion, making the entire body look stronger and burlier. For example, He Jie wore a large-size T-shirt with wide-leg shorts for this airport look, but it could not hide her fat figure. She should choose a “wider at the top and narrower at the bottom” style of dressing to appropriately reduce the fluffiness of the shape and make it more visible. thin.

Black items have the color compatibility of black, so you can “let go” appropriately when matching and choose to combine it with clothing with beautiful colors. , it can not only increase the highlights of the style, but also not easily produce a visual impact. It is easy to wear a fashionable and eye-catching look. Although He Jie chose the wrong style for her outfit, there was still no problem with the color matching. She chose a brick red T-shirt paired with black shorts, which was both casual and visually interesting.

He Jie’s figure has always been between fat and slightly fat. There is a risk of making mistakes when wearing many types of shorts. In addition to the fact that shorts that are too wide will make you look fat, styles with high color saturation will also bring about a sense of visual expansion, especially white shorts, which are bright and reflective and can easily widen your legs as soon as you wear them. , Girls with fat legs should not try it. He Jie’s look is overturned. She chose white shorts and paired them with single shoes that are high enough to cover the ankles. The length of her legs has been shortened, and the proportions of her entire body have become much worse.

Girls with fat legs want to wear shorts to look slimmer. In fact, they don’t necessarily have to focus on the choice of shorts. They can choose shoes. For this reason, choose high boots that are above the knee length. The silhouette slightly fits the skin of the legs. You can easily make your legs slimmer and straighter, while hiding all the fat on your legs. They look good and fashionable. He Jie’s look is an example for us. She wears denim shorts with a pair of over-the-knee high-heeled boots. Combined with the pointed shoe design, it can visually extend the leg lines and make the legs more visible. long.

In addition, fat girls can also choose to wear a mid-length jacket to cover their thighs when wearing shorts. , can modify the shape of the legs. On the other hand, it can also add a layered and three-dimensional sense to the shape. However, the premise is that the inner items should be mainly short, or you can directly choose to wear them with the hem tucked into the waist of the pants, so that the waistline can be clearly highlighted. Location. For example, in this event look, He Jie wore a mid-length suit with shorts, which made her look slim but also simple and neat, giving her a strong-female look.

Girls with fatter legs don’t have to insist on wearing shorts. They can try trousers that can better optimize the shape of their legs, especially those that have become very popular in the past two years. The tapered trousers have a loose fit from the waist to the hips, but are also pleated to hide the flesh without making you look fat. The trouser legs are slightly tightened, highlighting only the slimmest part of the leg. ankle. He Jie once appeared on the stage wearing tapered trousers. The combination of pure black color and one-piece style design doubled the slimming effect and saved a lot of matching time.

If you want to say that the trousers that are least suitable for leg shapes in the trousers industry, they must be called straight-leg trousers. Its straight-leg pants design can make up for the problems of curvy and fat legs, but it is not as fluffy as wide-leg pants. As long as it has a high waistline, it can lengthen and perfect the leg shape, making it more than a little slimmer. . The type of trousers worn by He Jie in this look are straight-leg trousers. The one-piece style is embellished with silver-white buttons on the waist, which can avoid blurring the proportions and highlight the sophistication of the look.

He Jie is so fat that he is out of control? Wearing an oversized T-shirt can’t hide your fat figure. Pair it with shorts to instantly transform your look. Fat girls should pay more attention to the selection of shoes and tops when wearing shorts. Simple matching can achieve the effect of slimming. Of course, you can also directly choose to wear trousers for better control.

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