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Wearing a T-shirt and shorts to reduce age casually (looks like an 18-year-old girl)

“Age” is a very sensitive topic for many women, especially for female stars, who often have to be exposed to the camera, especially to make themselves visible. She looks a little younger than her ac…

“Age” is a very sensitive topic for many women, especially for female stars, who often have to be exposed to the camera, especially to make themselves visible. She looks a little younger than her actual age, but she does her best on skin care and “how to dress to reduce age.” Yang Mi is the “originator” of the beauty industry. This time she also set an example for us. The T-shirt and plaid shorts are casual and age-reducing, and paired with a baseball cap, she looks like an 18-year-old girl.

The plaid element has always had a high status in the fashion circle. It can be seen in basically every quarter’s fashion week. Its simple plaid Patterns can highlight different fashion senses by changing the size and color. The integration with single products can also increase the retro street attributes of clothing. It is one of the design elements that is easier to control but not outdated. For example, the shorts Yang Mi wore this time were embellished with contrasting plaid patterns and paired with a casual black T-shirt. The entire look was simple and age-reducing, instantly making her look like she was 18 years old again.

To create an eye-catching and unobtrusive look, the key is to learn to “combine traditional and simple” in dressing. For example, if you wear For an item embellished with fashion elements, you should be simple when matching it. Try to choose clothes with basic colors or simple styles to coordinate the whole outfit. After all, it is enough for a look to have one highlight. For example, Yang Mi has achieved this with her look. She wears a pair of plaid shorts and a black T-shirt. The whole look is eye-catching but not fancy. She also puts on sports running shoes, which is full of fashion.

To create a girlish look, you can not only work hard on your outfit and choose the right hairstyle, but it can also bring about a certain age-reducing effect. Like recent Wool curls, which have been popular in the past two years, are very helpful in highlighting the girlish charm. They can not only soften the facial contours through curvy hair, but also create fluffiness and reveal more hair volume, which is very suitable for celebrities with small hair. . For Yang Mi’s look, she permed a woolen roll and paired it with a black baseball cap, instantly reducing her age by more than 10 years. She looked like an 18-year-old girl.

Yang Mi has always maintained her figure very well. No matter what style of shorts she challenges, she never makes any mistakes. As fashionable and versatile as plaid shorts, there are also striped shorts. The pattern design is mainly based on lines, which can retain simplicity while adding layering to the item. If you choose the style with vertical stripes , and can also visually produce the effect of straightening the legs. For example, the shorts Yang Mi is wearing are vertical striped shorts. Combined with a straight-cut design, they not only make the legs straight but also appear slim.

Denim shorts appear more frequently in women’s daily wear than other shorts, but the more common the item is, the more likely it is to be found in the street. If you want to dress differently from others, you don’t actually need to spend too much time choosing a style. As long as you learn to “wear it backwards”, you can change the look of the item through a unique way of wearing it and sew the inside. The lines and pockets are displayed, which is trendy and interesting. For example, Yang Mi once wore denim shorts inside out. Even if paired with an ordinary white T-shirt, the whole look still looks sexy and has a bit of street style.

Denim shorts already have an age-reducing effect. If you want to maximize this advantage, you are right to choose denim overalls shorts. As a single item often worn by students, its combination with denim fabric can create a youthful and energetic atmosphere, bringing you back to your school days. There are no limitations in matching it. Basic T-shirts, suspenders, and shirts can be used. Yang Mi wore a pair of denim suspender shorts, small leather boots and striped mid-calf socks, which gave her a girly look. Who would believe her if she was born in the 1980s?

Shorts made of different fabrics also have certain differences in style positioning. For example, denim shorts are more street style, while leather shorts are more cool and handsome. , is a trousers item with a strong style attribute, and is also picky about the wearer’s figure. It is more suitable for girls with thin legs to wear, so as not to stretch out the fat. However, girls can also reduce the difficulty of wearing leather shorts by choosing styles. For example, choose the straight leather shorts worn by Yang Mi, which are not too tight and can also modify the leg lines.

Like leather shorts, there are also “cycling shorts” that are suitable for your body type. The length of the pants is 4-5cm above the knees and the shape of the pants is close to the body. Only if you have problems with wide hips and thick thighs, you will feel like wearing them once you put them on. It is exposed without reservation and is more suitable for girls with thin legs and straight legs. For example, Yang Mi is very suitable to wear “cycling shorts”. Not only does she not look fat, but it also shows off the advantages of her leg shape. Simply paired with a pink sweater, it is fashionable and somewhat girlish.

Yang Mi is the “originator” of the cosplay industry! Wearing a T-shirt and shorts to reduce age casually, she looks like an 18-year-old girl. Girls with good figures can wear more shorts to show off their figure advantages in their daily outfits. Occasionally, they can also try some new and fashionable styles to make their look more fashionable.

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