Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Follow Liu Wen’s lead and get these styles (it’s also very high-end when paired with a white T-shirt)

Follow Liu Wen’s lead and get these styles (it’s also very high-end when paired with a white T-shirt)

Although the temperature in the south is still hot in summer, it has begun to get cooler in some places in the north, gradually entering the early autumn stage. Dressing during the season change is also quite a…

Although the temperature in the south is still hot in summer, it has begun to get cooler in some places in the north, gradually entering the early autumn stage. Dressing during the season change is also quite a headache, and many A sweltering restraint will make you catch cold easily if you wear it too little. This is where the coat comes in. A moderately thick coat can not only cope with temperature changes, but also enrich the style. However, there are many styles of coats. Which ones are the most versatile? How about putting it on? I followed Liu Wen and bought these styles. They are also very high-end when paired with white T-shirts. They are simple, fashionable and elegant.

Denim jackets are youthful and age-reducing. The classic and simple style will not be eliminated by fashion no matter how much time goes by. It is an existence that is durable and easy to go out of style. It complements all kinds of inner wear combinations, creating a handsome and trendy look, which can better show the unrestrained and unrestrained side of girls. Since denim fabrics are not very elastic, be careful not to be too slim when choosing styles, and try to leave as much room for inner wear as possible. There is enough space to avoid tightness. Liu Wen wore a denim jacket when walking to the airport this time. The washed denim fabric is refreshing, neat and casual.

The basic white T-shirt is very versatile, and the minimalist design can easily hold various combinations without any sense of disharmony. It is suitable for almost everyone We all have this item in our wardrobes, it’s very bad, but it’s undeniable that the basic white T-shirt is really eye-catching, fresh and elegant when worn alone, and it can also play a very good role as an inner layer, helping to highlight the key points of the look. Liu Wen’s style is highly utilized. This single item is still indispensable for this airport outfit. The round neck design is low-key, simple and unobtrusive. The style is loose, slim and casual, and it is very cheerful and elegant.

Basic white T is not difficult to match. As one of the basic colors, it is highly compatible with other colors, even if the color saturation is off. It can also be matched well with high bright colors without looking out of place, but the most classic combination is undoubtedly the black and white look. Both are basic colors and can be worn no matter how you wear them. One dark and one light form a sharp contrast, although there is no bright color. The style is so visually impactful, but it feels more textured. Liu Wen’s look is mainly white + black. A pure white T-shirt paired with black pants is relaxed and comfortable.

The denim jacket is very wide due to the fabric, and it can modify the body line very well, but the fabric that is too stiff can also easily cause a sense of restraint. If the fit is slightly slimmer, it will be too tight. This is an inevitable problem with denim jackets. If you want to wear it more relaxedly, a knitted jacket would be a good choice. It is soft, elastic and does not abrade the skin. Among them, the fine stitch style It has a better slimming effect and is also the most popular design among knitted sweaters. Liu Wen wears a white T-shirt with a knitted cardigan that is gentle and intellectual. The grass green color is fresh and naturally whitening the skin.

The reason why the thick stitch style in the knitted jacket looks fat is that the fluffy feeling of the item is obvious, and it is a bit bloated visually. If the pattern is too large, If it is wider, it will increase the sense of volume, and the effect of wearing it will naturally be bloated. Therefore, you must control the knitted jacket with thick stitches. When choosing a style, you must pay attention to the pattern design. It should not be too loose or itself. Just the right amount of looseness brings about The slimming effect will be doubled. Although Liu Wen’s green knitted jacket has thick stitches, the longer version extends the body line without affecting the proportions.

Xiaoxiangfeng items focus on elegance and temperament. The neat cuts and smooth lines interpret the intellectual charm of mature women. Xiaoxiangfeng suits are the most common ones. The style, the overall design is intellectual, generous and temperamental, but it is a bit too mature for young girls. Improper handling will make it look old-fashioned and stereotyped. It is recommended to start with a small fragrant jacket and use matching to reduce the sense of maturity, like Liu Wen This look is an example. The white printed small fragrant jacket paired with a white T-shirt is decent and elegant without being too formal. The short version makes you look taller.

When it comes to formality, we have to mention suits. As the most dignified and elegant style of jackets, they bring you an OL aura when you wear them. People become more confident and capable. As long as they are paired with casual-style items, they will not appear rigid and dull. It can not only weaken the sense of professionalism, but also make people feel more friendly. To further highlight the sense of leisure, you can choose element suits. The overall look The fashion sense is also richer. Liu Wen wears a white T-shirt with a plaid suit, which is very retro and artistic. The wide version shows a big woman-like figure.On the occasion, mixed and matched jeans are full of personality.

The more early autumn coats you buy, the better they look. Follow Liu Wen’s lead and buy these styles, which are also very high-end when paired with a white T-shirt. Jackets are a must-have item during the changing seasons. There are countless styles that provide girls with a wide range of choices. If you want to improve the utilization rate of single products, it is recommended to choose styles with simple designs, which are easy to match and can withstand the test of time. They will not just Wearing it for one season and then throwing it away can also free up more space in the wardrobe and avoid waste. Jackets like these from Liu Wen are suitable for different occasions. Their styles are versatile and versatile, so they are worth buying.

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