Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Innovation + commerciality, EcoCosy® BV·2021 China Fashion Fabric Design Competition shines in Keqiao

Innovation + commerciality, EcoCosy® BV·2021 China Fashion Fabric Design Competition shines in Keqiao

On October 26, the award ceremony of EcoCosy® BV·2021 China Fashion Fabric Design Competition was held in Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang. The organizer awarded three comprehensive awards: gold, silver and bronze, a…

On October 26, the award ceremony of EcoCosy® BV·2021 China Fashion Fabric Design Competition was held in Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang. The organizer awarded three comprehensive awards: gold, silver and bronze, as well as the Fashion Color Award, Innovation Technology Award, EcoCosy® BV Market Application Award, Lyocell Market Application Award, and EcoCosy® Yarn Partner Innovation Award. . There were 347 companies participating in this competition, and nearly 2,400 pieces of fabrics participated in the evaluation. A number of outstanding products representing the fashion level of the industry emerged from them, and the results were quite fruitful.

The winning products are highlighted

The “China Fashion Fabric Design Competition” has been held since 2017 Held over the years, it has injected product development concepts guided by fashion trends and market demand into the industry, promoted fashion innovation of textile products based on cultural value, aesthetic value, technical value and commercial value, and played an important role in enhancing the industry’s fashion discourse.

The award-winning products in this competition have many highlights and are remarkable in product development such as fashion creativity, technological innovation and green design. For example, the gold medal product – “Secret Legend” of Hangzhou Wanshili Silk Technology Co., Ltd. uses new environmentally friendly printing and dyeing technology to simulate the appearance of Xiangyun yarn. It perfectly combines the natural jungle landscape printing process with the exquisite flower jacquard process while enhancing the overall sense of layering. and three-dimensional transparency. It has been widely praised for its fashionability and market application value.

The “Côte d’Azur” from Ningbo Weiyi Plush Co., Ltd. uses shearing technology and imitation tie-dye effects to combine tradition and fashion, highlighting the plush Outerwear trends. The “Cloud Window Fog Pavilion” promoted by Lanzhou Sanmao Industrial Co., Ltd. uses natural raw materials such as merino wool, organic cotton and ramie. It uses window lattice as inspiration to change the classic pattern, and adopts a loose structure and perforated tissue to form a light and crisp feel. , while creating an exquisite business and casual style, it also adds the environmental attributes and quality of the product.

The “Four-Dimensional Aurora” designed by Shanghai Saite Silk Import and Export Co., Ltd. won the Fashion Color Award in this competition. The fabric uses digital printing technology and applies this season’s popular trend colors of flame red and vibrant blue, creating a perfect transition between the two colors. The material selection uses cotton and Sorona blended high-count yarn, which gives the product a delicate, light and comfortable style, fully demonstrating the product’s novel and harmonious colors and unique design highlights.

The Innovation Technology Award of this competition was won by “Senyue Heartbeat” of Dongguan Deyongjia Textile and Garment Co., Ltd. The product uses EcoCosy 100s high-count yarn, which is woven with double-sided 40-needle high-density to form a skin-friendly and smooth feel. It is interwoven with nylon to increase the dimensional stability of the product, which fully reflects the breakthrough and innovation in process design.

Development of environmentally friendly fiber color-enhancing products

As the world’s leading producer of regenerated cellulose fiber As a commercial enterprise and a national regenerated cellulose fiber product development base, Sateri has always regarded sustainable development as the lifeline of the enterprise and has long been committed to promoting collaborative innovation in the entire industry chain from the source of fiber. The competition has cooperated with Sateri for three consecutive years, and has successively established EcoCosy Series Awards and Lyocell Market Application Awards, further promoting the fashionable and innovative application of sustainable raw materials in the development of textile products.

According to the person in charge of the organizer, among the participating products this year, products with environmental protection attributes accounted for 22% of the total, and products with environmental certification accounted for 21% of the total. %, in terms of functional applications, environmental friendliness and antibacterial function top the list.

Among the products submitted for the EcoCosy® BV Market Application Award, fabrics blended with a variety of raw materials and EcoCosy® series fibers can be seen. The performance in terms of feel, texture, color, style, function, etc. is very eye-catching and easy to market. Among them, the “Nostalgic City” recommended by Guangdong Yitong Textile Technology Co., Ltd. uses the combination of EcoCosy® BV fiber, EcoCosy® Antaibei antibacterial fiber and acrylic fiber to give the product a wool-like effect, which is close-fitting and comfortable while also having a The antibacterial effect makes Eukes autumn and winter products have both warmth retention and functionality. Wujiang Piaoyi Textile Co., Ltd.’s “Dead Tree Blooms” uses spiral structure T8 elastic polyester and environmentally friendly EcoCosy® BV fiber to blend it to obtain a new type of fabric that is both skin-friendly and anti-wrinkle. It combines the laminating process while emphasizing the stiffness of the fabric. The product has a dense structure and is easy to maintain, giving it excellent market application and promotion potential in the field of outdoor light sports. Wuxi Xialida Textile Technology Co., Ltd.’s “Water Flow” uses bio-based material sorona and environmentally friendly functional viscose EcoCos® Antaibe antibacterial fiber, giving the product excellent environmental properties, antibacterial functions and comfortable feel. Hangzhou Minghe Silk Co., Ltd.’s “Castle Travel Notes” combines EcoCosy® BV fiber with mulberry silk, and combines the product’s smooth and dense texture to present an excellent drape and quality feel.

“In recent years, Sateri’s product lines have become more and more abundant. EcoCosy® series products include BV customized quality fiber and Antaibei® antibacterial fiber. As well as Jingcai liquid dyed fiber; Finex fiber generation™ pioneered the use of cutting scraps and recycled clothing in the garment making process as raw materials, using the industry’s advanced cellulose recycling technology to form new fibers and realize the recycling of resources. .” Huang Wei, vice president of commercial affairs at Sateri, said that Sateri is building on the existing series of EcoCosy® regenerated cellulose fibers.��Continuously optimizing and innovating, this year also launched a new completely green closed-loop production of Lyocell cellulose fiber. After more than a year of hard work and hard work, the application and production of Lyocell cellulose fiber have also become mature. Through cooperation with downstream industry partners, very fruitful developments have been made in many application fields.

In the Lyocell Market Application Award of this competition, winners from Beijiang Zhilian Textile Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Weierviduo Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Green The award-winning products of Jin Textile Technology Co., Ltd. and Lutai Textile Co., Ltd. have taken full advantage of the excellent softness and hygroscopicity of lyocell fiber in product development, expanding the functionality of the fabric while also improving product quality, making it More market competitiveness.

Through three consecutive years of cooperation and efforts with Keqiao and Sateri, the competition platform has discovered a large number of fashionable, innovative and commercial products. High quality fabric products. “In the future, our three parties will continue to jointly promote enterprises to establish technology-driven, culturally guided, and responsibility-oriented product development and innovation models from multiple levels such as industry platforms, industrial resources, and fiber sources, and promote the value realization of fashion creative design results.” Competition The relevant person in charge said that based on consensus and close cooperation, the China Textile Information Center, Keqiao and Sateri jointly injected sustainable fashion innovative product development concepts and industry into the event from the three levels of industry platform, industrial resources and fiber sources. The support of favorable policies and the support of green ecological innovative technologies have further promoted the fashion transformation and sustainable development of China’s textile industry.


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