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Recent new features of fabric sales in Shengze market

[168TEX News] Spring has arrived, and the temperature has warmed up, which has caused a significant impact on fabric procurement and terminal apparel consumption. The purchase of some medium-thick fabrics such …

[168TEX News] Spring has arrived, and the temperature has warmed up, which has caused a significant impact on fabric procurement and terminal apparel consumption. The purchase of some medium-thick fabrics such as velvet fabrics is gradually becoming scarce, while light and thin fabrics are becoming increasingly popular in the market. When you go to the market, many manufacturers have put out supply lists for fabrics commonly used in spring and summer, such as chiffon, peach skin, Huayao, satin and organza. New fabrics are also emerging one after another and are active in the market.
The author learned from the market that the current shipment volume of oblique peaches and flat peaches in the peach skin series on the market is still good, which can be described as busy. They are mainly purchased to make some casual wear, beach pants and other textile clothing. We learned from Wujiang Huali Textile Factory that plain peach skin velvet is now shipped well, with more orders and large stock volume. For example, a plain peach skin velvet with a longitude and latitude of 75D*150D, a density of 147*80, a gray cloth weight of 110 grams, and a width of 150cm is currently quoted at 3 yuan per meter, while the price of the same specification of oblique peach is slightly higher, 0.15 more expensive -0.2 yuan. Overall, the sales of peach skin series are good. Among the chiffon fabrics, 100D chiffon, 75D chiffon and 50D chiffon have good sales. Among them, the price of 28 yarns of 50D is 3.1 yuan, the price of 27 yarns of 75D is 3.3 yuan, and the price of 18 yarns of 100D is 3.1 yuan. The quoted price is around 2.6 yuan.
We learned from Wujiang Asia-Pacific Weaving Factory that domestic sales are now getting warmer, and fabric purchases are more frequent in spring and summer. Its sales manager said that the current sales situation of nylon four-way elastic is good, and downstream customers are purchasing more. The product has a smooth and fine texture, is soft and durable, and has good breathability. These features are mainly used to make downstream trousers, swimwear, casual wear and other textile garments. The fabrics are now mainly sold to Shaoxing, Guangdong and other regions. At the same time, manufacturers also reported that filament factories and weaving factories are currently fully operational to cope with smoother procurement.
In addition, demand highlights for specialty products are also emerging. For example, the demand for satin is also increasing. Some high-end elastic satin can be made into textile clothing such as trousers and windbreakers. Its weaving process is also relatively complex and it is a satin weave fabric. In terms of price, according to the Wujiang Xin’an Weaving Manufacturer’s report, the current ex-factory price of satin with a longitude and weft of 150*300 and a yarn count of 52*24 is around 4.8 yuan. Among spring and summer fabrics, the number of samples of seersucker, a water-jet fabric made of polyester and rayon yarn, is gradually increasing. This fabric is light, soft, and has a soft luster. After dyeing and printing processes, it can be made into fashionable clothes, dresses, wedding dresses, tutu skirts, etc. Nowadays, Wujiang Dingzhi nylon quoted 3.78 yuan per meter for this fabric. Zojima, which can be used to make women’s fashion and skirts in spring and summer, is also performing well in the fabric market. One of them is 50D+50D composite yarn*50D +50D composite yarn with 13 twists and a density of 13*4*26 Shuttle, width 162cm, weight 202 grams Zuoji hemp is now quoted by Wujiang Fuqiang Textile at 4.50 yuan per meter. The fabric is light and transparent, feels soft, has a light and elegant appearance, has good breathability and drape, is elegant and comfortable to wear, and can be worn as an upper body, which is both charming, solemn and elegant.
Generally speaking, the temperature in the province has warmed up significantly recently, and spring has arrived early in many places. Spring and summer clothing in the terminal market have begun to be sold, which has also promoted the procurement and sales of the upstream fabric market. In addition, climate scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced earlier that 2015 may become the hottest year on record due to the return of the El Niño event. Changes in climate may also affect the sales cycle and length of summer clothing and fabrics. In addition to paying attention to changes in the overall economic environment, weaving companies must not ignore the impact of changing factors such as climate on the textile industry.

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