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2022 Thermal Underwear Development Trend Insight Report Composite Fabric Information

Recently, TMIC, Tmall Underwear, Tmall Super Category Day, and Chenyue Technology jointly released the “2022 Thermal Underwear Category Insight Report”. This report focuses on the thermal underwear …

Recently, TMIC, Tmall Underwear, Tmall Super Category Day, and Chenyue Technology jointly released the “2022 Thermal Underwear Category Insight Report”. This report focuses on the thermal underwear category and explores category development trends and analyzes product development. context to provide corresponding guidance for marketing.

From a macro perspective, the entire textile and apparel industry will undergo industrial upgrading around the application of intelligent manufacturing and material innovation. Focusing on the category of thermal underwear, it will gradually grow with the development of the underwear industry, and show three increasingly obvious trends: evolution of wearing scenes, upgrading of category consumption, and reshaping of the competitive landscape.

Judging from the development history of thermal underwear, its trend is gradually developing in the direction of multi-scene extension and diversified wear.

To three Based on the overall trend of the category, the following suggestions are made:
Responding to trend one: the evolution of wearing scenes, tops and vests have more potential. You can create multi-scenario and new-scenario products for tops and vests to seize consumers’ minds, and at the same time, put tops and vests in a more important position during marketing promotions.
Responding to trend two: Category consumption upgrades, and the mid-to-high-end market has grown significantly. It is necessary to focus on product iteration to match the increasing consumption power of the population; try to conduct product “new” education to increase consumption of thermal insulation categories; when marketing products launched in key price zones, focus on people aged 18-24 and over 50 years old .
Respond to trend three: The competitive landscape is reshaped, with specialty brands and cross-border players occupying a place. Focus on improving the technological attributes of products and creating differentiated perceptions. At the same time, according to the brand’s own situation, use star effect to strengthen brand influence. Due to the blurred category boundaries, thermal underwear can expand into richer scenarios, strengthen scenario guidance, and try to carry out multi-scenario and cross-category dressing education for the product. At the same time, targeted placement of highly relevant products can be carried out to proactively penetrate the category.

The four key groups of major clothing strategies in the thermal underwear category are: trendy people, quality life, mass practicality and high-end fashion; among them, the mass practicality and trendy people are the most important buying groups of thermal underwear, and quality There is still a lot of room for penetration in lifestyle and high-end fashion.
The following suggestions are made regarding the trend of shopping groups:
Key marketing groups: trendy people – singles with purchasing power of L2-L4, quality life – singles with purchasing power of L4-L5, Practical for the general public – people in the parenting stage with purchasing power of L2-L3 and high-end fashion – people in the single stage with purchasing power of L5. It is necessary to focus on improving the brand penetration rate within these four target groups.
Grasp the main needs: Warmth, comfort and wearability are the main needs. Based on the target group, merchants can carry out product series around key needs to form a product matrix, seize users’ minds and strengthen brand recognition.
Category marketing node: In September, we began to build consumers’ stock-hoarding mentality. While seizing the entry points for category purchases, we also paid attention to the difference in marketing rhythm between northern and non-northern regions. In the northern region, we focused on the sustainability of the marketing of the warmth category.
Category usage scenarios: Travel/business trips, daily commuting and home are the main usage scenarios. Merchants need to enrich product usage scenarios and pay attention to the integration of scenarios in terms of visual presentation, grass planting content, etc.
The product development trend will be unfolded from three dimensions: material and fabric trends, style design trends, and segmented track trends. Material innovation is the driving force behind the progress of the apparel industry, and the thermal underwear industry has better control over its innovation direction. Innovations in thermal insulation materials such as breathability/strong moisture absorption/high elasticity are the main development directions.

Among the material and fabric trends, the material trend is specifically reflected in acrylic, silk, wool, and polyester. Fabric trends are specifically reflected in:��Woven fabrics, seamless fabrics, polar fleece, heating fibers.
In terms of style design trends, style details are mainly in ruffles, cardigans, and one-piece styles. The collar type trend is specifically reflected in stand collar, one-line collar, turtleneck and pile collar. Pattern trends are dominated by hearts and leopard prints. Color trends are dominated by dark khakis and browns. The specific weight trend is 180 grams and below, 180 grams-250 grams.

Xiaohongshu, which focuses on fashionable and beautiful women, has a strong grass-roots attribute. It designs communication copy and content tonality based on a female perspective. Douyin has a wide audience, and the most popular social media is mainly video. It needs to pay attention to the diversity of content, try multi-angle communication to increase coverage, and create content based on current hot topics or platforms to attract traffic. Weibo, which emphasizes entertainment and news, is more focused on branding and promotion. You need to pay attention to celebrities and social news trends, and seize hot opportunities.

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