Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Market analysis/glass that is warm in winter and cool in summer

Market analysis/glass that is warm in winter and cool in summer

Market analysis/glass that is warm in winter and cool in summer Market analysis/glass that is warm in winter and cool in summer We may have all had this experience: in the hot summer, due to the obstruction of …

Market analysis/glass that is warm in winter and cool in summer

Market analysis/glass that is warm in winter and cool in summer

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We may have all had this experience: in the hot summer, due to the obstruction of the glass windows, the scorching bright light shining into the room makes people feel like they are stuffed in a steamer, upset and dry; in the freezing cold, the glass windows feel like a thick wall , blocking the warm sunshine outside, making people feel extremely cold indoors. Although the emergence of air conditioning has freed people from the sweltering heat and severe cold, it has added a heavy burden to the already scarce power resources in modern cities, and the red alarm of power crisis is ringing sharply in people’s ears. Can we invent a new product that not only makes people’s lives warm and comfortable, but also saves energy? Scientists have brought good news: British scientists have invented a glass that can act as an air conditioner. It can balance the temperature and make people feel warm in winter and cool in summer indoors.

Why does this kind of glass have such magical powers? According to scientists, its peculiarity lies in the fact that its surface is coated with an ultra-thin layer of material – a mixture of vanadium dioxide and tungsten. When the weather is cold, vanadium dioxide can absorb infrared rays and produce a warming effect, thereby raising the indoor temperature; on the contrary, when the temperature outside the window is too high, the molecules of the two substances bonded together change accordingly and reflect infrared rays, thus causing the temperature to rise. The indoor temperature becomes cooler. In this mysterious coating, the most “intelligent” core is the 2% tungsten contained in it, which can determine whether vanadium dioxide absorbs or dissipates heat.

Speaking of which, you may be fascinated by this magical glass, but it still has some technical “flaws”. There is a thin layer of yellow-brown that looks dirty on its surface, which seriously affects its appearance. How to neutralize this color and make it clean is a difficult problem before people. However, scientists are optimistic about this. They expect that this kind of glass will be available on the market in five years, and the price will not be much higher than the existing ordinary glass.

self-cleaning glass

Things will become stained with dust after being used for a long time, even smooth glass is no exception. Over time, it also needs people to clean it. It is not difficult to wash and wipe small glassware when it is dirty, but wiping exterior window glass is a troublesome chore. Especially for large pieces of glass in high-rise buildings, you may have to ask the aerial “Spider-Man” of a professional cleaning company to clean it, which is cumbersome and dangerous. However, in the near future, you will be able to put aside the inconvenience and danger of wiping glass windows, because American scientists have developed a special glass called “Lotus” that can clean itself with the help of the power of nature.

The reason why “Lotus” can “bath and purify” yourself is that it is made using a special technology and adding special ingredients. Once dirt adheres to the “Lotus”, its surface will generate electron-hole pairs with strong oxidizing ability under the action of sunlight. Immediately afterwards, the electron-hole pairs interact with oxygen and water molecules in the air to produce negative oxygen ions and hydroxyl radicals. In a strong redox reaction, “Lotus” decomposes various organic matter attached to its surface into water and carbon dioxide. Finally, the “Lotus” was baptized by rain, washing away the remaining dirt that fell off its surface, and its clean appearance shone again.

Some people may worry that due to the continuous intense redox reaction, the special substances on the surface of the “Lotus” will gradually disappear, and whether it will turn back into ordinary glass by then. For this reason, scientific researchers explained that this special substance only plays a catalytic role in the entire self-cleaning process and does not lose itself. The coat covered by the “lotus” will never fade.

Waterproof glass

We just talked about the self-cleaning glass “lotus”. Now let’s get to know a kind of glass that doesn’t stick to water like a lotus leaf.

Speaking of lotus leaves, we may all be familiar with them. In summer, it is like a green arrow, standing straight out of the water; it is also like a graceful Lingbo fairy, dancing with the breeze. However, have you noticed that the lotus leaf does not stick to any water? Any water droplets that fall on the lotus leaf will slide down along its smooth leaf surface. This is what people often call the “lotus leaf effect”. However, this effect does not work on glass as smooth as a lotus leaf. If there is dust on ordinary glass, when water flows through it, the dust will absorb these water droplets, and the glass surface will be covered with water droplets. This is why the glass windows are blurred when it rains.

The structure of the magical non-stick glass is not much different from ordinary glass, except that it has an extra layer of high-tech nano-coating on the surface. Don’t underestimate this thin layer of nano-coating. It is a mixture of nano-silica, titanium phosphate compound, and tin oxide. It has the characteristics of super hydrophilic, anti-static, anti-fog, and anti-condensation. The super hydrophilic property is the most incredible. Water will always flow close to the glass surface, and when it encounters dust, it will take the dust away with it, making the entire glass surface water-free.

This kind of glass has a wide range of uses. It brings people’s daily life�In the spray, spray it on the glass and then wipe it, it will be very clean.

3. Add 5% ammonia solution or gasoline to the basin and use it to clean the glass. When the glass is slightly dry, wipe it clean with a dry cloth. The glass will be spotless, bright and transparent. When cleaning the glass, you can choose different models of window cleaners to see whether it is cleaning double-layer glass or single-layer glass. Using a window cleaner is convenient, labor-saving and safe.

4. If there is mold on the glass surface, you can mix hydrofluoric acid (HF) and water in a ratio of 1:8 (note: exceeding 1:8 will cause damage to your hands), wipe the glass, and be sure to do a good job. For corrosion protection work, the skin should not come into contact with HF, otherwise the skin will be seriously corroded. After wiping the glass, wipe it again with clean water, and finally dry the glass.


Since the main component of glass is silica, and silica is difficult to decompose naturally, it will take 1 million years in the natural environment. Therefore, in order to protect the environment, we must pay attention to the use of glass products and have recycling methods Awareness, the energy saved by recycling each glass bottle is enough to power a 100-watt light bulb for 4 hours.

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