Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News A large wave of high-tech fabrics are coming, it’s time to break through your imagination

A large wave of high-tech fabrics are coming, it’s time to break through your imagination

A large wave of high-tech fabrics are coming, it’s time to break through your imagination A wave of high-tech fabrics is coming, it’s time to break through your imagination What does “technological life&#…

A large wave of high-tech fabrics are coming, it’s time to break through your imagination

A wave of high-tech fabrics is coming, it’s time to break through your imagination

What does “technological life” look like to you? Are shirts waterproof, oil-proof and stain-proof? Can clothes heat up automatically? Does the suit at the bottom of the box become as smooth as new with just a shake? Can down jackets regulate humidity and temperature? Can a jacket automatically repair holes in it?

In recent years, with the overall improvement of the quality of China’s textile fabrics, many magical functional fabrics have emerged one after another, and have become the new favorites of domestic and foreign markets.

China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo is currently the world’s largest clothing fabrics and accessories exhibition. Many domestic and foreign companies will choose to display and debut their latest research and development products at the exhibition.

light fiber

Dryarn® is an innovative microfiber developed by Italian exhibitor Aquafil. As the world’s lightest fiber, it offers excellent moisture wicking, breathability, outstanding color and easy care. Dryarn® fiber is very versatile and can be used in the first and second layers of clothing, fashion and sportswear. It performs best when used alone or mixed with other raw materials in high proportions. At this exhibition, Aquafil will exhibit products in three major categories: sportswear, underwear, and denim.

It will also work with its strategic partner Xlance to showcase durable, comfortable and high-performance materials with UV protection, chemical resistance, oil resistance and chlorine resistance.

The era of graphene is coming

Graphene is known as “black gold”, “the king of new materials”, and even as “the magical material that completely changes the 21st century”. After nearly ten years of research, it has been shown that it has extraordinary application potential in many fields such as flexible displays, new energy batteries, supercapacitors, electronic information technology, aerospace technology, biomedicine, and daily necessities. High-strength, highly conductive, ultra-thin and ultra-light all-purpose graphene is changing our lives and will also affect our future.

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At this intertextile autumn and winter fabric accessories exhibition, Shanghai Shenyicheng Textile Co., Ltd. will demonstrate the application of graphene and nanocarbon materials and technologies in fabrics and smart clothing. Sun Jianyou, the company’s general manager, said that the nano-carbon fiber fabrics to be exhibited this time have nano-scale carbon components implanted during the spinning process, and combined with unique spinning and dyeing processes, the fabrics have heat storage and insulation functions. “The market popularity of this product is beyond imagination, with sales exceeding one million meters in a single season.” In addition, Shenyicheng Company has also developed a series of physical therapy protective gear and clothing products using graphene heating yarn, four of which have obtained national patents. .

The new material will also bring a series of graphene film products. Zhang Zirui, chairman of the company, said that the product uses advanced film preparation technology, blending graphene nanopowder into polyurethane material, and using film making equipment to prepare a film with a thickness of 0.12 to 0.15 mm graphene PU transfer film, and then composite it with the fabric. In addition to its own physical indicators, the resulting composite fabric also has thermal storage and warmth preservation, light absorption and heating, far-infrared emission, waterproof, moisture permeable, antibacterial and antibacterial properties, which are beneficial to the human body. Healthy features. Zhang Zirui revealed that many well-known brands have shown great interest in the company’s graphene series products, with current orders ranging from 200,000 to 300,000 meters.

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Not only can it be used in new materials, graphene can also make the “Queen of Fibers” – silk fabrics more effective. Dali Silk (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. will bring silk and graphene interwoven fabrics to this exhibition. Dali Silk Design Manager Ding Yuanyuan introduced that the product combines two materials: silk and graphene.�’s unique properties can achieve low-temperature far-infrared, promote microcirculation, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, moisture absorption and moisture conduction, health care, anti-static, etc.

Night runners are lucky, this product is becoming more and more widely used

In daily life, we can always see traffic police wearing reflective vests on patrol, primary school students wearing reflective school uniforms passing safely, and night runners wearing reflective equipment having a good time… These materials with reflective functions are used in the textile industry Has a wide range of applications. With the gradual improvement of living standards, consumers have more and more demands for personalized clothing. Reflective materials that are both functional and fashionable not only provide users with safety protection, but also give designers unlimited design space.

At this intertextile autumn and winter surface accessories exhibition, Hangzhou Xinghua Reflective Material Co., Ltd. will display its latest research and development of various types of reflective products and their derivatives, safety protection clothing, etc. Qin Heqing, deputy general manager of the company, introduced that Xinghua reflective materials use unique patented coating technology to develop high-brightness reflective chemical fiber cloth, TC cloth; bright silver reflective TC cloth, chemical fiber cloth, elastic cloth, flame-retardant cloth, PU Leather; high-gloss reflective thermal stickers, bright silver reflective thermal stickers; bright reflective TC cloth, chemical fiber cloth, colorful reflective cloth; reflective vests, raincoats, reflective silk, reflective webbing, reflective edge tape, reflective engraving and other types of reflective products, suitable for various fields such as textiles and clothing.

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Qin Heqing also introduced the principle of reflective materials to reporters. These reflective materials all use a kind of magical glass beads. The raw materials are first melted into glass liquid at a very high temperature, and then formed into many glass beads through a special nozzle. Mist droplets automatically form regular spherical shapes under the action of surface tension. After cooling and certain processing, very useful glass beads are formed. “Many reflective materials can be made from glass beads, such as reflective cloth, reflective paint, reflective ink, etc.”

Autumn is here, you need to prepare an instant fleece jacket

The quick-heating fabric is woven with quick-heating yarn. The quick-heating yarn is different from the general heating yarn. The volcanic debris from the volcanic eruption is crushed into nano-sized particles, and the spinneret of known fibers is mixed into the polymer during polymerization. liquid to produce a functional fiber. The fast heating yarn has the functions of moisture absorption, heat generation, heat storage and far infrared rays. Because of its microporous structure, it can quickly heat up and retain heat in a short time. At this intertextile autumn and winter surface accessories exhibition, Kunshan Huayang New Materials Co., Ltd. will display newly developed quick-heat fabrics. Chairman Zhang Zirui introduced that Huayang New Materials has used quick-heating fabric polar fleece single cloth to make fleece jackets, and added windproof, rainproof, and moisture-permeable functions to the quick-heating fabric polar fleece composite series products to create Jackets are widely loved by consumers.

Fast-heating yarn is woven into fabrics. After dyeing, through enhanced waterproofing treatment, it can achieve the effect of direct anti-velvet without coating. It is mainly used to make autumn and winter cold-proof clothing fabrics. It will also be newly unveiled at this exhibition.

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