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Wearing a white T-shirt and jeans still looks like a girl (good looks means willfulness)

Recently, Cao Jun, who plays the male protagonist Chen Xiang in “Lotus Lantern”, appeared in the second season of the reality show “Actors Please Take Your Place”, which caused countless…

Recently, Cao Jun, who plays the male protagonist Chen Xiang in “Lotus Lantern”, appeared in the second season of the reality show “Actors Please Take Your Place”, which caused countless viewers to question the past. She lamented that she was a popular child star, but now she is in an embarrassing situation. Cao Jun, who debuted at the age of 8, has played the protagonists in many classic TV series. I believe that no matter how he lives now, he will still be the “little god” in the eyes of the audiences born in the 80s and 90s.

If you still remember Chen Xiang played by Cao Jun, you will probably not forget Xiaoyu played by Shu Chang. The appearance is sweet, innocent and comfortable, which is very suitable for playing this kind of cute and lively girl character.

The pink style is not only suitable for the character of Xiaoyu, but also very suitable for Shu Chang, a young girl who is not familiar with the world and has never experienced human beings. The dangers and love and hatred in the world. Shu Chang’s superb acting skills vividly interpret the kindness, gentleness and liveliness of the little fox. The girly pink color doesn’t look tacky on Xiaoyu’s body. If we use current words to describe it, it would be nothing more than the four words “vital girl”.

Shuchang’s appearance is very beautiful, and she is still a pure natural beauty. At 33 years old, she still looks girly, and her skin condition does not look middle-aged at all. trend.

Some time ago, the increasingly low-key Shu Chang made a rare appearance, taking advantage of the crisp autumn weather to go fishing with great interest. The sun is just right, the weather is blue, and a box full of fish has been harvested. Shu Chang is still the same girl who makes people feel comfortable. Pair a white T-shirt with jeans and a sun protection jacket for a casual yet sophisticated look. This may only be the willfulness of a good-looking person like Shu Chang, who can wear simple and low-key outfits with a high-end feel.

A white T-shirt with a circle of dark blue and a few blue printed letters embellished in front of the collar, two fresh and age-reducing colors. Together, it increases the richness of the color, making it neither too pure white nor too deep blue.

Even in autumn, remember to wear sun protection. A blue sun protection coat, a black fisherman’s hat, and sunglasses completely wrapped his whole body. Blue and white outfits can only soothe people’s soul. Under the blue sky and green trees, they are fresh and natural. This comfortable outfit not only protects you from the sun, but also helps shape your overall look. Perhaps this is the secret to maintaining fair and delicate skin comfortably. You must be meticulous about sun protection no matter when and where you are.

The most versatile and common jeans and white shoes were chosen for the lower body, closely echoing the T-shirt jacket on the upper body, without unnecessary and complicated color differences. Clean and simple, it makes people feel very comfortable and refreshing. The outfit is full of homey and casual style, which is not much different from ordinary people. It can’t stand up to the comfort and good looks, and can’t stop the sense of high-end and girlishness.

Shuchang is not only good-looking, but also has an almost perfect figure. Wearing a black outfit, she looks like a royal lady. Under the design of high-waisted jeans and a waist-cinching top, her slim waist and long legs are extremely coveted.

The pure black sweater has a tilted chain design. The chain design is very clever. On the one hand, it can increase the metallic feel of the entire outfit. On the other hand, it can add a metallic feel to the whole outfit. In terms of design, the slit at the hem is created to increase the exposure of the top, and with the tight fit, it shows off the small waist, and the tight design shows off the body proportions.

Black is undoubtedly a deep and cool color, but the design of fine knitting and bell cuffs adds a gentle texture, balancing the coolness of black and metal Rusty.

The lower body is matched with a pair of slightly flared black trousers. The slightly flared design of the trouser legs echoes the upper and lower cuffs. Of course, wearing all black would be a bit monotonous. In order to break the dullness, I chose a bright purple small square bag, which has a stronger sense of fashion.

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