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Don’t wear sweatshirts with wide-leg pants (these 4 styles are popular this year)

If there is any single item that can be worn from autumn and winter to spring, it must be a sweatshirt. The thin and thick style is more than enough to cope with the current temperature, and the loose version d…

If there is any single item that can be worn from autumn and winter to spring, it must be a sweatshirt. The thin and thick style is more than enough to cope with the current temperature, and the loose version design can also be worn by women of different body types. Whether worn alone or as an inner layer, it is easy to show off your personality and fashionable street style. In addition, Sweatshirts have their own age-reducing properties. Even if they are worn by older women, they can highlight their vitality and youthfulness.

Sweatshirt + wide-leg pants can be said to be the most common sweater outfit, but the version of the sweatshirt is relatively wide, and the same loose wide-leg pants Wearing leggings and trousers can easily create a “wider top and wider bottom” look, which does not highlight a woman’s body curves and can easily make her appear fatter or shorter. Therefore, if you want to wear something special enough and flattering your figure, you should abandon the sweatshirt and wide-leg pants outfit and try the 4 more popular “sweatshirt styles” this year, which are both slim and fashionable. Many celebrities are wearing them. Wearing it like this.

1. Sweatshirt + skirt

The air in April has become much warmer , there must be many girls who are eager to try it out. They want to show their legs and wear short skirts, but they are worried that they will catch cold easily if they wear too little. At this time, a sweater that is both warm and fashionable can dispel your worries. It can keep your upper body warm without hindering you from showing off your beautiful legs. When Victoria Song walked to the airport, she wore a hooded sweatshirt paired with a white skirt, which made her legs look long and slender. Simply wearing a pair of small leather shoes also made her look very stylish.

Young ladies who want to dress to look younger can also try pleated skirts with a more youthful and energetic feel. The classic accordion pleat design can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the entire look. When paired with a sweatshirt that also has age-reducing attributes, it can bring the effect of one plus one greater than two, highlighting the unique sense of vitality of a girl. For this look, Qin Lan chose a hooded sweatshirt paired with a pleated skirt. The black and white color scheme of the top and bottom makes it more simple and neat. The overall look is both straightforward and energetic. It is impossible to tell that she is almost forty years old.

2. Sweatshirt + small-leg pants

Compare wide-leg pants, small-leg pants and The combination of sweatshirts can better show off the lines of the female figure. The slim fit design can fit the leg lines, and when paired with a wide sweatshirt, it can also cover the fatter thigh fat and show off the thinner parts below the thighs, making it look slim without making people feel artificial. For example, when Yang Mi wears a sweatshirt, she wears a pair of classic black leg pants. The pure black tone maximizes the slimming effect of the leg pants. I have to say that Yang Mi has a really good figure.

In addition to the common black leggings, denim leggings also go well with sweatshirts. The classic denim fabric is stiff and stylish, which can give the overall look a good look. The body is matched with more street elements. However, the elasticity of the denim fabric is not very high, and the fit of the pants is tight, so girls who are not slim enough should not try this item. A tall and thin person like Zheng Shuang is very suitable for wearing denim pants. Paired with a white printed sweater, he looks more refreshing. The simple outfit is also very fashionable.

3. Sweatshirt + overalls

Overalls can be worn all year round One of the versatile items that you wear has always given people a “student-like” feeling. Combining it with any item can bring about an age-reducing effect. In addition, the suspender style design of overalls can properly expose the inner wear. When paired with a sweatshirt, the sleeves and front can be exposed, highlighting the layering of the style while also giving a lazy and casual atmosphere, which is very suitable for creating campus-style outfits. .

If you feel that the sweatshirt is too large and will look bloated and restrictive when worn with overalls, making it easy to make you look fat, you can also learn Liu Yun’s way of wearing it and tie one side of the sweatshirt with it. Put down the straps to reduce the tightness of your clothes and create a good-looking street look. Of course, when matching, you should also pay attention to whether the colors of the two pieces of clothing are coordinated. In order to prevent a sense of inconsistency, one of the items can be chosen in a basic color style, making it easier to make mistakes when matching.

4. Sweatshirt + high boots or high socks

Girls who want to wear a sweatshirt as a skirt can also try a more modern way of wearing it, that is, pairing a sweatshirt with high boots can not only highlight your aura, but you will not feel cold when wearing it in the current season. In order to avoid mistakes, the color of high boots is best to be mainly pure black, which is versatile. It is not easy to conflict with other colors. When worn on the legs, it can also visually modify the shape of the legs and make them more slimming.

Girls who are worried about the inconvenience of sitting when wearing knee-high boots can wear a pair of knee-high socks with high boots. High boots also have a warm effect and are also very suitable for wearing when you have a concave shape. For example, Song Qian’s look is a sweatshirt paired with over-the-knee socks. The eye-catching color matching elements have a street feel. Simply wearing a pair of sunglasses can highlight her trendy personality.

Don’t wear sweatshirts with wide-leg pants! These 4 “styles” are popular this year, and Yang Mi and Zheng Shuang are wearing them. The combination of sweatshirt and wide-leg pants is out this year. If you want to keep up with the fashion trend, you should try a more personalized and chic sweatshirt outfit. If you want to take the youthful route, wear a sweatshirt with a pleated skirt or overalls. If you prefer street style, wear small pants or high boots. No matter what kind of outfit you wear, it is easy to show your personality and make you trendy this spring. Go out on the street.

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