Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News There is a popular combination this spring (called suit + T-shirt)

There is a popular combination this spring (called suit + T-shirt)

Suits have become popular in the fashion industry in the past two years. Whether you are a professional or a fashionista, you all have one or two suits in your wardrobe, and their styles and designs are also It…

Suits have become popular in the fashion industry in the past two years. Whether you are a professional or a fashionista, you all have one or two suits in your wardrobe, and their styles and designs are also It is much bolder than traditional suits and incorporates various fashion elements into the single product. As suit styles “advance with the times”, the matching of suits has also begun to keep up with the trend. It has already broken through the “suit + shirt” combination, and more and more people are choosing other more casual and comfortable inner wear items. to enhance the casual and fashionable feel of the entire look.

“Suit + T-shirt” is a popular style of suit wear recently. It not only weakens the formal impression of the suit, but also makes it more comfortable and comfortable to wear. It has no sense of restraint and can be used for commuting or leisure. Many celebrities and fashionistas wear it this way. So, which T-shirt should be matched with a suit so that it looks good and is not easy to make mistakes? The next 4 styles are worth learning from, so hurry up and get it!

1. Suit + pure white T-shirt

Pure white T-shirt is everything T-shirts are the best item to wear without being picky. The basic pure white color is more eye-catching than black, and is easier to wear than other bright colors. It can be worn with a suit to extend the style of the suit. The sense of crispness and neatness reflects the high-end attributes of the suit shape. No matter which color of suit jacket is matched with it, it is not easy to produce a sense of abruptness and disharmony. When Chen Shu walked to the airport, he wore a white T-shirt with a light-colored suit. Even if he wore a brightly colored printed skirt underneath, it would not look tacky. It was both elegant and high-end.

Girls who prefer street style can challenge more stylish leather suits when wearing this combination. The smooth and glossy leather material can add to the fashionable attributes of the suit, giving it a retro motorcycle look that is both cool and cool. Paired with a white T-shirt, it makes it more casual and free. Zhou Jieqiong once wore a leather suit and a white T-shirt. The three-dimensional silhouette made the whole person taller and taller, giving her a unique and handsome look.

2. Suit + letter printed T-shirt

Most printed items They are all relatively difficult to control, and letter-printed T-shirts are one of the few. Simple and changeable letter printing can give the item more jumping and dynamic, which can not only make the whole look more recognizable, but also make the overall look more recognizable. It won’t be as flashy and obtrusive as other printed items, and it’s perfect with a suit. For her airport look, Jiang Shuying wore a letter-printed T-shirt with a gray suit. Even if the simple basic tones are mixed into an outfit, they won’t feel out of place. They are individual and stylish.

In order to make the printed letters on the T-shirt appear, the suit should be worn as open as possible, which not only makes the whole look more three-dimensional, but also It will look too rigid and rigid, and even the most basic pure black suit can look trendy. For this look, Ymay chose a printed shirt and a black suit jacket, paired with high-waisted denim trousers to give a more casual street feel. The whole look is cool and beautiful, and the slim legs shown off are so eye-catching.

3. Suit + V-neck T-shirt

Ordinary round neck and high collar When matching a T-shirt with a suit, if you wear a long trousers or skirt, it will easily make the whole look boring. In this case, you can use a V-neck T-shirt to increase the exposure of the neck. In addition to being able to match the restrained feel of suits, it can also make the original more neutral outfit more feminine, showing off the slender neck line and softening the face contour. It is very suitable for people with short necks and square faces. Girls wear it.

For ladies who are good at matching, you can combine the characteristics of the two T-shirts mentioned above and choose one that is fashionable and versatile. The white printed V-neck T-shirt is not only blessed with printed elements, but also can show off the swan neck to the greatest extent. It looks more neat and elegant when paired with a suit, allowing you to easily dress differently from others. Hai Qing wore a V-neck letter-printed shirt for this event look. Paired with a black suit and a pleated long skirt, it would not make people feel inconsistent. On the contrary, it would be more unique and individual. The whole person has a very strong aura.

4. Suit + navel-baring T-shirt

Sisters with a small waist can choose navel-baring T-shirts that can better highlight their figure advantages. They are more personalized and stylish than ordinary T-shirts, and can also enhance the entire look by exposing the skin appropriately. The sexiness index allows people to shift their attention to the waist and abdomen, showing off a good figure easily. Rainie Yang knows how to make use of her figure. When wearing a suit, she wears a navel-baring T-shirt underneath, and even wears it with high-waisted suit trousers. Instantly elongates the proportions of the lower body, making the legs look slimmer and longer, and the whole look is so sassy.

This spring there is a popular combination called “suit + T-shirt”, Chen Shu and Jiang Shuying have already worn it. “Suit + T-shirt” is a set of matching formulas that can be used for commuting or leisure! Both Chen Shu and Jiang Shuying wear this, and they can match it with different T-shirt styles. Create a variety of styles, both casual and sophisticated, to meet your needs for various occasions.

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