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What fabrics are available for T-shirts (how to choose simple and high-end T-shirts)

If you want to talk about a classic and versatile item, then the T-shirt must have a name. It accompanies us in all four seasons. Wear it under shirts and windbreakers in autumn and winter. It can be matched wi…

If you want to talk about a classic and versatile item, then the T-shirt must have a name. It accompanies us in all four seasons. Wear it under shirts and windbreakers in autumn and winter. It can be matched with all kinds of clothing when traveling. Wear it alone or layered in spring and summer. It can be refreshing and simple, fashionable and sexy, or artistic and fresh, whatever the temperament you want. It can all be easily built. When we are worried about what to wear when going out, T-shirts are the choice that will never let you down.

Especially in the summer, you can see T-shirts all over the street, with different styles and rich colors. It can be said that T-shirts are responsible for summer fashion. We like its simplicity, casualness and versatile comfort. It feels like all the pressure has been taken off the upper body, making people instantly relaxed. In the fast-changing fashion trends, T-shirts are also legendary classics that will never go out of style.
Whether it is a luxury brand or a fast fashion brand, T-shirts are a representative basic item. In the early years, Sharon Stone once said that all I need is a Gap white T-shirt to look good enough; at the same time, the classic combination of “white Tee + blue jeans” has frequently appeared on film and television screens and fashion magazines, and has been used by countless People regard her as a model for dressing.
《Ginza》model Karin
But in the daily purchase of T-shirts, we will find that they are also pure cotton T-shirts, but the texture they get is very different. Some are sparse and soft and wrinkle easily when worn. The fabric is too thin and will deform with a slight pull. It is also very transparent when worn. There are also some T-shirts whose fabrics are too thick, not soft enough to the touch, have poor breathability, and make them very stuffy and sweaty to wear. In short, most of the T-shirts on the market are eliminated after one season. This is due to fading, deformation, poor fit, poor fabric texture, etc.
So, as a must-have daily item, how can you buy a T-shirt with good fabric, good quality and good fit when purchasing? As an editor who is well versed in clothing fabrics, I will teach you some tips today!
1. Choose high-count pure cotton fabrics
We all know that fabrics are made of cotton yarns, but the count is related to the length and weight of the yarn. The higher the count, the higher the count. The higher the yarn, the finer the yarn, and the softer and more delicate the fabric will be. Of course, fabrics with higher count have higher requirements for cotton. When choosing, it is generally recommended to give priority to long-staple cotton from Aksu, Xinjiang.
Xinjiang long-staple cotton
Among the daily pure cotton fabrics, high-count pure cotton fabric is the best. It can be light, breathable and full of texture, and it is not easy to wrinkle when worn. It won’t deform either.
2. Choose a classic fit
T-shirts come in a variety of styles, including slim, loose, V-neck, round-neck, etc. But compared to practicality, the classic fitted version is the most durable, and it also helps to modify your figure and make you look slimmer.
In addition, the classic fit is timeless and will not go out of style for many years. There are no logos, patterns, or fancy designs, which interprets the design concept of “simplifying complexity”, so no matter how fashion changes, it has always been popular.
3. Choose low-saturation colors
When we buy T-shirts on a daily basis, we buy most of them in black and white. Because black and white are not picky, anyone can easily control them, and they match well.
In addition to black and white, the “Morandi color system” has become very popular and highly sought after in recent years. Different from the strong jump and visual impact delivered by bright colors, it brings extreme comfort to people with its low saturation compatibility advantage, is soft and pure, and is high-end and durable.
When the “Morandi” color system is perfectly combined with a T-shirt, a new aesthetic taste is discovered. Low-key and indifferent, fresh and elegant at the same time, it is undoubtedly the representative of temperament and color, and will not make people embarrassed in any occasion.
4. Choose Class A safety level
Whether it is for style or demeanor, the premise of dressing should be comfort, health and environmental protection. According to my country’s current regulations, there are three safety levels for textiles: Class A (infant products), Class B (direct contact with the skin) and Class C (indirect contact with the skin). However, the most common ones on the market are Class B and below. Some don’t even have safety standards.
For T-shirts, which are close-fitting clothing, try to choose ones with a high safety level so that they are environmentally friendly, safe, healthy and comfortable to wear, and can effectively eliminate skin allergies, harmful residues and carcinogenic risks.
The above are some points that you need to pay attention to when buying T-shirts every day. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. As a necessary basic item in the wardrobe, the popularity of T-shirts is irrespective of gender and age. Its popularity reflects to some extent the original attributes of fashion, life style, practicality and comfort. Only products with warmth will touch people’s hearts and stay with us longer.

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