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How to match T-shirts to look good (first, match the skirt, second, match the shoes)

Learning to leave blank space in life is to find the right opportunity to explode. Only after going through hardships can we understand the value of rebirth. Looking for some true things in ordinary life, the m…

Learning to leave blank space in life is to find the right opportunity to explode. Only after going through hardships can we understand the value of rebirth. Looking for some true things in ordinary life, the more you settle down, the more wise you will appear.
A woman’s wisdom takes care of herself all the time. For example, the dressing design is based on retreat and advancement. As we grow older, we will cut out the complex and simplify. With the simplest matching and rich heart, it is enough to move people.
Those so-called basic clothing truly restore the original appearance of the wearer. Excessive pursuit of complicated elements will make us lose ourselves in the pursuit of fashion.
A woman who understands the art of dressing can resist flashiness, and even a simple T-shirt can still look attractive.

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When wearing T-shirts in summer, do you still only wear wide-leg pants? It’s too ordinary! Take a look at the high-end matching of other women. If you don’t pay attention to style, how can you talk about high-end shirts?
T-shirt tops that can stand out in fashionable outfits are definitely the best choice for summer wear. First of all, we need to understand the style and selection of this type of tops▼
First point, T-shirts Style and selection
1. Simple style
The pure white space element gives a white minimalist T-shirt a variety of wear possibilities. You don’t need to worry too much about pure white, and you can combine it with any style of bottoms and you’ll get a perfect match in minutes.
✓Key points for selection: The white T-shirt should be slim-fitting, and choose the most appropriate size according to your body shape to create a contoured upper body.
2. Elegant style
In the design of minimalist T-shirts, we replace it with other solid colors, which can quickly create an elegant and mature female style.
✓Key points for selection: Reduce color saturation and choose cooler tones, such as gray, sea blue, and haze green. Women with yellowish to dark skin can also manage it well.
3. Age-reducing style
Older women have no pressure to wear T-shirts. Just the right amount of vitality is injected into them, mainly adding letter logo printing to white T-shirts. A small amount of age-reducing effect will follow them.
✓ Key points for selection: The fewer letter prints, the better. Use regular lines to form a reference index for zero reduction. The clean and neat printing makes the T-shirt look more casual and free.
Second point, T-shirt styling and matching
The editor has summarized some tips for matching T-shirts to look good: first, match them with skirts, and second, match them with the right shoes.
Part1: Pairing skirts
(1) Skirts are more versatile and more comfortable than trousers
A variety of T-shirts will benefit from the shorter design and will look stylish when paired with bottoms [Short at the top and long at the bottom] proportional effect.
The T-shirt combination skirt can provide a looser wearing space. Compared with the slim fit of trousers, it can add a creative comfort effect to women with thicker legs.
Secondly, skirts are gentle and textured. In addition to being more comfortable to wear in summer, it is also easier to create a high-end and eye-catching dressing style for women.
(2) Skirt length→above the knee
The key point of combined skirts lies in the selection of skirt length. The division of the knee length ratio can provide dressing space for women with thick legs, wide waists and short legs. A skirt of sufficient length can extend the vertical lines beautifully when worn, and it also looks very elegant on short women.
(3) Skirt style → wide hem
The choice of skirt style should have an informal and feminine style. Therefore, we recommend the bracketed skirt design, that is, the wide hem design. The widening of the skirt from the calves can create a contrasting effect of a slender waist, and the S-curve of the body throughout can give you confidence in wearing a T-shirt.
Part 2: Identifying Shoes
(1) Low Heel/Flat Heel → Casual Daily
The choice of shoes that match the T-shirt must have a consistent sense of simplicity. If it is to match the daily casual wear, it is enough to combine it with a pure white T-shirt and low-heeled or flat-heeled shoes. There is no need to enhance the versatility of the look. A pair of flat-heeled slippers can make dressing more comfortable.
Recommended style choices: flat-heeled sandals, flat-heeled slippers, low-heeled loafers, flat-heeled sneakers
(2) Exposed instep → light and elegant
The refreshing feeling of wearing shoes in summer is indispensable. , the chic and bold look combined with a T-shirt top will be most vivid in a solid color combination. With this standard, we need to increase the exposed area of ​​the upper to the instep. Do not doubt that this small step of installment display will really add the necessary agility to the shape.
Recommended style choices: horizontal strap sandals, loafers, kitten heels
(3) Thick heels → formal and dignified
The thick heel shoe design is closely related to the feminine look of commuting and can be added Just the right sense of formality. In order to add a softer side, the toes of the shoes can be pointed or flat, and combined with a dark T-shirt top. If the dark color accounts for more than 60% of the overall outfit, it can be judged as simple and elegant. Feminine style.
Recommended style choices: thick-heeled high-heeled shoes, thick-heeled sandals
Third point, appreciation of advanced T-shirt styles
Look1: white T-shirt + slit skirt + canvas shoes
Sense of line This exquisite and neat combination of T-shirt and skirt is highly appreciated by women who wear simple clothes. The pure white T-shirt adds a sense of simplicity, and the slit skirt adds a sense of gentleness. The highlight is the sports canvas shoes. Use light blue to match the green of the skirt and the white of the white shirt. The overall harmonious cold tone makes you instantly Judged as high-end wear.
Pairing formula: white T-shirt + high-waisted skirt + sports shoes
Look2: short T-shirt + plaid skirt+Thick-heeled sandals
Once the choice of skirt is changed, we can quickly make a big leap in style. The pleated plaid skirt has a Scottish retro elegance. The short T-shirt is worn with the corner of the shirt to match. The top is short and the bottom is long, and the body proportions are too good-looking, right?
The style of thick-heeled sandals complements the look of this long skirt and T-shirt. The slender ankle curve adds texture, and the overall shape has no obvious flaw minefields.
Pairing formula: short T-shirt + colorful long skirt + sandals
This combination is most suitable for cool summer wear and perfectly interprets the feminine elegance. Short T-shirts are very good at modifying the proportions of the upper body. Whether worn with a tuck or not, colorful long skirts can add curves and a sense of fashion.
Women with large frames can refer to this set of outfits, which will definitely welcome anyone who comes. It is slim and covers the flesh, making you look taller and thinner. Without exception, it all points to the three words of high-end.
Look3: Colorful T-shirt + dark long skirt + flat shoes
It’s time to think about a simple way to wear T-shirts for the novices in dressing! Dark-colored half-length skirt, hold it above the knee With the choice of length, any shortcomings will not be a problem.
To add a little fashion sense, we only need the intervention of a colorful T-shirt. The clear color contrast is enough to catch the eye. The choice of flat shoes also adds a distinct fashion element.
If you want to wear a T-shirt that stands out and looks good, you have to choose the right skirt and shoes. Follow the editor’s matching skills and wear them together. It will be absolutely beautiful and novel!

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