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What size is appropriate for your clothes (just remember these six points)

With the development of the Internet, people’s food, drink, housing and transportation are increasingly inseparable from e-commerce. Even parents who are in their sixties Online shopping is all the rage. In my …

With the development of the Internet, people’s food, drink, housing and transportation are increasingly inseparable from e-commerce. Even parents who are in their sixties Online shopping is all the rage. In my online shopping list, the most purchased items are all kinds of snacks and clothes of different styles.

When I first started shopping online, I didn’t have a good grasp of my body shape, so I just looked at the details based on my height and weight. Please refer to the size chart on the page or consult customer service. As a result, the clothes you buy often appear to be overturned: either the sleeves are too long, or the bust is too small, or the waist is just too small for the hips… In the end, the only option is to return or exchange, which is very troublesome.

As the number of online shopping increases, I have also summarized some tips on how to choose the size of online shopping clothes. Although this phenomenon still occurs occasionally, most of the sizes purchased are suitable. To sum up, there are probably the following points:

01 / Only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you reduce the size of clothes you buy online

The so-called knowing yourself and your enemy means to accurately understand your body characteristics and dimensions such as shoulder width, chest circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference, thigh circumference, etc., not just simple Height and weight are used as parameters for online shopping. For example, under normal circumstances, a fat girl with a height of 155 cm and a weight of about 110-120 pounds will be able to wear an XL size shirt, but if the bust is too large, it is estimated that she will need to increase one size to XXL. If you buy the XL size based on the average body size, the shirt buttons on the chest will appear too tight.

So when you usually buy clothes online, there are usually two reference data on the details page, one is the clothing of the clothes. Specific parameters such as length, shoulder width, chest circumference, waist circumference, etc., and one is a size reference table for different heights and weights. Once you know your shoulder width, chest circumference, waist circumference and other data, combined with the specific parameters of each part of the clothes and the body and weight size reference table, you will be able to choose the right size with a high probability.

02 / Increase or decrease the size appropriately according to your body shape characteristics

If you are a girl with a relatively large bust, when other parameters are a little loose and the bust size is just right, it is recommended to buy a larger size directly, because although a tight bust may look sexy, it will be tight if you keep wearing it. . Wearing clothes must be comfortable first, followed by sexy and other aspects of needs.

If you are a girl with a thin waist and your hips are just right but your thighs are slightly tight, Just buy one size up, because a slightly larger hip won’t make much difference, but it will be uncomfortable if your thighs are tightly hooped.

03 / Use the measurement data card code or buy the larger size between the two sizes

Sometimes when we are shopping for clothes online and checking various parameters of the clothes, we will encounter code jams. It means that your measurements happen to be stuck at a certain critical point of a certain size. Although it can be worn, it may not be that comfortable. So if you encounter a stuck size, just buy a larger size and it will be more comfortable to wear.

Or your measurements are just between the two size parameters, don’t hesitate to buy a larger size. This makes it comfortable to wear.

04 / Choose clothes of appropriate length according to your height

The same clothes in the same size, even if the measurements are similar, will have different effects when worn by people of different heights.

For example, a dress with a skirt length of about 88cm or a mid-length jacket will look taller if you wear it for girls who are over 165cm tall. It is thin, but the legs of girls under 158cm tall will look short if they wear it.

05 / You can consult human customer service

Remember , it is human customer service, not the kind of online robot customer service, because it will only repeat the set snake oil reply and cannot solve any problems.

If it is a seller who has the goods in hand, some may help you measure the size in kind and give you a reasonable estimate. Suggestions, but generally state that they are for reference only, because they cannot help you determine whethersuitable.

If it is a drop-shipping seller, they do not have the goods themselves. The specific size and whether it will be off-size? They don’t know it themselves, so when you ask them at this time, they usually give formulaic answers, which don’t give much reference value.

06 / Make good use of the buyer show, buyer evaluation and question functions

In the buyer show and buyer reviews, some buyers will truly comment on the actual condition of the clothes, and you can also learn some size-related information from the side. At the same time, you can also use the question function to inquire about the size from previous buyers. Of course, this can only be used as an auxiliary method, because everyone basically makes an answer based on their own actual situation, and it may not be suitable for you.

To sum up, everyone’s body characteristics, height, measurements, etc. are different. The above-mentioned online shopping clothing size selection The precautions are for reference only. We cannot guarantee that rollover will not occur 100%, but it can greatly reduce the probability of rollover.

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