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How to make a T-shirt look good (teach you a few dressing tips)

Outfitting is the same as life. You need to be relaxed and comfortable to be happy. The most important thing is to be comfortable, comfortable and good-looking. After trying elegant skirts, handsome trousers&#8…

Outfitting is the same as life. You need to be relaxed and comfortable to be happy. The most important thing is to be comfortable, comfortable and good-looking. After trying elegant skirts, handsome trousers… and wearing them again and again, I found that T-shirts are the most versatile!
Summer always has a soft spot for simple, bright and comfortable matching, which is really irresistible. Don’t think that T-shirts are simple. In fact, they can be used in combinations to “make a difference”~
Quickly identify high-quality T-shirts. Good T-shirts are not picky
(Step 1) Select The fabric is durable and has texture. In fact, the T-shirt itself does not have too complicated design points, and the overall design is relatively simple and clean. For this simple-designed item, it’s time to add texture!
Where does the texture come from? Of course it’s the fabric.
Both linen, cotton and pure cotton are natural fabrics that are antibacterial, breathable and moisture absorbing, but the disadvantage is that they wrinkle easily. The remaining fabrics are all man-made fibers, which are smoother, more drapey, and less prone to wrinkles, but their breathability is not as good as natural fabrics.
Understanding the characteristics of various fabrics can help us buy the most comfortable and durable T-shirts at the lowest price. The above six types are the most common T-shirt fabrics currently on the market. Do you think your T-shirt is among them?
(Step 2) Pay close attention to the details of the T-shirt and refuse to make it shoddily
There are three main points to look at for the details of the T-shirt: neckline, hemming and weight. The overlock design can make the T-shirt less likely to deform, and the threaded collar can make the neckline smoother and more textured.
The gram weight is the thickness of the T-shirt. The gram weight of 144 to 155 is moderate in thickness and not easy to deform. It is the best style and suitable for summer.
(Step 3) Choose the right fit. Ordinary T-shirts can also be worn to create a good figure
But what sisters are most concerned about is the fit of the T-shirt! After all, if you don’t choose the right style of T-shirt, not only will it not look good, but it will even make you look fat~
Right-shoulder T-shirts are the slimmest and are suitable for fat girls, but they will make skinny people look even more skinny when worn. Raglan sleeves and off-shoulder T-shirts are more suitable for sisters with thin shoulders and neck lines. If you have wide shoulders and a thick back, you will look particularly fat when you wear them. Sisters with a lot of flesh on the body should not try it easily!

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Challenge to use a few dressing tips to make T-shirts easily get rid of the passerby feeling
(Tip 1) If the T-shirt has a good shape, just keep the shape and add accessories
①. Explanation of accessories + T-shirts
There are many kinds of accessories, but not every accessory is suitable for matching T-shirts.
In summer, it is suitable to choose silver metal accessories to enhance the texture of T-shirts; colored accessories should have upper and lower color echoes; and accessories with other styles should have echoes. Have you memorized these tips on layering accessories?
②. Beautiful T-shirt matching demonstration, learn quickly
The accessories for this set of matching are selected based on the idea of ​​style collision.
Pair an elegant leather underarm bag with a suit skirt that also has a light and mature style, and use a small round neck T-shirt to add a casual feel, which can easily achieve the effect of increasing texture and reducing age.
(Tip 2) T-shirts have poor fit, use tucking and knotting to optimize the fit
①. T-shirt tucking and knotting useful information
If you find a T-shirt If it doesn’t look good on you, you can try to optimize the shape of the T-shirt by tucking in the corners or knotting the hem.
The corner is suitable for choosing simple T-shirts. Knotting the hem and pairing it with high-waisted bottoms is the most common way to show off your leg length. You can also knot the hem of a T-shirt first, and then roll it inward to form a short T-shirt, revealing your small waist and making it super sexy~
②. Fashionable T-shirt matching demonstration, collect it now
This ordinary white right-shoulder T-shirt is knotted at the hem, successfully transforming it from a passer-by to a fashionable one.
The inward-rolled knotting method forms natural pleats at the hem of the clothes, making the T-shirt look super designed. Pair it with a spicy high-waisted denim skirt and become a hot girl with a sense of fashion. You can do it too!
(Tip 3) There are surprises in layering loose basic T-shirts
①. Instructions on layering T-shirts
Loose basic T-shirts can be layered with more slim-fitting sun protection shirts or long-sleeved shirts Bottoming, lazy and casual.
Slim-fitting T-shirts can be layered with vests or jackets, but 3 to 5 centimeters of the inner hem must be exposed to create a sense of layering~
②. Demonstration of matching temperament T-shirts, code now
If you are used to seeing the conventional ways of wearing T-shirts, let’s take a look at the different combinations of T-shirts!
A simple white T-shirt, paired with an eye-catching red sun protection shirt, instantly becomes fashionable. Pair it with denim pants in a contrasting color, which is layered but not complicated. Is this the T-shirt you want?
(Tip 4) Any style of T-shirt can change its temperament through color matching
①. T-shirt color matching guide
It does not rely on accessories or any personalized wearing method, just change the matching color matching method , it can also make your T-shirt different from others~
Colored T-shirts can be appropriately contrasted with accessories, but they should be neutralized with achromatic colors, otherwise they will be too tacky. Solid color T-shirts can also be layered with patterned items, making your outfit full of layers in minutes.
②. Wear T-shirts to achieve a good figure, watch the demonstrations of fashion experts
Optimizing the color matching method will change not only the fashion sense, but also the dressing effect.
Choose the same color combination to achieve a proper height effect; the color combination of dark top and light bottom is very friendly to sisters who are short and fat in the upper body; the color combination of light top and dark bottom is very suitable for sisters with fat lower body. So which T-shirt color is suitable for your figure?
Practical application of matching skills, open up the fancy ways to wear basic T-shirts
(Style 1) The classic white T-shirt that will never go out of styleT-shirt
How to wear ①. Use light and elegant style items to create a more elegant white T-shirt
White T-shirts can also be worn very elegantly. Choose a white T-shirt with straight shoulders and a slim fit. It is best to have a certain thickness and not be too close to the body, so as not to expose body defects~
The first set uses elegant high heels, a straw hat and a silk scarf to create an elegant French style. ; The second set of layered satin suspender skirt with a light and mature style is no longer the childish T-shirt in the impression!
How to wear ②. Use trendy casual items to open up a white T-shirt with a more street style
Use an eye-catching high street style to wear a white T-shirt, it will be even more beautiful.
The first set of white T-shirts is paired with a motorcycle-style short skirt in contrasting colors. As long as the length is below the knee, it can be worn by small people. The second set is decorated with large areas of colorful accessories and shoes, which is still not bad.
(Style 2) A must-have pure black T-shirt for cool and handsome girls with concave shapes
How to wear ①. Pair a black T-shirt with metallic items to become an undefined cool girl
Cool and handsome Of course, a black T-shirt must be paired with metallic accessories. Both outfits are paired with cycling pants and short skirts with the bottoms missing, and matching the same color makes the outfit appear taller.
Remember that a black T-shirt only looks classy when paired with silver or other cool-toned accessories. Don’t choose a pure black T-shirt, add some patterns to give it a layered look.
How to wear ②. A black T-shirt and a colorful contrast, full of eye-catching attributes
The super easy-to-wear black T-shirt is not bad in contrasting colors. The first set is paired with pink mid-length pants. It’s handsome and cute. It’s not exactly the ideal sweet and cool style!
T-shirts can also contrast the background color and pattern. For example, the second set of colorful printed black T-shirts, is it so beautiful that it touches your heart?
Wearing everyday T-shirts with a proud temperament is the real skill
The simplest items always have the greatest fashion energy. Don’t underestimate any T-shirt anymore. After all, being able to wear a basic T-shirt that everyone has with an arrogant look is really capable!
Any T-shirt in the wardrobe can be a dusty pearl. Whether it can shine again depends on your next matching~

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