Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Wearing a T-shirt exposes several layers of flesh on your neck (fresh outfit unexpectedly reduces your age)

Wearing a T-shirt exposes several layers of flesh on your neck (fresh outfit unexpectedly reduces your age)

Trousers account for a high proportion in women’s daily wear. Not only do they come in a wide variety of styles, they also have a much better ability to modify the shape of the legs than skirts, especiall…

Trousers account for a high proportion in women’s daily wear. Not only do they come in a wide variety of styles, they also have a much better ability to modify the shape of the legs than skirts, especially They are basic styles such as wide-leg pants and little black pants. They can not only make you look slimmer, but are also versatile. They can come in handy whenever you encounter matching problems. For example, Jia Ling wore a pair of small black pants to the airport this time, paired with a round-neck T-shirt to expose several layers of flesh on her neck. However, this refreshing outfit unexpectedly made her look younger, and she was not afraid of losing control of her weight.

Black trousers are collectively referred to as little black pants. They have the slimming attribute of pure black, but if you want to maximize the appearance of little black pants, The advantage is that you have to choose a style that suits your leg shape. For example, girls with thick thighs can choose tapered black pants. The top of the pants is loose and the bottom is slightly close to the calf. It can not only cover the strong thighs, but also Highlight the thinner calf area of ​​the leg. For Jia Ling’s look, she wore a pair of tapered black pants and a bright cartoon T-shirt, which unexpectedly gave her a casual and age-reducing look.

T-shirt is an indispensable item in summer. It has the advantages of casualness, simplicity, and comfortable wearing. It basically suits any body shape and age group. It can be worn by all women, but you can’t ignore everything when choosing a T-shirt. You must choose the right collar type according to your figure. With a figure like Jia Ling, you can’t wear a small round-neck T-shirt, which is too tight. The neck will also appear short, and the neck can almost not be seen. You should choose a V-neck, U-neck, or round-neck T-shirt, which can visually lengthen the neck and bring about a slimming effect.

The biggest problem encountered by novices in matching is color matching. If you can’t control it well, just apply the “top” The color matching formula of “light below and deep” has obvious color contrast between light and dark, which can increase the three-dimensional sense of the shape. At the same time, it can also shift the visual focus to the upper body, making it more suitable for girls with fat legs. Jia Ling chose a light-colored T-shirt paired with black trousers for this outfit. Although her short neck was exposed, her overall look was still very layered. With the cartoon print on the T-shirt, she looked more… A bit playful.

Black straight-leg trousers are the most obvious slimming effect among the little black pants. The straight-leg trousers are not as fluffy and wide as wide-leg trousers, but It also maintains a certain distance from the legs, maximizing the ability to look slimmer and cover up the flesh! If you choose drapey fabrics, you can keep the trousers vertical and straighten the leg lines, making it suitable for girls with any leg type. Although Jia Ling’s upper body looks very fat in this outfit, if you only look at her legs, you can’t tell that she is close to 160 pounds. This slimming effect is also due to her wearing a pair of black straight trousers.

Many fat girls are averse to wearing tight pants. They feel that too slim pants will expose the disadvantages of the leg shape and make the body look fleshy, but they still have to wear them. It’s not impossible. As long as you wear tight pants and match them with a longer top to block the fatter thighs and only highlight the calves, it will also have a certain slimming effect. Jia Ling gave us an example with this outfit. She wore a short skirt and a pair of tight cropped pants. It not only acts as leggings, but also plays a role in shaping and slimming. It is better than her real figure. Looks thinner.

I believe everyone knows the rules of wearing bright colors to make them look bulky and dark colors to make them slimmer. Therefore, if you are on the fat side, don’t try bright colors easily. Pants, especially in high-saturation colors, can easily widen the legs visually, and at the same time shift people’s attention to the lower body, making them look fatter and thicker. Jia Ling’s outfit was amazing. Not only did she wear a pair of red trousers, but she also paired it with a jacket of the same color. Her entire figure “expanded” instantly, making her look more than 10 pounds fatter.

In addition to the fact that bright-colored trousers are easy to flip over, tight jeans are not suitable for girls who are overweight. On the one hand, denim fabrics are not very elastic. , and have a certain sense of thickness, and the ability to modify the leg shape is basically zero. On the other hand, tights are a test of a person’s figure. Whether the leg shape is fat or thin, curved or straight, it is easy to see when you put it on. Know. For Jia Ling’s look, she wore a pair of tight denim trousers. In addition, the trousers are low-waisted, making her legs look thicker and shorter.

Fat girls don’t have to be limited when choosing bottoms As for trousers, some skirts are actually slimmer than trousers. For example, the A-line long skirt is one of them. It can use the A-line skirt to block the strong legs, making it look slimmer and younger. However, , many long skirts also have the defect of being too procrastinating. If you want to avoid this feeling of cumbersomeness, it is best to choose light fabrics such as tulle and silk, which can create an elegant atmosphere. Like Jia Ling For LOOK, she wore an A-line tulle long skirt, paired with a letter-printed T-shirt, which made her look slimmer and a bit sweet.

Jia Is Ling so fat that she is “out of control”? Wearing a T-shirt exposes several layers of flesh on her neck, and her refreshing outfit unexpectedly reduces her age. Although there are very few bottoms suitable for fat girls, as long as you try more, or follow the example of Jia Ling Some of the more successful outfits can also produce a slimming effect.

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