Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Composite Fabric Technology Cyan atelier intimo, every piece of clothing is elegant. Composite fabric information

Cyan atelier intimo, every piece of clothing is elegant. Composite fabric information

On September 10, 2020, the cyan atelier with the theme of “Qingyu in the Boudoir” The intimo media meeting was held at the cyan flagship store at No. 841 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai. In this meeti…

On September 10, 2020, the cyan atelier with the theme of “Qingyu in the Boudoir”
The intimo media meeting was held at the cyan flagship store at No. 841 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai. In this meeting, Christy, the founder of Cyan brand, communicated with industry media and advocates of exquisite life, shared the history and brand proposition of Cyan brand, and discussed the development of Chinese intimate apparel and contemporary oriental aesthetics. cyan atelier

Intimo’s latest season’s “Scorched Earth Rebirth” series represents Cyan’s interpretation of oriental aesthetics and its ultimate pursuit of the world’s leading craftsmanship. In addition, the design theme of the flagship store is “Rebirth from Scorched Earth, Elegance and Majestic”, which integrates “the relationship between man and nature” into urban life and presents cyan aesthetics in an all-round way.

Cyan new theme Shanghai flagship store

“Classicism, elegance and practical wear”, brand CEO Christy shared the cyan proposition with the media at a media sharing meeting.

Cyan · Original Intention

The high-end underwear market has always been dominated by Europe and the United States, but its style design is not completely suitable for Asian women. How to choose Underwear that not only has an international aesthetic but also fits the body shape of Asian women has always been a problem for domestic women. Not only that, in China, women’s underwear education is not perfect, and female consumers are still immature in terms of underwear aesthetics and underwear consumption, which made Christy determined to create Qingse.

As a Chinese contemporary intimate clothing brand, cyan atelier intimo uses exquisite production technology and unique visual presentation, specially customized for Asian women. High-end handmade lace underwear. By integrating the spirit of contemporaryism with Eastern and Western classical elements to create a ceremonial wearing experience, Cyan stands out among many domestic underwear brands.

Roshen double-sided printed nightgown

Christy hopes that cyan atelier intimo will not only be an underwear brand, but also an entrance to change the concept of women’s underwear consumption. Cyan’s brand personality is that of an elegant, professional and upright urban heroine. She encourages women to tap into their own confidence and elegance, and advocates diverse aesthetics and contemporary new female power.


Cyan is an oriental color, advocating classicism, elegant and practical.
The product design draws on oriental inspiration and elements, showing elegance in every piece of clothing. The cyan product design perfectly interprets the contemporary style, taking into account practicality while retaining the classical beauty of traditional oriental culture. Cyan integrates the design ideas of ready-made clothing into the details of underwear, and integrates high-end oriental color matching into precise weaving technology to fully express the classic aesthetics.

Roshen double-sided printed nightgown

In terms of fabric selection, cyan uses the world’s top lace – Levi Sri Lankan handmade lace (leavers lace) and French embroidery technology used in big-name high-end products are applied to the weaving of products, showing high-end in every square inch.

Not only that, in order to better match the physical characteristics of Asian women, Cyan adopts the Asian size system, with 21 sizes to meet the needs of different women. breast shape. The use of nickel-titanium alloy memory steel rings and underwear styles customized specifically for Asian women allow women to release their confidence and elegance, creating a unique oriental aesthetic dressing ritual.

Feihualing-cardamom embroidered steel ring top

The launch of the new season’s “Scorched Earth Rebirth” series continues the Cyan has always been advocating for classical aesthetics and the brand concept of giving life a sense of ritual through clothing, advocating that everyone cherish the beauty in the post-epidemic era.�In this wonderful time, care more about yourself, the people around you, and the world, and let love spread infinitely.

The “Scorched Earth Rebirth” series is inspired by reverence for nature and draws wisdom and energy from nature. The resort series combines the Chinese-style meticulous flowers and birds with the patterns of the Art Nouveau period of the early 20th century, creating a cyan exclusive printing storm, cherry white doves, sky-wide wisteria, cotton carnival…the lively colors and fragrances have classical aesthetic connotations.

Scorched Earth Rebirth-Cherry White Dove Print One-piece Swimsuit

Scorched Earth Rebirth-Vacation Series

Scorched Earth Rebirth-Spreading Series

The silk suspender skirt of the Spread series adopts the Republic of China cheongsam-style side slit design, which fully reveals the unique charm of oriental women while walking. The innovative 19 Mumi silk spliced ​​with Leavers handmade lace is a perfect match in the fabric world. The front piece is three-dimensional and the back is sexy and lace-up, highlighting the elegance and sexiness of Oriental women. At the same time, champagne, caramel and avocado green meet the different taste needs of contemporary women for classics and fashion.


Up to now, Cyan has settled in 12 high-end shopping malls in seven major cities: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Changzhou, Kunming, Ningbo and Chongqing. The upgrade of cyan aesthetics and experience redefines underwear stores. In May 2020, the brand flagship store at No. 841 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai was officially opened. The in-store design with the theme of “Rebirth from Scorched Earth, Elegance and Majestic” uses the perspective of art and fashion to show Cyan’s contemporary brand’s commitment to the relationship between man and nature. Rethink. The antique furniture from European castles and contemporary art furnishings in the store perfectly integrate classical elements with the magical future like the Phantom of the Opera.

Cyan VIP fitting room

It is worth mentioning that the fitting room of every cyan store has It’s spacious and beautiful enough to avoid the embarrassment and cramping of trying on clothes. Professionally trained Cyan store clerks help customers better understand their breast shape and choose the most suitable size and most satisfying underwear through the Cyan brand’s 25-minute standard fitting process of “one measure, two wear, three tests”.

Cyan fitting room

You can learn more about Cyan by following Cyan’s official WeChat account:

About cyan

Cyan founder Christy

Contemporary intimate clothing brand cyan atelier
intimo was founded in Shanghai in 2014 by its founder Christy. Since its development, it has opened 12 stores in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Chongqing, Kunming, Shenzhen and Changzhou. Cyan, an oriental color, advocates “classicism, elegance and practical wear”. The product design draws inspiration and elements from the East, blending the spirit of contemporaryism with Eastern and Western classical aesthetics to create a ceremonial wearing experience, showing elegance in every piece of clothing.

cyan atelier intimo
cyan atelier intimo

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