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Wearing T-shirts in summer makes fashion easier (perfect with these pants)

There are so many clothes in summer, so it is not easy to have a perfect look without stepping on the wrong side. If you don’t have a sister with good matching skills, remember not to act haphazardly. First of …

There are so many clothes in summer, so it is not easy to have a perfect look without stepping on the wrong side. If you don’t have a sister with good matching skills, remember not to act haphazardly.

First of all, you must find a style that you are confident about, so that it will not look abrupt when worn, and the overall outfit will be more coordinated. If you really don’t know how to wear it, you can choose the versatile style.

No matter what kind of clothes you wear in summer, a T-shirt is absolutely indispensable. This is an indispensable item in the hot summer. In addition, T-shirts have many advantages and can be suitable for girls of different shapes and ages.

It can be matched with either skirts or trousers. It simply covers the beauty of the whole summer. So, if you are new to dressing, you might as well learn to wear this versatile “T-shirt”!

1. Which colors of T-shirts are best to wear?

Neutral colors are very common in daily life. As a central color, the most prominent ones are white and black, which are also the most popular colors. Generally speaking, these two colors have a very low success rate.

Although the white color is bright, it is very coordinated and will not be abrupt. It can be matched with bottoms of various colors. The black color is a must-have for slimming, and anyone who wears it can look slimmer.

In addition to black and white, there is also gray that is often buried. This color is often mistaken by others as a cool color, but in fact it is also a middle color. Although it is famous for black and white, its matching efficiency is not low.

Gray is an achromatic color and is slightly inferior in color. It is neither as bright as white nor as slim as black. But in matching, it can also be combined with various colors. It is calm and low-key, which can make the style exude more charm.

Neutral colors are very common in matching and are easy to match. But it is inevitable that you need to change your style, so warm colors are a good choice at this time. Wearing warm colors in summer can increase the sense of gentleness.

Compared with cool and cool colors, warm colors give people a gentler feeling, and will not appear so formal and serious in matching, but visually It’s very approachable, so sometimes it’s good to change the style.

2. What kind of bottoms can the T-shirt be matched with?

What kind of bottoms can be paired with a T-shirt to create a rich look? It is no exaggeration to say that you can choose whatever you want. As long as you choose the style and color, the overall look will be right.

First of all, it can be matched with loose pants. This type of pants does not tighten the legs. It is not picky when matched, and wide pants can be modified. legs. It makes the leg shape more three-dimensional and can have a slimming effect.

In addition to long pants in summer, it is also necessary to arrange a pair of shorts. Wear a T-shirt with shorts to enjoy a steady cool summer breeze! It’s comfortable and not cumbersome, so it’s definitely the best choice.

But when choosing shorts, be careful not to be too tight, especially for sisters with thick legs. If you feel that your legs look too empty when wearing shorts alone, you can embellish it with ice stockings and canvas shoes.

The last thing is the skirt. No matter what season a girl wears, a good-looking skirt is indispensable. It is a symbol of the female image. Wearing a skirt can increase your temperament and make you look more elegant.

When you match a T-shirt with a skirt, you can show off a lot of style. If you want a college style, wear some more age-friendly styles. If you want a professional style, wear some more formal and mature styles.

3. The specific combination of T-shirt + bottoms

①T-shirt + A-line skirt

The A-line skirt is mainly outstanding in its pattern design. Unlike some pleated skirts, it is three-dimensional. The feeling will be stronger, it can slim the waist and hips, and show the body lines that you should have.

When matching with T-shirts, you should combine the colors of the upper and lower bodies Dress up. The color system should be coordinated enough. You can’t just match whatever color you see. If you don’t make mistakes, who will?

The correct approach is to use one dark and one light. For example, in this set, choose a white T-shirt as the top. At this time, it is best not to contrast the skirt with it, otherwise it will look very single.

Pairing it with a light yellow A-line skirt like this avoids this problem. The combination of neutral and warm colors not only enhances the temperament but also adds a girlish feel. It is simple to match with canvas The shoes look great with a complete set.

②T-shirt + black pants

Who can live without a pair of black trousers in their wardrobe? As a very versatile and fashionable item, wearing black trousers can reduce the chance of being cheated on. And it can be matched with many tops of different colors.

The combination of black and white is a very classic and advanced color combination. Both colors are neutral colors, but the combination It looks very natural. No matter what style of girl you are, this is the right way to wear it.

When choosing loose trousers, try not to match the tops that are too loose. It is best to create a visual effect of “revised at the top and loose at the bottom”, which can Brighten your body lines.

It will not look bloated and can increase the good-looking effect. This kind of outfit is very friendly to girls with a pear-shaped figure. The simple colors will not complicate the overall look. It is very nice to pair it casually with a pair of canvas shoes without having to consider too many accessories for embellishment.

③T-shirt + jeans

You must never forget jeans when wearing trousers! Jeans, which are very popular in the fashion circle, can be paired with almost any top, and T-shirts are no exception. Everyone has to wear them, but they are most likely to be worn incorrectly.

Why do you say that? First of all, blue jeans are not slim-fitting enough in terms of color. If you are not careful, they will highlight the brightness on your legs, which can easily cause the effect of making you look fat.

In fact, “jeans + T-shirt” is a very good-looking outfit, very youthful in style and very age-reducing. So if you want to wear the overalls well, then you have to pay more attention to the style of the pants and try to be as loose as possible.

Also, the trousers should be three-dimensional and too long, so that when worn, the effect of 1.8 meters can be displayed. This outfit is like this. A white T-shirt paired with straight jeans modifies the proportions of the legs and lengthens the overall height.

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