Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Liu Wen has a figure and is willful (a large T-shirt paired with a floral skirt does not make her look short and shows off her taste)

Liu Wen has a figure and is willful (a large T-shirt paired with a floral skirt does not make her look short and shows off her taste)

Floral skirts are also known as “pastoral style” must-have items for goddess matching in daily life. Fresh and elegant florals are combined with softness. The tulle material makes the whole person l…

Floral skirts are also known as “pastoral style” must-have items for goddess matching in daily life. Fresh and elegant florals are combined with softness. The tulle material makes the whole person look elegant, natural, beautiful and gentle. And what kind of style does a floral skirt look like when worn on a supermodel? Liu Wen has a figure and is willful. The large T-shirt paired with a floral skirt is not an ordinary way, and the style is quite tasteful.

In daily life, everyone usually chooses a floral dress as a match to add to the overall sense without losing layering. However, Liu Wen went in the opposite direction, Not only did she choose the layering method to match the floral skirt, but the completely incompatible large T-shirt as a top showed her unique taste.

And she did not use the high-waist outer wear matching method to create superior proportions, but with the blessing of a good figure, she is willful. Such matching wear She doesn’t look short at all. The youthful big T-shirt paired with the purple floral skirt makes her look more girlish.

1. Floral skirts are a new trend

In a simple outfit, Liu Wen creates a variety of styles, whether it is the coolness of a T-shirt, the fairy style of a floral skirt, or the addition of canvas shoes. The youthful atmosphere greatly adds points to the whole outfit, and the strong collision of styles shows the supermodel’s fashionable taste.

①The selection of single products is very unique

In terms of product selection, Liu Wen has shown a supermodel attitude. Big T-shirts are usually a common item for street style matching, but Liu Wen paired it with a floral skirt to greatly increase the texture of the whole outfit. The items with completely different styles for upper and lower garments are highly integrated on her body, and the unique selection of items can really highlight her personality.

②Material matching shows layering

Not only are the styles of the top and bottom items very different, but the difference in materials also highlights the layers. The thick T-shirt and the elegant and soft tulle skirt are not boring at all, while the drapey T-shirt has a sense of drape. The bottoms are more vertically elongated. No wonder Liu Wen dares to wear them. Such materials do not make her look short.

③Pattern designs reflect each other

Floral skirts tend to bring a sense of messiness to the vision, thus highlighting the casual and casual style. When choosing to layer them, Liu Wen paired them with a simpler printed pattern top, forming a complex top and a simple bottom. The pattern design forms a echo, making the matching look more harmonious, while the fresh color matching is more girlish, and the whole person is gentle and elegant without losing elegance and purity.

④Canvas shoes add a sense of youth

The addition of black canvas shoes stimulates the youthful vitality of the overall matching. At the same time, the color matching also echoes the solid color top, and the whole matching is quite harmonious. Canvas shoes have always been an age-reducing college-style item, which can greatly increase youthful vitality and make the whole person appear fashionable.

2. Liu Wen’s “elegant style” outfit

Although Liu Wen is an internationally renowned supermodel, she is not sophisticated in her personal clothing. Instead, she mostly wears casual and elegant outfits, but they all reflect her strong supermodel taste.

①Large-size items are casual and casual

A one-size-fits-all shirt that is over hip length can be used as a jacket to make the whole outfit more layered. If it is designed with vertical stripes like Liu Wen, it can visually extend vertically and make the figure appear more slender. , it looks particularly casual when paired with plain-colored inners.

The oversized solid color top can also highlight the high-end casual style. While Liu Wen chose the loose shoulder style, she also matched it with the inadvertent The semi-cinched waist piercing method virtually raises the waistline while still being casual and casual.

②High-waisted outerwear makes you look more elegant

When choosing high-waisted outerwear, people tend to pay attention to Highlighting body proportions, in fact, this method of dressing also has a significant effect on improving temperament. The addition of a high waist and waist design will make the body look taller and straighter, thus making the whole person more aura.

No matter how dark the overall outfit is, high-waist outer wear can greatly enhance a person’s aura. When choosing a light color combination, it will be lighter than a dark color. feeling, so it is more suitable for hot summer days.

③Short tops are naturally elegant and intellectual.

Although crop tops and high-waisted outerwear are visually similar, there are also differences. It is more neat and neat, and there is no need to use the waist effect to concave the body curve, but at the same time, it pays more attention to the connection of the waist and avoids the feeling of stacking.

A fluffy short top paired with loose trousers will make the whole person more girly. Even Liu Wen, who has always been like a royal sister, looks particularly sweet when she chooses a puff-sleeved top. The short design adds vitality and matches the loose fit Long pants, casual and girly.

Although Liu Wen’s daily outfit is simple, she can switch between a variety of styles freely. The unique way of dressing also shows the taste of a supermodel. Although the choice of single items is very low-key, the upper body effect is quite stunning. If you learn from Liu Wen’s dressing, you may also be able to create supermodel fashion.

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