Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Nine-ball queen Pan Xiaoting made a low-key appearance (wearing a pink T-shirt for a sweet look and still looks like a girl at the age of 39)

Nine-ball queen Pan Xiaoting made a low-key appearance (wearing a pink T-shirt for a sweet look and still looks like a girl at the age of 39)

When you think of athletes, you may always think of their strong bodies and sunny but simple dressing styles. In fact, athletes can also be petite, cute and girly. This is the case for Pan Xiaoting, a billiards…

When you think of athletes, you may always think of their strong bodies and sunny but simple dressing styles. In fact, athletes can also be petite, cute and girly. This is the case for Pan Xiaoting, a billiards player who has earned the reputation of “Queen of Nine Balls”. At the age of 39, she maintains a well-proportioned and slim figure, and her clothes match her age.

For this appearance, Pan Xiaoting chose a combination of large T-shirt + slim trousers, which has a very age-reducing effect, to highlight the fashion, and the pink color makes her look fashionable. The whole person looks very girlish. Although the outfit is very simple, it still creates a casual and fashionable effect. The low-key and elegant style makes it impossible to see the strength of a person worth over 100 million yuan.

Many people think that pink is exclusive to teenage girls. In fact, this is not the case. Pink is often associated with girlishness, but there is never an age limit. Thirty-nine-year-old Pan Xiaoting chose a pink T-shirt to create a sweet and cute look, which is not inconsistent with tight pants.

1. Oversized T-shirts and tights, which show your figure but are low-key

Wearing a large size T-shirt with tight pants looks casual and elegant, but in fact it has very high requirements on the body shape, especially the slim-fitting trousers that fully show the curves of the legs. The legs are thick and not straight. Wait until the small flaws are fully revealed. But if you are in good shape, this combination is simple and low-key yet fashionable.

①Long T-shirt creates a casual style, and the soft material gets rid of boredom

The T-shirt Pan Xiaoting chose is not only quite loose, but also has a hip-covering length that covers the waist and hip curve, making the overall temperament more casual. In daily life, many people also choose large-size T-shirts, but the length of the hip-covering shirt is really difficult to control, and if you are not careful, you will wear it with short legs. Pan Xiaoting used softer materials to visually create a drapey feel, and the pink color scheme greatly enhanced the girlish atmosphere, easily getting rid of the dullness of long T-shirts.

②Tights show off beautiful legs, fat girls should choose carefully

Under a wide and casual long T-shirt, Pan Xiaoting paired a pair of black tights as bottoms, which fully showed off the curves of her legs. Girls with well-proportioned legs can imitate this style of dressing. Come show off your figure. However, it should be noted that tights will completely expose the shape of the legs. Although they are slim-fitting, they will not have an obvious slimming effect, so fat girls should choose carefully.

③Sneakers add vitality and maintain the overall style

The combination of a pink T-shirt and tights makes the whole person look casual and sexy, and the eye-catching color scheme makes it more lively and sweet, simple and low-key yet fashionable. At the same time, Pan Xiaoting also paired it with a pair of white shoes to enhance the age-reducing effect, echoing the overall energetic look and making the outfit more dynamic.

2. Pair a T-shirt with trousers to create a girly style

Pan Xiaoting not only dressed simply and low-key in this appearance, but did not show the strength of being worth over 100 million yuan at all. In her daily life, most of her outfits are simple, elegant and girlish. The combination of T-shirt + trousers can be worn every time, creating an unusual girly style.

①Light pink + light blue, creating a fresh and sweet style

For the same loose-fitting pink T-shirt, Pan Xiaoting wears it with the hem tucked in, which gives a different effect than wearing it with a hip covering. The loose top and high-waist design greatly lengthen the proportions of the legs and make the figure look more superior.

Not only does it have a high waist to make your figure look taller, but at the same time, the combination of a light pink top and light-colored jeans is unique. Fresh and elegant flavor. The addition of white shoes can achieve the ultimate age-reducing effect and create a sweet atmosphere easily.

②Ripped pants and sneakers, full of movement and vitality

Light-colored denim will make the whole person more youthful, while dark-colored denim will make the temperament appear more calm., often paired with a slim fit to make your legs look slender and straight. On the basis of jeans, Pan Xiaoting added a hole design to make the look more unique. This design also greatly alleviated the boring feeling of dark slim bottoms and made the look more harmonious and elegant.

Shredded holes and tear-style designs often appear in jeans at the same time. Pan Xiaoting chose tear-style trousers to create a cool and handsome look. Pairing trousers that fit the calf curve with sports shoes greatly enhances the dynamic of the whole outfit, while still being fashionable, simple, elegant and down-to-earth.

3. Wide-leg pants and high heels create a high-end and elegant style

Although Pan Xiaoting often wears large T-shirts and jeans to be casual and casual, when she puts on wide-leg pants and high heels, a domineering and feminine combination, she creates a high-end and elegant style. He is completely different from the innocent girl.

Wear a slim-fitting long suit jacket with a belt to create a waist-cinching effect, highlighting your graceful figure and giving your whole person a high-end and outstanding temperament. The shoulder pad design makes the shoulder and neck curves clearer, making it more capable and handsome. When combined with the low-necked inner layer, it is dignified and elegant without looking boring.

The drapey wide-leg pants and high-heeled shoes chosen for bottoms are in the same color for a more integrated look, making the legs look straight and slender, and at the same time maintaining a good posture. It also looks more upright. The combination of a suit jacket and wide-leg pants makes the whole person look more imposing, high-end yet elegant.

Pan Xiaoting can afford to wear stylish outfits without losing her girlish heart. She can easily control any style of matching, and she can still look stylish at the age of thirty-nine. It’s really admirable to have such a status!

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