Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News Li Qin looks very fashionable in casual wear. One size larger T-shirt and denim skirt (the style shows unique charm)

Li Qin looks very fashionable in casual wear. One size larger T-shirt and denim skirt (the style shows unique charm)

Nowadays, “wear it casually” has also become a unique style of dressing. Many seemingly casual and “uncareful” combinations actually have hidden meanings. Lots of tips on how to dress. M…

Nowadays, “wear it casually” has also become a unique style of dressing. Many seemingly casual and “uncareful” combinations actually have hidden meanings. Lots of tips on how to dress. Many fashion trendsetters can also use such seemingly casual combinations to modify their excellent figures and make their styles show their unique charm.

The artist Li Qin is like this. He looks stylish no matter what he wears. Choosing a larger size for his T-shirt does not make him look sluggish or unspiritual at all. The bottoms are also matched with unique styles. The denim skirt makes the whole person more fashionable. This kind of wearing method often seems casual, but it can create a better figure-showing effect, and the shape presented is also more advanced.

Of course, this kind of casual outfit has high body requirements, not to mention that only thin shoulders can wear a wide T-shirt. Light and casual, the straight skirt requires slim legs for support to create a superior visual effect. Girls with the same superior figure can use Li Qin’s outfit as a template to look unique and fashionable.

1. A big T-shirt with a small skirt, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, showing off your figure

The combination of a wide T-shirt and a short skirt plays an important role in casual wear. The loose feel of the T-shirt makes the overall temperament look casual and generous, while the short skirt goes well with the wide T-shirt. The contrast between the shirt and the shirt makes the look more refined and fashionable. The contrast between the two highlights the superior figure, and inadvertently creates a slim waist and long legs.

①The one-size-larger T-shirt is more casual, and the printed design is more refined

Li Qin chose a one-size-larger T-shirt to create a wider upper and narrower line to show off her figure. The loose body greatly increased the overall casual temperament, although it completely concealed her figure. The curved but drapey material does not turn this wideness into a bloated feeling, so it is still visually slim. The irregular print design added to the gray body not only adds a sense of coolness, but also alleviates the hollowness of the solid color, making the shape more refined and fashionable.

②The straight skirt shows off your long legs, and the irregular design shows your personality

A wide T-shirt and a straight skirt form a high-waisted outer wear outfit. On the one hand, it greatly enhances the waistline and creates a superior sense of long legs. On the other hand, , the connection between the wide hem and the slim skirt also creates a waist-shrinking effect, showing off the slim waist. This kind of line drawing that is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom can better reflect the tall figure. Although it seems to be worn casually, it is full of style.

Of course, what makes Li Qin’s overall look more fashionable is the irregular design of the slim straight skirt. Different from the common solid color denim skirts in daily life, Li Qin chose black denim with white texture design, making the look unique and eye-catching. At the same time, the skirt also adopts irregular cuts to make the shape more personalized. Pair a slim-fitting skirt with white shoes, and you will look fashionable, elegant and high-end.

2. Multi-style short skirts show off your figure, which makes the combination look younger and more advanced

Li Qin’s outfits are often not flamboyant, but she can create a super fashionable effect with a “wear it casually” attitude. Just a single item such as a short skirt can create a A variety of styles not only show off your figure, but also have an age-reducing effect, making the look look grand and high-end.

①The denim skirt shows vitality, and the blue and white combination is more pure

Denim skirt is a common element in campus style outfits. It is often paired with a white top to create a youthful blue and white color scheme. Li Qin chose a combination of a light-colored denim skirt and a white printed shirt to make the look look pure and pleasant. She also used lines that are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom to show off her good figure and create a sense of youthful vitality.

②The leather skirt adds a feminine touch and pays attention to the color matching to be more harmonious

Different from denim skirts, small leather skirts will make the whole person look more feminine. After all, the leather material is already slightly familiar, and it shows off the lines of the arms. Knitted tops with sleeves naturally add more charm. The upper and lower garments use the same color to make the overall match more harmonious, while the lower garments use brown and black.The unique striped design eliminates the boring feeling, and paired with black short boots, it shows a more capable and good temperament.

3. Multi-dimensional trousers show off your figure, simple, elegant and fashionable

In addition to being good at using short skirts to create a superior figure, Li Qin also shows a unique vision when choosing trousers to match. Multi-style trousers create diversified looks, simple and elegant yet fashionable.

①The sporty style is full of energy, short inside and long outside to show hierarchy

The combination of simple sports shorts and white T-shirt was worn by Li Qin in a fancy way. She put on a pair of A-line sports shorts over the sports slim trousers to make the whole body look more elegant. The layering of the outfit is greatly increased. At the same time, the black and white color scheme is simple, low-key and casual, and paired with a pair of beige white shoes, it is more energetic, making the whole outfit simple and brilliant.

② Long jacket and shorts create a sense of missing underwear

Li Qin has a lot of dressing techniques to show off her figure. The slightly loose butt-covering suit jacket and shorts create a sense of sight when the bottom is missing, and she wears a pair of high heels. It also brings a visual extension effect, making long legs even more superior. The wide suit also adds a belt design to create a waist-cinching effect, which not only highlights the waist but also lengthens the proportion of the legs, and also makes the colors more colorful.

③Wide-leg pants create a casual feel, and the black and white color scheme is generous and elegant

Shorts and skirts directly visually show off long legs, while wide-leg pants use lines to show off the figure in reverse. The material of the wide-leg pants with a full sense of drape can visually lengthen the body proportions vertically, and at the same time, the loose version makes it more elegant and natural. Li Qin paired it with a white suit jacket as a top, and the black and white color scheme made it more elegant.

Li Qin’s style can always show extraordinary effects, not only because of her superior figure and online temperament, but also because of her unique and fashionable vision. relation. Body shape and temperament will always only play an additional role in fashion styling. Fashionable vision and unique taste are the foundation and key to following fashion trends.

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