Composite Fabric,bonded fabric,Lamination Fabric Lamination Fabric News T-shirt + granny pants are the hottest combination this summer (contracting the beauty of the whole summer)

T-shirt + granny pants are the hottest combination this summer (contracting the beauty of the whole summer)

The compatibility of T-shirts is unparalleled. No matter what style of trousers they are paired with, they still look out of place, even with retro-style ones. “Grandma pants” also have a sense of C…

The compatibility of T-shirts is unparalleled. No matter what style of trousers they are paired with, they still look out of place, even with retro-style ones. “Grandma pants” also have a sense of CP, combining casualness and retro, creating a sweet or salty temperament, which makes “T-shirt + grandma pants” the hottest combination this summer, contracting the beauty of the entire summer!

To be honest, “T-shirt + granny pants” can become popular Circle, I am quite surprised. Looking at these two items alone, they seem to be mismatched in every aspect, making it difficult to get a sense of fashion. However, how do fashionistas make “T-shirt + granny pants” become the most popular combination at the moment? Let’s find the answers together.

Contents of this issue

01: What are granny pants?

02: The fashionable charm of granny pants

03: “T-shirt + granny pants” matching guide


Part1: What are granny pants?

The so-called granny pants do not refer to one type of pants,but a combination of multiple pants Its trouser legs are neither wide nor tight. It is an upgraded version of wide-leg pants and cigarette pants. It not only retains the looseness and comfort of wide-leg pants, but also incorporates the slimming and slimming effect of cigarette pants. The overall look is elegant. Wide and narrow trousers.

Secondly, this kind of pants has a long history. It was the pants that grandma loved to wear when she was young. With the retro trend, it has made a strong comeback, so it is called “grandma pants” by everyone.

Part2: The fashionable charm of granny pants


The shape of granny pants is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, which can accommodate Strong thighs can also modify slender calves, making the whole legs thin and long. However, the overall style of granny pants is still loose. Wearing them on the body can well modify the leg lines. Whether it is bow legs or carrot legs, the leg lines will appear extremely straight.

Good cooling effect

Grandma pants are slightly loose in style, not clinging to the body, and have good ventilation. On this basis, we are choosing light and thin fabrics to ensure that granny pants are cooler than iced watermelon. Not only does it keep you cool when you wear it, it also gives others a refreshing feeling. In short, with a pair of granny pants, you can easily bid farewell to the summer heat.

★Various styles

Judging from the shape of the pants alone, granny pants are a bit single, but different material choices and different color choices give granny pants a variety of styles.For example, ice silk granny pants are casual and white. Granny pants are simple and elegant, black granny pants are mature and slimming, pure cotton granny pants are warm and comfortable, etc.

Part3: “T-shirt + granny pants” matching guide

①”One dark and one light” color scheme

Those who want to improve the “T-shirt + granny pants” For the eye-catching index, we must start with color. A dark and a light color scheme not only enriches the layering of clothing, but also gives people a strong visual impact, such as the following color matching examples.

White granny pants are versatile and can hold T-shirts of various colors.For example, match it with a black T-shirt, brown T-shirt, dark red T-shirt, etc. No matter what kind of T-shirt it is paired with, when paired with white granny pants, it will not look dull and easily look fashionable.

Candy-colored granny pants are the most popular color at the moment, but the candy-colored color is too eye-catching. When we match T-shirts, we don’t have so many choices, we can only match them with white T-shirts. Only white can compete with candy color, and the overall beauty is just right.��If paired with T-shirts of other colors, it is easy to conflict with the colors.

②”Tight at the top and wide at the bottom” dressing method to highlight the waistline

The style of granny pants is mainly casual. When many people wear granny pants, they tend to wear them in a casual style. They usually match them with loose tops, which are more casual and comfortable. In fact, granny pants also have a hidden high-waist design, which can make you look taller and slimmer. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the “tight at the top and wide at the bottom” style of dressing, and try to match it with a slim-fitting T-shirt to show off your figure.

The waist of granny pants is tightened, and paired with a tight top, it instantly shows off the waistline and gives a good figure Lose weight and become thinner, the slightly fat figure becomes slimmer,the overall body shaping effect is super good! Especially petite girls are most suitable for this style of dressing. They can easily grow 5 centimeters in height without any problem.

③Focus on accessories and enhance highlights

Grandma pants and T-shirts are both classic items. It is not easy to match them to look stunning. If they are not matched well, it is easy to look like a passerby. To this end, we can focus on accessories, such as bags, belts, hats, etc., to enhance the fashionable point of “T-shirt + granny pants”.

For ordinary girls, a bag is a convenience bag, but for fashionistas, a bag is A tool for creating fashion. Choosing a niche bag can be the finishing touch and make the whole outfit eye-catching, such as awl bags, cylindrical bags, and lace bags, they are all worth buying. try.

It is too common to wear T-shirts alone, you might as well incorporate layering methods, on the shoulders Layer a sun protection shirt or shawl to instantly enhance the layering of your T-shirt and soar your sense of fashion.

There is a popular way of wearing this summer, called “T-shirt + granny pants”, which makes you look taller, slimmer and fashionable ,Worth learning! I hope you can apply what you have learned about the above fashion content, so that you can also play with the different charm of “T-shirt + granny pants”.

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